Which packs to buy at the MTG Arena

Everyone loves to open packages. But there are so many, so which packages are worth buying at the MTG Arena? We will give you an answer and more information about tutus in the arena.

Best package to buy at MTG Arena

As with many questions like this, the answer depends on it.

Or rather, it depends on three things:

  • Standard rotation
  • Percentage of cards played
  • your collection

Let’s all talk about it, and then finish ranking our package – from the best to the worst.

Standard rotation

Once a year there is a standard rotation. Half of the standard legislation is rotated and only reproduced in historical form. Most players don’t even put their toes in history. Even if you play the historian, there are so many cards in the game that some of your usual things won’t be good.

It is therefore very important to know which packages remain in the standard legally. You can read all about the standard spider here, but in short, this is what will be running in September 2020:

  • Level Guild
  • Loyal to colleagues
  • The Spark War
  • Base rate 2020

So these kits are worse than the others that will remain in the standard until September 2021. Don’t forget this when buying packages.


Another very important factor in choosing the best deck of cards in the MTG Arena is the number of cards played in the set. By playing cards, we mean the cards that appear at a higher level in the deck.

The best set in this respect is – so far – the throne of Eldraine. It offers a ton of clamps for the best standard bridges. Some are creatures with an adventurous mechanism (such as the Murderous Knight and the Bone Breaking Giant), but others are just effective maps (such as the Golden Goose or Embercleave).

Among other things, Eldraine has some of the most beautiful sights – the Fabelpassage is an important element of the colourful bridges. All Burgenlanders (e.g. castle dykes) constantly appear on the best prefabricated bridges. It’s true, if you look at the best map decks, almost half of Eldraine’s maps.

In addition, Therosse Beyond Death and the guilds of Ravnica have several powerful maps, as well as War of the Spark, which contains a ton of Airborne Walkers if you like them. We will include the number of cards played in our final ranking of the best packages available for purchase in the arena.

Your collection

This is the only factor we cannot include in our evaluation because we do not know what your collection is. However, we can give advice on how this can be taken into account.

Actually, it’s very simple. Look how many good cards you miss in a certain deck. If you have most of them, don’t bother to open the packages of this game.

Best Buy Packages on MTG Arena – Final Evaluation

With all this in mind, here’s our final ranking, from best to worst bag:

  1. Throne of Eldraine
  2. Theros after death
  3. Level Guild
  4. The Spark War
  5. Base rate 2020
  6. Loyal to colleagues
  7. Old packages

Throne of Eldraine is definitely the winner here, it has played the most cards of all games, and is legal by default until September 2021. Theros is another game that does not differ from the standard game, but has less gameplay capabilities, although it would still be a good game if we would compete with non-Eldraine games.

Can you buy older packages in the arena?

Yes, you can. However, we do not recommend it. The reason for this is that there are not many historical basic elements in a certain old ensemble. You’d probably better just forge the cards you need.

How many cards are in the MTGA kit?

There are two different versions of the packaging in the arena. Usual packages and projects.

Standard Arena

These are the packages you open in the Packs tab and buy from the Store.

The usual card deck contains 8cards :

  • 1 rare or mythical
  • 2 rare objects
  • 5 Communities

Each card can be replaced by another of the same rarity. You cannot receive two or more copies of the same card in the same package.


Concepts are packages that are opened or sealed as a concept. They’re essentially the same as paper souvenirs.

The project contains maps 14:

  • 1 rare or mythical
  • 3 rare objects
  • 10 communities

You cannot receive two or more copies of the same card in the same package.

MTG Stage costs Arena

The cost of a package is 1000 gold.

You can buy them in gems.

Package Cost.
3 tutus 600 gems
6 packages 1200 gems
15 packages 3000 gems
45 packages + 1 BaB-Promo 9000 gemstones
90 parcels + 2 transports BaB 18,000 gemstones

As you can see, you don’t really save money on gems by buying multiple packages. You always pay 200 gemstones per package.

Buy Promotion Box

However, as soon as you reach 45 packages, you will receive a Buy Box advertising campaign. You get two in a 90-pack. They are all in the table below.

Publication Bai-a-Box advertising
Dominaria The first and solar speaker
base rate 2019 Link of Destiny
Level Guild A big storm without a trace
Loyal to colleagues Hightower’s spectrum
The Spark War Tezzeret, the owner of the bridge…
Base rate 2020 Rienna, the Renaissance angel.
Throne of Eldraine Kenrit, the returning king.
Theros after death Atreos, wrapped in a shroud…

Is it better to buy a package or design?

You’d think it would depend on your merits. That’s it, but it’s just kind of. The better you are, the more profitable the project is. But does really have to be as good as ?

Let’s do the math. We offer you to evaluate the Regular Package for 200 gems and the Temporary Package for 150 gems (because it is not a duplication of protected gems, etc.) You pay 750 gems as entry fee (5000 gold also works). You will receive at least one normal package as a reward with the possibility to receive a second package. Let’s see how it goes.

The victories. Bought at . Value (converted) Profit
0 3 designs, 50 gemstones, 1.2 packages 680 gemstones -70
1 3 designs, 100 gemstones, 1.22 packages 794 Gemstones +44
2 3 designs, 200 gemstones, 1.24 packages 898 Gemstones +148
3 3 designs, 300 gemstones, 1.26 packagings 1002 Gemstones +252
4 3 designs, 450 gemstones, 1.3 packages 1160 gemstones +410
5 3 designs, 650 gems, 1.35 packages 1370 Gemstones +620
6 3 designs, 850 gems, 1.4 packages 1580 Gemstones +830
7 3 designs, 950 gems, 2 packages 1800 gemstones +1050

So it’s best to play the draft – if you don’t lose three games without winning at least one. If you like to draw, there’s no point. You should never buy packages or play draughts just to get the cards.

For us, the project is a very entertaining format. If you need help, here’s our Theros Beyond Death design.

On the other hand, if you don’t like Draft, or if you want a certain accelerator that’s not available to sign, you can always buy your packages, and that’s fine. Another advantage is that you get your wildcards faster. The reason for this is explained here.


You could finish all the tutu stuff on MTG Arena. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask us in the comments below or on our Facebook / Instagram page.

Since you are an arena player, make sure you know the full list of arena codes for free boosters and card styles.

Until next time, open all the cards you want in your tutu.

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