Wukong Build 2020 Warframe Guide

Wukong is a primitive wizard who resembles the legendary Monkey King. He uses his intelligence and cunning but elegant attacks to inflict massive damage on his enemies through melee attacks and cunning skills.

He is a highly skilled warrior, capable of surviving huge waves of enemies while causing devastating damage to the enemy with his powerful close combat strikes.

How do I get Ukong?


Ukong must be examined by the Tennō research laboratory in the dojo before his drawings are copied for production.

It can also be purchased in a circulating boat via the in-game market for 275 decks.

Vukong Prime

The Wukong Prime is the most important variant of the Wukong, which has extensive shields, armour, energy and sprint speed.

Relics with Ukong Prime:

  • Drawing: Violent: N° : Lights W1
  • Neuropathy: Violent: N° : Axi G2
  • Chassis:  Violent: N° : Neo S12
  • Systems: Consolidated: No: Meso K2


(wukong skills)

Kukun has the ability to summon clones to cause damage to his enemies, to transform himself into a hazy cloud to save or stun his enemies, to defy Death himself and unleash the damage inflicted upon his enemies, and to summon his mighty staff to destroy all enemies who dare to fight him.

Ukong has a unique passive ability that forces him to use one of the survival techniques if he suffers fatal damage. Each of them can only be used 3 times per mission and can use the following elements:

  • Initial strength – Causes triple elemental damage in 60 seconds.
  • Heavenly Cloak – makes the Kukun invisible in 30 seconds.
  • Space Armor – Ukun becomes invincible in 30 seconds.
  • Monkey Chance – Increases the number of dropouts within 60 seconds.
  • Smart Alchemy – Collected balls become 4 times more efficient in 60 seconds.

1) Heavenly Twins

Ukong creates a clone that increases damage and health, fights with him by fighting enemies and synchronizing with some of Ukong’s abilities.

Some of Ugkong’s abilities affect Heavenly Gemini, so you have different ways to use them with additional benefits that can change the course of the battle.

(Wukun falls into two parts and creates his heavenly twins)

Ukun has a quick animation when he calls his twins, who split into two creatures.

This allows you to do additional damage when attacked by you and your Celestial Gemini, and improve your survival skills, as the Celestial Gemini will also be a target for enemies, allowing you to focus less on your enemies.

(Heavenly Twin Ukun charging the enemy)

The Celestial Twin targets the enemy, while the Celestial Twin has the ability to attack the enemy and inflict additional damage.

This allows you to shoot down certain targets or divert attention to take advantage of a clone breaking in or attacking an enemy who might damage you from a distance, so you can focus on other groups.

The ability to support oneself without a target will take away any discomfort from the celestial twins.

Change Mod. Celestial Stomp forces the Celestial Twin to launch a hellish attack, using energy to drive the enemies into the air.

Check your skills: Banshee

2) Clouds walkers

With the Cloud Hiker, the Wukong can turn into a cloud of fog and move freely in all directions and reach different heights.

During the time he spends in this form, the distance he travels adds up to the amount that will heal him, i.e. the more he travels, the healthier he becomes.

It is very useful to avoid dangerous situations or to start a fight so that the Wukong can get away with it or start it.

Enemies that obstruct the Ukon in this form will be stunned and equally unable to act.

This creates a good start for attacking enemies and gives Wukong the advantage of the first blow and surprising his enemies.

(Wukong as a cloud walker not detected by laser)

With the Cloud Walker, the Wukong can move freely in front of the lasers and does not sound an alarm in its cloud shape.

This is useful when you need to avoid disabling alarms during missions or when you need to override the security that usually impacts when lasers or scanners can be activated.

The celestial twin, Gukun, becomes invulnerable in the cloudy state. So the Celestial Twin can cause damage and you can plan your next move.

After coming out of the cloudy form, Wukong and his heavenly twins are recovering from their health, making him an excellent tool to recover and adapt to combat situations.

Change Mod. The enveloping cloud ensures that allies (including his heavenly twins) who come into contact with Wukong during his formation become invisible to enemies for a period of time.

Check your skills: Amber

3) Deficit

You can defy death by concentrating his energy on the attack so as not to injure her for a while, while he absorbs the damage and prepares to use it again against his enemies.

This will be useful for tanning the important damage to eliminate a group of enemies.

When the power is complete, the Defai Ukung will equip additional armor, depending on the amount of damage it has sustained.

(Ukung using Defi to absorb enemy damage while invulnerable)

When activated, Wukong goes to the animation where he floats, but you can move freely to absorb the damage.

This allows Wukong not only to get close to his attack, but also to reposition himself in case of heavy damage.

(Vukong releasing absorbed damage)

After absorbing the damage and completing the invulnerable period, Kukong has released all the damage he has absorbed and will return it to his enemies with a higher multiplication factor.

This becomes a great advantage and can be used to clean up a number of enemies in an area.

(The ukun and his heavenly twins absorb enemy damage).

When the Celestial Twin Wukong is summoned, it also synchronizes the Defai ability with Wukong, so it absorbs damage.

(Ukun and his heavenly twins, releasing absorbed damage)

After absorption, the damage caused by Ukung and his binoculars is released in a radius, causing even more damage than without his binoculars.

Check your skills: Valkyr

4) First anger

Use Wukong’s signature weapon, the Iron Wand, to do devastating damage to his enemies with his powerful combos.

This allows the Wukong to unleash its inner strength and, in addition to its large range, can cause extremely high damage to enemies, making it easier to destroy enemies in the area.

(air triggered primal vengeance)

After activation, Wukong will immediately change his weapons on the Iron Rod so that it can be used directly against his enemies.

Thanks to his iron grip, he can easily switch from any weapon to his sublime weapon, allowing him to get into a melee with a primitive rage.

(Ukun makes a headphone attack during his combo)

Wukong will have several combos he can use, including a powerful attack helmet that will eventually throw the enemies into the air.

This can be used both to control a crowd and to cause damage in a certain area, and allows the Wukong to constantly damage enemies who are not lucky enough to be around him.

(Wukong attacks enemies with primary anger activated)

During primitive anger, the Wukong will inflict very heavy damage on the enemies due to the intense strength of his staff, which is influenced by his abilities.

This makes Wukong a very deadly weapon, because it can quickly destroy enemies because of the damage it can do.

(Wukong makes a spinning attack by hitting enemies from a great distance)

The Wukong is not only a powerful sublime weapon, but also has a good attack range. Thanks to mods that increase the range of the sublime weapon, the Wukong can easily hit all enemies in a large area.

(Ukun and his heavenly twins activate jungle mania)

The Celestial Twin Ukun will also be equipped with an iron rod, allowing you to use them both for devastating attacks.

This increases the amount of damage you and your Heavenly Gemini can do, making it easier to steer enemies.

(Ukun and his twin kill enemies with primitive rage activated)

Wukong and his twin brother can do excessive damage to enemies with Primordial Wrath until they perform one of his most necessary skills, and this ability to be active can usually do enormous damage to multiple targets.

Change Mod. The original anger gives the Wukong an extra chance to kill the enemies, reducing overtime if the enemies are not killed.

Reading skills : Rhino

Proposed buildings

Building in balance

This structure guarantees Ukong’s survival and allows him to do good damage with his abilities.

He will be able to shake off most of his skills and keep Primal Furia active on missions for a long time.

The main goal is to strengthen and extend the capacity of the Ukong while maintaining efficiency.

(Wukong Channels Challenge in preparation for an attack with Primary Anger Activation)

Strength of construction

This structure allows Ukong to do enormous damage thanks to its concentrated power.

Cloud Walker will heal more health after leaving the cloud form along Wukong to regain more health so he can immediately return to fight.

Failure will cause more damage because it gets a higher multiplication factor, and the resulting shielding will also be significantly increased according to the multiplication factor.

Anger significantly increases the damage of the Iron Temple, because the damage is increased according to the power of the power, which can cause terrible damage to the Wukong’s enemies.

(Wukong causes damage after absorption during defibrillation)

Jungle Madness buildings

With this construction Ukong can maintain its capacity to unleash itself in the jungle and also to cause great damage.

It also increases the amount of time the defense can be controlled, allowing it to absorb more damage to release more enemies when power is depleted.

The cloud walker will stay active longer, allowing him to travel further, heal more and cover more distance during the action of the power.

(Ukun killing enemies with primitive rage activated)


Wukun is a very versatile warrior who can endure long battles and fight close to his enemies.

Depending on his movements, he can become very powerful from beginning to end of the game and use his skills to survive and resist enemies in most situations through skillful use.

There are many ways to build Wukong, so you can use its features depending on your style of play and how you want to use it.

Wukun is one of the strongest Barthramians in melee combat, because his skills do a lot of damage to both his Iron Staff and his Defaej skills.

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