Zaws Warframe Guide

A Zaw is a special melee weapon that is considered a modular melee weapon (a weapon that requires 3 different units, with statistics depending on each unit used) and is only available in the egg.

This weapon can be bought or built in Cetus and has the advantage that you can choose the stats you need for your weapon.

Would seem to be more primitive, but they should not be underestimated, because they can be one of the most powerful weapons in the war setting.

One of the characteristics of Zou is that when you have placed it for the first time in a ranking up to and including level 30, you can give it a title, which is regarded as a form and with which you can add it to your main ranking and call it Zou.

Many players have chosen to use Zaws because they feel more customizable, not only in terms of naming or editing, but also because you can choose which games provide statistics.

How to make a Zo?

Hook search

Before you start anything related to the Zaws, you must first find Hawk, who is the current archetype of the blacksmith in Cetus you will be dealing with in connection with the Zaws.

When you get to Cetus, the hammer and anvil are on your mini map for Hawk and you can find him there.

You can also go to the main menu and directly select a quick trip to teleport to save time.

This method is available to you if you have already nipped it in the bud, and will always be available from now on.

Select Hok from the Quick Travel menu and you will immediately be teleported to the location and start talking to him.

Once you reach Hock and talk to him, you will see 4 different options, which I will discuss in this guide.

You have a choice between forging the hall, viewing the inventory that Hock sells, viewing a special item that is the hall of the day that Hock built and can sell the designs, or other services related to the hall or Hock’s services.

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Selection of spare parts for the lock

To see the available Zaw items, select the Browse Wares option, which opens a menu where you can see which items are sold by Zaw Hok.

You can see his offers that have cost him Ostron Standing, the standing position, which he has achieved by completing several searches in the egg or trade and the supplies delivered.

Depending on your rank, more coins are available, and if you have enough rank, you can buy the coins you want.

In this list you can see that there are 4 categories for the proposals that :


The blows are weapon heads that determine the type of damage inflicted by the weapon and other indicators available for the weapon.

The effect is also the part that gives the rank of master and counts as the same weapon, regardless of the connection or catch.

The Zou Impact determines the initial statistics – damage, type of damage, attack speed, critical probability, critical multiplication factor and status probability.


Grips are Zaw pens, and they determine which Zaw weapon you can choose between different types of weapons.

Depending on the grip you choose, your Zaw will be a one- or two-handed weapon, and the position it occupies.

If you choose a handle, you can turn your Zou into a dagger, machete, stick, rapier, heavy blade, pigtail, sword, hammer or nickana, and this will also determine the position of the Zou.

Optionally, the clamps may also collide if there is an option to damage the base or the base speed Zaw, depending on the chosen clamp.


The links are mainly used as ornaments and counterweights to improve the balance of weapons and act as a third of our Zaw.

Warframe has several links, allowing us to adjust the general statistics of our Zaw.

Usually the communication changes the statistics of the weapon by increasing or decreasing the Zo speed, the critical risk, the random state or the damage.


Arcana are special upgrades that can give rise to amateur or special effects when you equip your Zaw.

They can have different effects, and each of them can benefit from a different style of play.

Most Arcans have a special effect that can be used with different Zou.

Purchase of chainsaw components

When you see the part of Zaw that interests you, select it and you will be taken to a screen that displays more information about Zaw.

If you decide that this is the piece you prefer, simply select the design and you will receive a confirmation of your purchase.

You can enter the quantity you want to buy, or just click the buy button to buy one of the designs.

Once the purchase is made, the goods purchased are in your inventory and can be produced when you return to your boat in circulation.

Manufacture of saw blades

To make a Zaw part, just go to the foundry in your job and find the Zaw part you want to make.

By entering Zaw in the search box, you’ll see all the parts related to Zaw and it’s easier to find the part you want to create.

Make the part like any other object made in a foundry and wait until time runs out.

After making a template or the parts you need to build your Pazierrek you can take them out of the foundry and they will be added to your inventory later on to build your Pazierrek.


When all the parts of your Zaw have been created, talk to Hok again and select Fake A Zaw to open the Zaw buildings menu.

You will see that there are three different boxes that you have to fill in and that you must have already created some to put them in the box.

Start with the decision to hit yourself in the head, that’s the head that determines the type of weapon and the main damage.

Once you’ve chosen your stroke, select a pen to complete the weapon type and continue editing the stats.

After selecting Strike and Capture, choose your link, which completes the compilation and adds additional statistics.

Once you have selected all the components you need to build your lock, you can see the different statuses your lock will have and decide if you want to finally start building the lock.

When you are satisfied with the statistics and the appearance of the weapon, simply select the assembly and you will be asked to confirm the creation of the weapon.

Choose yes to start building a Zaw, but remember that the building process is immediate and irreversible, so make sure you are satisfied with your construction.

After confirmation, your Zo will be built and added to your inventory or arsenal, which you can now use.

Congratulations! Now you can have fun with your new and powerful Zaw against your helpless enemies.

Gold plating A Would

You will notice that Zaw does not allow you to change or update the color, except to add mods.

That’s because you have to gild your star, and when it comes to gilding a star, it’s not that hard.

It’s more like stepping into a weapon that allows you to polarize it for the first time and unleash its true power.

Start with your Zaw, like any other weapon, until you reach the highest rank.

Once the Zo is at its maximum level, you can take it to Hok to be gilded.

To show your Zaw, select Other Services from the menu when talking to Hok.

In the menu of other services, select Gild to push your weapon away.

Don’t think you need two traces of Cetus and 5000 stand to get a gold weapon.

The gilding of a weapon is similar to the use of a shape on a weapon, which returns the weapon to its lowest rank, while you can add a polarity slot.

Choose the slot and polarity you want to set and decide on the extra gilding of your Zaw.

You will be asked to name your weapon, which is a very special feature.

Enter the name of your Zaw you want to give once it is gilded and select OK to complete the process.

There will be a confirmation before the gilding is complete, then you finally sleep out your weapons.

Once your golden weapons are gilded, all the other features of a conventional weapon are at your disposal, and you can now enjoy the full potential of the Zaw.

Moreover, the statistics will be increased and the Zou will be stronger than when it was founded.

Types of clocks

It is possible to make different Zaws, most of them are strongly depending on the type of grip and reference used, but the main type of weapon you use usually depends on the type of thrust and grip you use.

Here are the following types of weapons you can make with Zaw punches and pins.


Mewan’s strike can be used for a sword or a poem like Zaw.

(sword of Mewan Zaw)

(Mewan moons polar Zaw)

Kevar plague

The Plague Keewar Kick can be used to make a Zaw type braid or headquarters.

(Peste Kevar Skit Zoey)

(Would, employee of Pest Kevar)


A bullet can be used to make a dagger or a Zaw-type headquarters.

(Balla dagger saw)

(Balla Rod Zaw)


The Cyath strike can be used to make a machete or a Zaw-type stick.

(Machete type Zaw)

(Zaw type post arm)


The Dehtat punch can be used to make a rapier or polemy like Zaw.

(Dehtat Rapier Zaw)

(Dehtat Polar Mane Zaw)


The Dokrahm saw can be used to make a net or a heavy-duty saw blade of the Saw type.

(Docrahm Scythe Zaw)

(Dokrahm Heavy Saw Blade Saw)


The impact of the clamp can be used to make a machete or a Zaw type pole arm.

(Kronsh Machete Zaw)

(Kronsh moons polar Zaw)


Oolta can be used to make a Zaw-type sword or staff.

(Ooltha Sword Zaw)

(Ooltha Rod Zaw)

Disease crypt

The Plague Vault can be used to make a sword or a saw with a pole arm.

(management of cryptic zoo disease)

(crypt of Polarma Zou Pest)


Rabvee’s blow can be used to make a machete or a Zaw hammer.

(Rabbi Machete Zou)

(Rabvee Hammer Zaw)


Sepphan’s strike can be used for the production of Nicana or Zaw type headquarters.

(Sepphan Nikana Would)

(staff of seven Zaw flags)

These are not the best weapon collections, and they only showed the different kinds of zoos that can be made with a different grab or a different connection.

Parts and Zack arches

There are several parts of the Zaw that can be used to make a Zaw. Each of them can modify the result of the Zaw after production in a unique way and can be used to create weapons that appeal to the user.

Here are the following parts of Zaw:


Here are the upcoming strikes and their statistics:

Strike Damage Critical probability Status option Speed
Balla 68 18% 18% +0.083
Documentation 68 18% 18% +0.083
Korsch 86 18% 18% -0.067
Oolta 72 18% 18% +0.000
Keewar plague 79 18% 22% -0.033
Plague Caterpillar 70 22% 18% +0.033
Rabbi 86 18% 18% -0.067
Sepphan 72 20% 20% +0.000
Dehtat 68 18% 18% +0.083
Cyath 72 18% 18% +0.000
Mewan 86 18% 18% -0.067


These are the following studies and their statistics:

Handle Damage Speed Weapon type
Shopping cart +28 0.783 1 hand
Pai -4 1.000 1 hand
Water plague -2 0.950 1 hand
Painting +0 0.917 1 hand
Kwath +14 0.850 1 hand
Bokwin plague +7 0.883 2 hands
Calla Sea -4 1.000 2 hands
Stabbed +28 0.783 2 hands
Jayap +0 0.917 2 hands
Croostra +14 0.850 2 hands


These are the following studies and their statistics:

Connection Damage Critical probability Status option Speed
Jai -4 k. A. k. A. 0.083
Jai II -8 k. A. k. A. 0.167
Ruhang +14 k. A. k. A. 0.067
Ruhan II +28 k. A. k. A. 0.133
Equana Jai -4 -4 7 0.083
Equana-Ruhan +14 -4 7 0.067
Jai door frame -4 7 -4 0.083
Varghet Ruhan +14 7 -4 0.067
Equana II Jai -4 -8 14 0.083
Equana II Rouang +14 -8 14 0.067
Wargett II Jai -4 14 -8 0.083
Objective II Rouhan +14 14 -8 0.067
Equana Jai II -8 -4 7 0.167
Equana Ruhan II +28 -4 7 0.133
Door frame Jai II -8 7 -4 0.167
Varghet Rouhan II +28 7 -4 0.133


These are the following records:

Bow shell Effect
Brave With channel closure: 1.25/2.50/3.75/5.0 increased energy recovery by 1/2/3/4 seconds.
Power The effect of the disorder: 5/20/35/50(%) causes a 50/100/150/200% fracture within a radius of 3/4/5/6m.
Hunting Attack the helmet: 20/30/40/50(%) chance of attracting the closest enemies within a radius of 6/8/10/12(m)
Maybe. At the finish: 12.5/25/37.5/50(%) chance of 7.5/15/22.5/30(%) additional lifetime flight for 2/4/6/8 seconds.
Triumph The effect of the state: 5/10/15/20(%) Chance 50/100/150/200(%) to increase the damage to the channel in 3/6/9/12 seconds
Bravery To the critical impact: 5/10/15/20(%) Chance 50/100/150/200(%) increased channel damage in 3/6/9/12 seconds.
Infection During an air raid: 100/200/300/400(%) Bullet damage after 30m.
Epidemic There’s a hellish attack: The projects alarm enemies in the air and cause virus damage at a distance of 33 m in 1/2/3/4 second.


Zen may not be the easiest weapon to use when you first play Warframe, but it certainly does a damn good job of taking out enemies.

There are many parts available, which means that multiple possible assemblies can be made.

Depending on his preference, the player can choose the stats of the weapon, and later he can adjust his mods to further improve the construction.

Many players use Zaws not only because of their obscure looks and abilities, but also because of their unique ability to customize weapons.

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