Witcher 2: Kings’ Assassins

Witch 2: Killer Kingsis, just like the witch, set up according to the events in the witch novels on which the game is based. This follows immediately after the first match after the murder of King Foltest. Geralt must find the witch’s killer, known as the Kingslayer.

Witch 2 should be less linear than the first multi-plots game. It features significant graphics improvements and improved combat mechanisms. In the aftermath, Geralt will remember some important events from his past.

Some famous characters return for Witcher 2, including Triss Merigold, Dandelion, Zoltan and Vernon Roche. Again, Geralt will have to choose a side, and the story will vary greatly depending on the alliances you make during the game.

Witch 2 Pass

Tips for beginners


Day of the storm

That morning, storm

What happened to the dragon
We broke up at the monastery.

Dungeon Escape

Valletta’s dungeon.

Chapter 1

Major studies

Difficult landing at an intersection: Scoia’tael
at the intersection: Vernon RockThe Gods – Goddesses Suspended Death of the Traitor Indecent Proposal Floating PrisonKairanRose of MemoryWhere’s Triss Merigold?

Secondary studies

Sword for the monster
Come on: Flotsam
Blasper [dark]
Fight Club
In the Claws of Madness
Little Dream Shop
The Disappearing Margot
Heart of Melitela
Mystical River
One by one : Fleets
Poker face : FrankincenseScent of incenseProblems with the trolls

Chapter 2 (Stone)

Major studies

Conspiracy Theory
In Cervisia Veritas
Prelude to War : Kaedwens
Assassin of the King
Cursed by Blood
Assassin of Sidaris
Eternal Battle
Path to the Seer
Siege of Vergen
Spear of Destiny
Where is Triss Merigold?

Secondary studies

Down Bag
Blue stripes
Ave adhesive
Applied : Camp Kaedweni
Beyond Era
Little Sisters
Lost Lambs
Mystic River
Bow [Dark]
Poker Face : Camp CadwiniContract from Rotfy

Chapter 2 (Iorveth)

Major studies

It is a matter of life and death
Death symbolizes
Hate symbolizes
The magic of hunting
Prelude to war Aedirn
Royal blood
Underground life
Eternal battle
Walls have ears
Military Council
Besieged Hidden
Where is Triss Merigold?

Secondary studies

Bag with Bear
Baltimore Nightmare
On: Vergen
Hey, works in the mines
Mystical flow
Bleeding [dark]
One by one : Vergen
Poker face : Suspect
Suspect Pair
Queen of the Harp
Shimmering Heart Contract

Chapter 3

Major studies

Magnum Top
Enter the dragon
for a bigger case! for Temeria! for her blood and bones.
Where’s Triss Merigold?

Secondary studies

Installation instruction
Encrypted manuscript
Put it on Luc Muinne
Key witness [Rock]
From a bygone era
Kinslayer Costume [Dark]
Lilies and Vipers [Rock]
Mystic River
Pacta Sunt Servanda [Rock]
Poker face : Locke Munne
Gargoyle contract
Messenger [Roche]
Mystery Locke Munne [Iorveth].


Witch 2: Assassins of the Kings – A role-playing game with an in-depth story based on the Wizard’s Novels. There are tons of battles and some really unique search lines. The game became a hit with players and critics and sold nearly 2 million copies after its first year of release.

Witcher 2 was published as a CD project and developed the CD Red project on REDengine. It is available for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, OS X and Linux. It was first used on the 17th. May 2011 published.

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