When to Do Side Missions in Borderlands

Borderlands 3 is a very big game, where when you start a new game you have no idea what to do first. The most important in the game are the secondary missions. The game has a total of 91 sub-missions, and it takes some time to complete them. The biggest question you can ask yourself is when you really need to end it. I’m here to answer that question.

The questions to be asked when secondary missions are to be carried out in border areas 3:

  • When should I perform a secondary task?
  • How many secondary emissions are there?
  • What do secondary missions do for me?
  • What else is there besides the secondary missions?

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When should I perform a secondary task?

The best time to complete secondary missions is when you have defeated the main story. Once you’ve beaten history, you can start Mayhem mode. This is essentially a mode that you can activate, increasing the complexity and protection for you and the enemies you fight. Thanks to this change, you can gain more experience with every murder and also find better equipment more often.

For the Chaos mode, the missions had certain levels, but once you unlock the Chaos mode, all the levels increase to your level. This means that with every sideways search you do, you can ascend much faster than normal. There is also a new Guardian Ranking that allows you to receive updates and skins for your character during the game. With the Guardian title you will also receive bonuses in your chosen region.

How many secondary emissions are there?

There are currently 91 secondary missions in the game, and it will take some time to complete them. Don’t forget to activate the Chaos mode so you can get the most out of each mission. The more you fill when Mayhem mode is activated, the faster you will align in the long run. At level 50 you’ve upgraded the legendary weapon and fall gear, and everything you get is very good against all enemies. Make sure you win the campaign before starting any secondary missions, unless you plan to switch directly to the real Vault Hunter mode.

Once you’ve completed 100% of the game, it’s advisable to enable True Vault Hunter mode to get better equipment. It will also prepare you for the next CSDs Gearbox will release next year. If you don’t have a subscription, wait for the CSD to come out and see if you need it. It’s a huge price, so most people probably won’t get it unless you’re a super big Borderlands fan.

What do secondary missions do for me?

Secondary missions bring you a lot of good things like shields, weapons and money. Money is very important to have a lot of it, because you need to know how much it really takes to buy a harness and all that. Eridium can also be found in side quests, and you can use it to buy gun skins, character skins, and even charm items for your weapons. You can also use it to make weapons with the gunmaker Eridium. Everything you get into the game will help you become the ultimate safecracker you wanted to be when you started playing. Make sure you play all the side missions.

What else is there besides the secondary missions?

In addition to the secondary missions, there are many other things you can do to ensure that your character is 100% complete. This is all you can do:

Conversations – These conversations allow you to gain experience and even make potential improvements to your car. So they’re certainly useful, even if they’re a little hard to follow if you don’t have a manual to help you.

Red crates – Some crates will always have exceptional prey. These red chests can be found in every region – sometimes at the end of a battle with the boss or hidden in a secondary mission, and as long as their level is linked to the region, they can be reopened when the game stops and starts again.

Crew calls – Crew calls are hidden collectibles on all Borderlands 3 cards. Once found or completed, they reward the players with experience points, money or eridium. The list can be found under Crew Calls when viewing the map.

Eridium Writing Tablets – These are tablets that can be read after a specific action task, and there are only 30 in a game. They give you 25 Erydiums for every copy you read, so make sure you find them all.

Dead Claptrap – These pieces of claptrap can be found all over the world and are considered as crew calls. There are only 35 in one game, and when you find them all, unlock a legendary weapon called Baby Maker++. It’s definitely worth finding all the pieces.

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