World War Z Update 1.15 Patch Notes on March 23rd

Today, the 23rd. In March, the developers of World War II Z released a new Crossplay Update. Below you will find full information about the patches.

World War Z Update 1.15 is now available for download. A total of 16.3 GB must be downloaded and installed on the Playstation 4. This update includes a new crossplay function. There are also some modifications and bug fixes.

WW I patch 1.15 – Cross Game Update

New Features

  • Viral template functionality added to the campaign
    • The AI director randomly generates containers with a virus sample for the players to collect.
    • Virus samples can multiply from captured bombers without blowing them up.
    • Containers are fragile, and they start to have a negative effect on players when they break.
    • If the players manage to complete the mission with intact containers, they will receive an increased reward.
    • The director of AI can make multiple virus samples, the bomber will also drop them.
  • 4 new weapon options with unique additional benefits
    • Gun – increased penetration and damage compared to special zombies
    • The submachine gun is a fully automatic version that charges the main weapon after a special murder of the zombie.
    • Classic combat rifle – semi-automatic rifle, without penetration force, but with heavy damage.
    • The combat rifle is a fully automatic version.
    • Fault-tolerant grenade launchers – incendiary grenades.
  • War Heroes Leather Package (included for seasonal cardholders)

Drawer mode

  • Slightly reduced complexity in rigid mode
  • Significantly reduced complexity in normal mode
    • In normal mode, fewer special zombies reproduce.
    • 20% increase in preparation time between waves in normal mode
    • The allocation of delivery points will start to decline later in normal mode.
    • Significantly more random pickups have been added in normal mode.
  • Extended automatic steeple maximum chuck
  • Limited to 10 automatic domes that can be placed at the same time
  • A bug in one of the shops that didn’t have spawn was repaired.
  • Reduces the consumption of secondary weapons from ammunition boxes by 50%.
  • Reduction of the cost of a cartridge from 100 to 70
  • Substantial increase in commissions on foreign exchange and XP transactions

Level of difficulty

  • Extreme Difficulty settings changed to restore balance before patching (changed to support crossplay)
  • The director of the CEW will generate fewer secondary collections for weapons.


  • If the newly designed bomber crashes, he will produce the best primary and heavy weapons when killed.


  • Solved several problems with stacking bonuses.


  • Insignificant user interface and localization fixes


  • Different gameplay crashes solved


  • Fixed some gameplay bugs that made it impossible to get through the levels.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to move in some places in the geometry.

Specific corrections for PC

  • Add cross display between Xboxes in PvE

Source: Focus