Where to find the Assault Rifle in Remnant:

The new Remante: Published DLC from the Axis, which includes a number of new features you can read about here One of the most exciting new features is the all-new Survival Mode. In this tutorial we will see how to play the survival mode in the swamps of the body.

How to play the survival mode in the swamps of Corsus

The survival mode is explained as an endless experiment with simplified progression and a time-based swamp complexity curve. The combination of speed and intelligence is the key to your survival. It is recommended to have experience with patterns before entering this mode. Survival mode also has no effect on your campaign, and is completely separate from Story mode.

To switch to survival mode, simply go to the checkpoint. In case you forgot, this is a huge red crystal located near your house.

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Interact with the crystal and select the world settings from the menu. Here you can choose the Campania, Adventure and Survival mode. In this guide we will focus on how to survive.

Residual ash Difficulty surviving in ash mode

After selecting the survival mode, you can select the following difficulties:

  • Normal – Basic experience. Lots of time, shit and EKSP. The timer stops in the maze.
  • Hard – Less time, scrap and EXP. More rewards for killing the boss. The timer stops in the maze.
  • Nightmare – Very difficult task. Extra reward. The timer won’t stop.
  • Revelation – The hardest experience TRI. TWORD.

Purchases of goods for survival purposes

When you enter the labyrinth, you’ll see five different poles. Each of them contains different items that you can buy before you leave. You start with 1000 credits, which you can use to buy armour, weapons or other items.

  • Updates
  • Consumables
  • Attractions
  • Gun
  • Armor

It’s a good idea to dedicate a thousand wisdoms to things that will help you survive. After cleaning each area, return to the maze to use the waste you have collected to buy more items. In survival mode, start with the following restricted elements:

  • Repetition gun
  • Dressing x1
  • St. John’s wort x2
  • Adrenaline x1
  • Ammunition box x3

Once you have everything you need, interact with the checkpoint between all the columns to move in the unknown direction and start your survival. As time goes by, enemies become more and more difficult, so speed is essential. The goal is to see how far you can go, depending on the prey you can find.

In the course of your adventures, you’ll find things like random volumes that add character traits, weapons, ammunition, armor and other sweets. The survival mode is undoubtedly an interesting new aspect of Remnant From the Ashes, because it adds much-needed values to the reproduction.

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