Why your Twitch follower count is $#! Percent, and why follow-up is a waste of time.

Don’t worry about it. If you’re following a Twitch fan, I’ll show you a much better alternative in this post that doesn’t waste any time).

It makes sense in theory…

You turn on your electricity and 2,000 followers warn you you’re on the air.

The stream of regulars begins to flow in your stream, and the number of spectators goes from 25, over 50, to 200.

They keep coming back because they find you on their list of followers.

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Well, uh…

Isn’t that what Upper Streamer banners do?

They have thousands or millions of followers, and probably the ones who become live viewers every time they go on air.

So you focused on winning thousands of followers. Because followers become spectators, right?

So you can find other banners to follow him.

Your eyes light up when you see how easy it is to raise your follower’s score.

All you have to do is…

  1. Join the following communities where thousands of other banners share their experiences.
  2. Multiply your co-streamers with comments on their contributions in social networks offering F4F.
  3. Send instant messages and let them know how polite you are to follow them if they follow you first.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice a little dignity if you want to achieve your goals in life?

How the Follow 4 Follow system ultimately works in practice

So you spend hours watching more banners.

Ka-ching! Your chase counter’s starting to go off.

Wait… Some of these thugs don’t follow me. And some of them even exposed me!

Never mind! The meter of my trailer keeps growing and my next electricity will be the biggest ever produced.

You just have to be more aggressive with your followers to follow them. Let’s find other streamers and spam them with my F4F offer.

You will then find groups of people who are exclusively concerned with F4F.

Of course I’ll be lucky compared to the other 150 people and I’ll get their attention. I’m so good at streaming.

, and then reality strikes…

You turn on your next feed and find out that even with an excessive number of followers… …your audience is still fighting.

But you’re doing the right thing.

You have so many followers. And all the other banners, too. So that should mean I’ve just been unlucky. What’s going on?

Where the follow-upappears briefly

Follow him so you don’t become a real spectator.

In fact, all you’re doing is raising your stats out of vanity. Because in the end, it means nothing.

They are confused with other banners that try to collect tens or hundreds of followers using the Follow for Follow method.

This means that if they follow you, their next stream will be filled with hundreds more banners. This indicates that they don’t intend to look for banners they can light up.

Fans only become real spectators when they are people who are really interested in your flow. These people, the real viewers, go to the Followers tab, see your feed and even click on it to see your feed.

For clarification:

Other streamers are NOT your audience.

Some of them may be your target audience, but most of them just want to broadcast and create their own audience. So you have to focus on working with them in the network instead of turning them into spectators.

Which brings me to my next point:

Tracking for tracking purposes complicates network operation.

A popular way to connect with other streamers right now is to participate in their streams.

If you follow hundreds of people, you upset the list of your followers. It’s very boring to follow the banners you’re dealing with and participate in their flow.

What if you want to put someone at the end of your river? Good luck browsing through the list of followers to find the few people you communicate with.

Then it’s spam

I’m a big fan of aggressive marketing.

But you will never want to do this by alienating your audience or potential partners.

There’s a small chance someone on the chase train will examine you and see what you’re doing.

But this is a very, very small chance.

Most banners are absolutely against it and you write them off when you make them an F4F offer.

These people are smart pendulums that grow their flow organically. And these are the people you want to be a potential partner with. Meanwhile, you burn the bridge for sending spam.

Don’t be such a guy.

To put it simply… It is a strategy that requires little effort and produces few results. At best, you’re wasting your time. Worst case scenario, you’ll burn potential partnerships that you’ll never look at the same way again.

Are you wasting your time with vanities?

Some of you may want to have more followers to be more successful, or be more professional if you have many followers. But the average viewer (the one you need to see your food) only pays attention to three factors:

  • How many viewers do you have right now
  • What is the level of activity in your chat room.
  • The actual content you produce.

It is rare that they see or hear your follower in column , unless you announce it.

And even streamers can quickly notice that you have a lot of false followers when they see the number of simultaneous views.

I’d rather have money in the bank or viewers appearing on my feed, , than a hollow account that looks cool because you have hundreds of followers.

And the time you spend on F4F can be used for real marketing strategies that can expand your flow with REAL viewers.

The time you spend on F4F can be used for real marketing strategies that can expand your flow with REAL viewers.

Don’t forget that trailers are not a measure of success. All that matters is the living public, the paying subscribers and the interested public.

Concentrate on the essentials.

You will get much better results if you contact your listeners (note: not other broadcasters) and ask them to participate in your feed.

They will grow faster.

And you will no longer be part of a great curse in the Twitch community.

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