Wisp Build 2020 Warframe Guide

Wisp is a spooky weaponry that can use the power of another dimension to help himself and his allies or to bring death to his enemies.

It is a very unique war arsenal with very useful fans that can infinitely expand the capabilities of the unit with which it is equipped, as well as powerful capabilities to eliminate and even kill its enemies in seconds.

How do I get a smear?


Collecting the design and details for Wisp can be achieved by defeating the Ropalolyte in his murder mission found on Jupiter.

Another way to buy a fully built will is to buy it on the game market for 325 platinum.


Wisp is the ability to create different buffer zones within an area, quickly move to different locations, close enemies and force them to damage each other, and fire a devastating beam with its capabilities.

His passive capacity would be phased, making him invisible if he doesn’t touch the ground by jumping, slipping, and so on.

The effects of its passive power can be broken by primary and secondary long-range weapons, but melee damage cannot break its invisibility.

The phase does not wear off when it hits the ground, but on the contrary, after a while it returns to normal, making it invisible as long as it flies several times in the air.

1) Reserves

The Wisp forces itself and the squadron area, creating a reservoir full of moths.

When entering the zone, players are given a buffer, depending on the chosen tank.

The buffer zone is infinitely long and never ends, unless the player leaves the tank’s buffer zone.

When leaving the reserve area, the player receives a Mota that triggers buffer effects for a certain period of time.

You can use all amateurs at the same time, and you have a limit of 6 active tanks in a mission, and the call for an additional tank when the maximum amount is called will replace the first calls.

When leaving the tank and its area, you can get a hose reel in each of them.

(The picture below shows a PMV with the 3 types of motorcycles)

This capacity is extremely useful for many missions and undoubtedly increases the chance of success for any troop because of the many advantages the tanks offer.

Besides the amateurs, the ability to finally keep the amateur close to the tank makes it a necessity for every team you support, but also for yourself.

There are 3 different tanks, as follows

(The picture below shows what is caused by the vitality tank)

Life force: Increases the maximum health of Warframe and also ensures the regeneration per second.

When you leave the tank, you get a moth that stores your buffer for a short period of time for your armament.

(The following figure shows the waste container)

Speed: Increases the speed of movement and attack by a certain percentage, as well as the firing rate of the weapon used.

When the buffalo leaves the tank, he stays there for some time after he has bought Speledar.

(The figure below shows the impact caused by the tank)

Shock: It will cause a small amount of electrical damage, with a 100% chance of being wired, which will stun them for a short time.

Leaving the tank results in a condition that causes a beam around the bar frame to produce the specified overvoltage tank effects.

2) Will-O-Wisp

The will-o-de-wisp creates an illusion that constantly moves in the direction of the will-o-de-wisp, distracting enemies and keeping them away from the will-o-de-wisp and its allies.

The Wisp can teleport to the location of the illusion and immediately replace it with temporary immunity.

This capacity can be used in two different ways:

The preservation of this power will unleash the illusion, and the release of this power will force Wisp to teleport and take his place.

By throwing away this power, we send the illusion forward, and by restoring it, we force Wisp to take his place by means of teleportation.

This ability is useful to divert enemy fire from you and your unit, to set traps for the enemy and to go to a location to gain an advantage and be immune to damage within a certain time.

(You can see the sheet function with Will-O-Wisp in the figure below)

3) Breakthrough splashes

Wisp creates a spike from another dimension to dazzle the enemies for a while and move foolishly.

An attack on these enemies can also cause damage to nearby enemies if they are attacked.

Using this feature will not only allow you and your team to control the crowd, but will also be another source of damage to your enemies.

It can be launched for its normal effect on enemies, but when you fly over a tank, the grid changes, meaning you can launch a refraction wave at the tank, where you can immediately teleport and launch a double-jet refraction wave.

A Splash of Destruction during Will-O-Wisp will create the illusion of launching a Splash of Destruction, also because of its location.

(The image below shows the enemies hit by the violent spike)

4) Saul door

By directing its measuring forces, Wisp creates a deadly beam through a portal connected to the sun, causing great heat and radiation damage.

The Sol-Gate can be aligned and keeps pulling towards the user.

When this capacity is used, Wisp moves a little slower and cannot jump.

This power is very useful for inflicting heavy damage to the enemy, and for applying heat and radiation.

The will-o’-the-wisp can be launched during the Sun Gate to project an illusion, and when the option is pressed again, the will-o’-the-wisp teleports to that location so it can easily move during the action.

Having tanks or motorcycles nearby increases blasting damage, while near misses appear to result in corrosive damage and effects on capacity.

(the willpower of the ground can be seen on the picture below)

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Proposed buildings

Building in balance

This structure allows Wisp to dispose of all its faculties without worrying about a lack of energy, and maintains a high degree of damage, range and duration of its faculties.

She will be able to play without any problem with her skills, and everyone will benefit if the user’s style of play requires the use of all her skills.

(The following figure shows a Wisp program with multiple possibilities)

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Power housing

The energy structure focuses on increasing the damage caused by the capacities of the Void, in particular the capacity of the Solar Gate, and on increasing the intensity of the buffalo action it receives from the reservoirs.

This building is perfect for working with a lot of damage and offers you and your team a very high level of amateurism.

(The image below shows the Wisp program with active tank Mohs using Sol-Gate on enemies)

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Construction power range

Retaining the strength of the previous build, the Power Range build is more expensive than the Form Skills and slightly shorter in exchange for a larger range.

This line-up is mainly used to give the fans infinite time to have a larger range, and is very suitable when players defend a spot or often return to a spot.

With this design, Breach Surge can be more effective in crowd control due to its radius.

The distance to the Sun Gate has been increased considerably, making it easy to hit enemies at a very large distance from your position.

(The image below shows the Sol Gate strands at great distance)

Energy efficiency of buildings

Our Power Efficiency Designer enables users to use their capabilities with less energy and achieve high performance through their physics.

That way they can easily throw away all their skills and have even more fun. The cost of the first Sol Gate Casting and its energy are exhausted, while the staging is less expensive.

The Buffs always have a considerable reach and influence on the players, which makes them good for support.

In principle it is a construction with less power, but with less energy consumption.

(The figure below shows a Wisp with different possibilities)

Buffer brush type

Buffer design makes it possible to use buffers and treat enemies up close.

With the help of amateurs, you will benefit from extra health and regeneration, as well as increased speed.

The Quick Thinking Modern prevents you from dying when your health becomes too weak and gives you the opportunity to regenerate yourself, which is greatly enhanced by the reservoir of life.

Primary and secondary weapons also benefit from the survivability and fire safety of the tank.

This building is perfect for people who like to get enemies in their heads, especially for players who prefer close combat.

(The picture below shows drag marks in the fight against big enemies, showing great health and skill in close combat).


Warframe is a very unique Warframe, and it can adapt to many situations given the fans, who have many advantages not only for them but also for their team.

In addition to her pets, she can cause great damage and at the same time prevent fatal injuries and greatly improve her health if she suffers the consequences.

Features that make killing more difficult, such as Will-O-Wisp, can ensure safe play and unbridled vibrations during combat.

People who move around a lot in the game and get a lot of bouncing bullets will remain difficult to kill because their passivity makes them smaller targets and, combined with their other skills, they are almost impossible to kill.

Thanks to his great skill and tactics, Wisp can become one of the most playful war frames, which can be used for individual or collective missions.

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