World War Z Update on December 23, 1.13 Patch Notes

Today, the 23rd. In December the developers of World War II Z released a new update. Below you will find full information about the patches.

World War Z Update 1.13 is now available for download. A total of 9.9 GB must be downloaded and installed on Playstation 4. According to the developers, this update is just a patch to fix some bugs. There is no new content.

World War I Patches 1.13


  • Solved a problem that resulted in a significant drop in performance.
  • Fixed zombie desynchronization that accumulated between the waves in Horde mode.

Drawer mode

  • The problem that prevented zombies from reproducing with the 20+ wave has been solved and eliminated.
  • Reduction of the maximum number of automatic reloads of the lathes from 3 to 2
  • Increasing the cost of the automatic dome from 50 to 70 percent.
  • Fixed a problem that caused heavy weapons to end up in the wrong place when purchased.
  • All prices (including yellow and blue currencies) are now rising on wave 40 instead of wave 20.
  • Reduce XP reward growth by 20% to compensate for total reward growth.

General Corrections

  • Fixed an issue that allowed the Horde mode to work with mutants, causing unexpected failures during the game.
  • Fixed the problem that the weapon could not be aligned when there were several XPs left.
  • A problem related to the fact that some mutants do not reduce the rewards of the game as originally planned in the lobby has been solved.

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