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Our next stop is Das Flugzeug – Siegel, a flat metropolis that goes everywhere.
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Feywild, Shadow Skin
Astral Plane, Elementary Chaos

Sigil, also known as the city of gates or cage, is a connecting and flat metropolis. Each aircraft is accessible via portals in this cake plane, and the only way to get to or from Sigil is by using these portals. Sigil, the city, lies in this hollow donut and is separated from everything else on the Multivera, but connects everything. The attempt to go to Sigil Street will lead to nothing, literally nothing. If you want to catch a certain plane, Sigil can take you there… all you have to do is find the right gate and the right key.


Aircraft guide, WotC 2008

The seal was first introduced in the 2ndPlanescape Campaign Setting (1994)and became a natural connection for aircraft. All planes have portals that lead to the seal, and because of that portal it’s a powerful place. The devils and demons of the bloody war are eager to take the seal for their attacks, but they are unable to resist Our Lady of Sorrows, the defender of the seal.

Sigil remains largely unchanged in all publications, although in the 2nd factions a very important part of Planescape and Sigil in particular. These factions compete for control and allow a low level adventure in a multiverse on the streets of Sigil. In the 3rd and 4th these factions were destroyed or at least castrated by the Mistress of Pain, who wanted to eliminate any threat to her power in Sigil. Many factions still exist, although they currently operate outside the seal and are looking for ways to regain power, and there are few elected officials living under the seal.

External perspective

Upon arrival in the city of Sigil, the adventurer will first discover that this plane is different from all the others. The roads go up on both sides and if you look straight ahead you can see the city well above you, provided there is not too much smog or rain on the road. Because the seal is in a hollow ring, it can be a bit confusing for inexperienced adventurers.

The architecture and style of the seals are so closely related that the residents have to build on top of each other. Strangers are flooding the streets of Sigil, and it is one of the few places in the planes that have walked along the road, and seeing a demon is no cause for concern. Mrs. Pain guarantees that anyone who makes too much effort will be sent to one of her labyrinths or destroyed at first sight. All beings are supposed to keep the peace, although the Mistress of Pain intervenes no less than for mass destruction or murder.

In fact, for most adventurers, Le Signet is the perfect place to find a new job, buy new equipment and find exotic and rare items that may not be available in more reputable locations. The locals know a lot about work, gossip and the latest news about what’s going on in a draughtsman, and there’s always work somewhere in town. Although it is much harder for inexperienced people to find someone they can trust.

One of the problems many strangers face when they visit the seal, especially those who have never visited it, is that the seal can be dangerous for the ignorant, for strangers to the corporeal plane, or even for those who do not fully understand how things work in airplanes. The first thing a stranger has to do is familiarize himself with the stamp guide. Although many of them are only interested in cutting off your wallet or luring you into an ambush, it is important to know your surroundings. The seal can be dangerous for those who are content to roam the winding streets without knowing where they are or how to find the necessary gate, which leaves clear traces for criminals.

Aboriginal Perspective

Field plane installation Set Box, 1994 TSR Inc.

The first inhabitants of Sigil are the mistress of pain and the dabus, who work tirelessly to ensure that Sigil is not neglected too much. The other applicants are descendants of people from the past who started living in the cage. When more and more people moved to Sigil, they brought animals, plants and raw materials with them.

The number of people living here is much larger than the number of travellers and visitors. Most publications agree that the actual number of inhabitants is only 50,000, while the market usually has just over 200,000 people who visit the market, travel or sell/purchase goods. Many people who live in Sigil consider it a source of pride to live in such an important place and quickly remind travellers of this.

Those who moved to Sigil also brought building materials. There are no natural resources in the seal, because if you dig up the white and grey, dirty dirt, it will disintegrate into dust in your hands. To build a house, you have to bring everything you need or simply steal building materials from your neighbours. You also need land to build on in Sigil, which can be as easy as building on your neighbour’s land, or demolishing other buildings in town to build your own villa – it all depends on the land you want to live on.

Sigil is supported by Dabus, a group of stupid creatures who remove razor blades, bend fresh paving stones for roads or even level whole blocks of buildings in Sigil so it can be rebuilt. Dabus is responsible for the management of Sigil, which means that it is not only representative of travellers, but also keeps the sewers and catacombs in good condition and razor-free. All residents know not to turn to Dab, because they are under the protection of Mistress Pain.


The razor blade is the only plant that grows well in Sigil, although it grows at almost any level, regardless of the environment. Some Sigilians swear it gets 1.80 m high every day, and many use it to cover their buildings to protect them from thieves. The razor is incredibly sharp, and if you touch it with bare hands or even with cheap leather gloves, it will cut your hands into ribbons. Dabus cuts the infected razor blades and sells the cuttings to those who burn them in their bark, because after cutting the plant becomes incredibly hard and brittle.


Sigil is a closed town. Outside the plane there is nothing, so all the smog from the forges, the rubble from the buildings and the smoke from the torches and flashlights are piling up in the middle of the plane. Downstairs it’s always subjective, depending on where you are in the city, upstairs it’s always towards the center, wherever you are. If you look up, look at the other side of the seal, if the smog doesn’t obstruct your view.

On some days the smog is so strong that you can only look a few meters ahead during the Sigil light cycle. At other times it is clear and because of the sealing you can easily see the blocks above your head. More often than some residents prefer, smog does not restrict visibility, but rain clouds form in the middle between the sides of the city, and the rain falls, saturating the whole plane and washing away dirt and soot. Fortunately, there are several permanent portals to the aircraft and the seaplane, largely protected by Dabus, to evacuate the air and waste water of Sigil and keep it hospitable, although many of the people who spend long periods of time in the worst areas of Sigil suffer from breathing difficulties.

Zagreb is known as the city of gates and is the only place that looks like this in a cartoon. If you have to take a plane or go to a certain place, go to Sigil first. However, finding the right portal in the city is the point at which it becomes difficult.

Arrival at the aircraft

The shield can only be broken through a portal, thanks to the woman of pain. Adventurers cannot use thelayer of theplane or thedoor spell of theplane to travel there, everyone must use the portal created by Lady Pain. These portals can appear anywhere in Sigil, and they all need a key to unlock and use. Many well-known and somewhat obscure portals are followed by fragments, and some keep portal logs with information about their use. Many adventurers may be forced to work for these factions to gain access to the tribes or simply to offer enough gold or magical items for their privileges.

Permanent Gantries

These portals are the best known and best documented. They’re the simplest and never change. One end of the gate is always at a certain point in Sigil, and it always leads to its limit and never changes. These portals often lead to gate cities or to the first layer of an airplane. These portals are used for trade and to attract travellers, resources, food, etc.

Buildings are formed around some portals, for example around the portals to the taverns of Arborea for food or around the portals to the forges of fire planes. Many people like to say that the Mistress of Pain has a sense of humour, and they will tell you where the important portals are. When the portal stands in the sewers of the material world, it shows what the Woman of Sorrow thinks of this world.

Refrigerated: Signing instructions, 1995 TSR Inc.

Temporary Gantries

Time portals don’t take long to disappear. These portals can only be used for a certain period of time before they disappear, or they can only be used in one direction, and nobody knows when they will appear or what key they will need. Some claim to be able to say that when a new portal appears, many of them turn out to be liars, while the very few chosen ones suddenly disappear. Some claim that it is the Mistress of Pain who destroys them, so they cannot use this knowledge, although many others point to factions who keep magazines on portals and are always looking for like-minded opponents.

Replacement ports

These portals are fundamentally different from temporary portals: They are reliable because they will change. They all move according to certain patterns and it is very difficult to follow their patterns and know when they change. Many will change their entrance to Sigil and spend three days in a black alley of the Hive, then three days in the sewers and finally three days elsewhere before returning to the Hive, whose purpose will never change.

On the other hand, the entrance to the Mirror Gate may never change from the door of the servant’s office, but its purpose changes every night from Arboria to Gehenna, from Hestawar to the abyss and back to Arboria. This creates great excitement for adventurers trying to complete the mission on time, and many of them were captured by the demons as they moved the portal they were using.

Overtaking the aircraft

Travelling through the seal can be very dangerous for an uninformed visitor. Many streets have dead ends, and since everything is built on top of each other, it takes a local with a deep understanding of the seal to guide you through the streets. You can’t just walk along the road and expect to find signs pointing in the right direction. Many visitors rely on Everything to guide them through the city, and many vary in price and quality.

Because the seal is the inner part of the circle, you can fly through the center of the seal to the other side of the circle. This gives horsemen with wings a big bonus over those who have to walk because they can easily avoid bad sigil sections without having to worry about criminals or those who try to steal their messages. Another popular and expensive use of messengers is carrying an object enchanted by the spell of a magic mouth and having a trigger of a certain creature so that no one but the intended recipient can hear it.


Day and night, Sigil’s is the ambient light that gets darker and darker as the day progresses. In 24 hours the seal will change from black to bright light. This is a problem for many because there are no moons or stars at night to provide atmospheric lighting, so many boys hire light sources to carry them. Some of the best Light Boys can give general information about the city and offer destinations for those who get lost, but they can also take you to the dark alley and steal you.

Trademark protection

The seal is incredibly well guarded, although it is one of the easiest places to go. All these portals make it easy for creatures to get in and out of the seal. Although no one but the people authorized by the Mistress of Pain have access to it, and she only blocks gods and those who she thinks will cause too much trouble for Sigil, it could mean that she lets each monster chase a group of adventurers if she thinks the monster isn’t too dangerous.

The real protection of the Seal is that nobody can just move a plane in or out of the Seal and has to rely on portals to get it where he wants to go. Moreover, gods are not allowed to appear on the seal, although their representatives are welcome, and many of them have created great temples for the deity of their choice.

Vecna input

In the adventure of The Ages! (2000) Vecna was able to move aircraft to Sigil, which was a big problem for Mrs Pain. When Vecna’s power had grown when he entered the seal, he was not prevented from entering it first, but once in his power his power transformed him into a god. This irritated the Mistress of Pain, who could not completely destroy Vecna because of the possible destruction of the multiverse. This problem was finally raised by a group of mysterious adventurers who managed to defeat Vekna and chase him away from Sigil without destroying the multiverse.

This event forced Ms Pain to reconsider Sigil’s security measures and is the catalyst and the reason why it was decided to wait until between the 2nd and 3rd week of the conference. There are such different cosmologies. More information about this event and about Vecna can be found in our book Deep Dive into Vecna History.

Sigil is divided into six separate rooms that represent the different points of view and lifestyles in this city.

Women’s department

Planetary manual, WotC 2004

In this space live the powerful, the rich and those who want to become rich. The houses here are large and probably one of the few places where you can see Sigil’s garden growing. Although Our Lady of Sorrows does not live in this parish, the richest seals and most temples live in the women’s cellar, and it is certainly the safest room … unless you’re involved in political intrigue and spies.

Bearing housing

It is so called because it has the largest number of portals to the lower levels. Forging and blacksmiths throughout the county have portals for fire and elementary chaos, and they produce huge amounts of air-filled smog in Sigil. Despite the fact that this station is always filled with the stench of soot, it is one of the most popular because of the number of craftsmen who live there.

Market area

At the seal markets you will find everything you can buy or sell, although it can be difficult to find some shops because of the chaos on the streets. It is in this department that the stamp money is ultimately spent, whether on goods and services, spies or information. Prices are always fluctuating in the market and strongly depend on which portals are active and which are not.

Guildhall post

The differences between Market and Guildhall Ward are difficult to see when they slowly converge. The market is where most of the shops are, while the guild house is slowly taking over the middle class houses and the once great guilds of Sigil are slowly dying out. Many who want to find a community of similar races will create neighborhoods, because the elves of Arboria will stay together and the elves of Feyvild will not let them live in their neighborhood.

Spiritual House

It is a place where bureaucracy takes place within Sigil and order is maintained. The streets of this department are constantly cleaned, statues of important people are removed daily and order is always maintained. The streets are guarded by self-appointed Sigil guards and many illegal organizations and beehive gangs will set up offices in the clerk’s parish in the hope of their legitimacy.


It’s the most dangerous station you can walk through at night. This space, or rather the lack of it, is what many locals think of Sigil when it is distilled. There are gangs, wallets and all sorts of things, and the buildings and streets are as chaotic and extensive as the scribe community has ordered. In these slums there are hotels, places of entertainment, legal and illegal activities and there are others in the region.

Schlick Gates

The beehive is the only house in the area known as the Beehive Gate. These portals are directly related to narrowness and should be avoided if possible. Those who fall are sucked into the mire plain, and even those who are careful and walk around them can be caught by the mire butchers who can only slip through the gate with their hands and arms and catch the passers-by trying to get them into the mire plain.

The people of Sigil are diverse and come from all over the world, and many important factions have come and gone in the history of Sigil. Here are some of the many people and factions you can find in Door City.

Pain in women

Field plane installation Set Box, 1994 TSR Inc.

The woman of pain is one of the most confusing things in a cartoon. The mistress of pain is neither a woman nor a man, the mistress of pain simply exists. He has an eternal and strong bond with Sigil and is his strength. It can change the shape and size of the stamp in one go and has no special home base in this plane.

Sometimes we see her and her servant Daboo sliding over a road with shiny, sharp knives. If someone tries to talk, attacks or even gets in the way, one look is enough to completely destroy or abandon him.

Some consider them a god or deity, and anyone who tries to worship them quickly regrets being sent to the labyrinth. She doesn’t talk to anyone, but expects Dabus to spread his messages if she thinks it’s necessary. It does not make statements, does not publish decisions, does not offer jobs and does not act as a sponsor. She’s there, always protecting Sigil.


The labyrinths are endless and, although not impossible, incredibly difficult to leave. The Lady of Sorrow creates these labyrinths as prisons for those who try to challenge her control over Sigil. There is always an exit in the maze, and it can take a year or thousands of years for someone to find it. Although all labyrinths were created by the Mistress of Pain, they all exist within the Ethereal Boundary, far from the influence of the Bookmark, unless you find a portal to lead you there.

Alluvium Ruskin

Alluvius takes on the personality of a sweet old handkerchief, runs a lucrative business in a trading room known as Tivvum’s Antiques, sells information, rare ingredients and exchanges powerful services. She is a powerful witch who intends to take the Seal of Sorrow from the Lady, but she must first absorb enough magic from the Seal to become strong enough.

Rule Three

The third line is in the form of a wise Guitzero, although many think he may be the prince of demons in disguise. He follows the philosophy of the set, where things come in threes, and answers questions with three answers. He expects the payment to be made in sets of three, such as three different coins or three gifts that are bound in one way or another. Many suspect that Rule 3 is planning something big, but no one knows what it might be, because he seems to be nothing more than a wise old man.

No disturbance: Person of SIGIL, 1996 TSR Inc.

Kylie Tut

Known as the seal’s best, this handkerchief can take you anywhere in the city and allow you to make friends with almost anyone important enough to be friends. Although his services are not cheap, many residents, who have lived in Sigil all their lives, still rely on his knowledge and use it to guide them through the streets of Sigil and into politics.


The Dabus are servants of the seal and mistresses of pain. The will of the Blessed Woman leads them to their destination and they are found to repair and clean the city. They are silent and mysterious, and many claim that Dabus lives in the sewers of the city. If she is attacked, Mistress Pain’s vengeance is swift and immediate. Many claim that Dabus is a seal of flesh and blood, although no one knows if it is true or if it is merely an extension of the will of the woman of sorrow.


The garbage men are the ones who run the morgue in Sigil and collect the dead from all over town. Because there is no room in Sigil for cemeteries or crypts, the bodies are burned or sent to other planes where there are cemeteries or which themselves are places of death. Garbage men are often treated with the suspicion that they are not what they appear to be, and some even suspect that they are reborn corpses from the Seal of Death, which was responsible for collecting other corpses. Many people are afraid to have a pile of dead and reborn bodies in their camp, but no one knows why.

Sons of Mercy

What is considered the law and Sigil’s police are the sons of mercy. They patrol the streets of the cities, make arrests and try to keep the peace, although many of them do not respect it or have little authority. They supervise Sigil’s only prison and enforce the law with their power and numbers. If you can ward off a patrol that thinks you’re breaking the law, they often run away and the citizens of Sigilly hardly retaliate against you. The Sons of Mercy replaced the Harmony fraction, which was dissolved when the Lady of Sorrows decided to redesign the seal.

It’s dark with all those words that drive a tramp crazy. Airplanes have their own way of making noise in a bone box, and to become a real strawberry, you have to learn to sing. The ability to tell a crusader to go through it and know what it means is important, otherwise Burke could end up in a dead book.

I had a long discussion with myself about whether or not to write this message in the same tone as the original airplane frame, but I wanted to make sure it was accessible to everyone. I hope the blood can forgive me


BARMYWhoever gets hit in the head, probably because of the inability of the aircraft
BurkeFool, the one who gets into trouble and should know better than
BloodExpert in a particular field of research, also a sign of great respect
Leg boxWhoever gets hit in the mouth because of the teeth of the creature moves when you say
BubCheap wine or spirits usually taste terrible
SingingLocal gossip, news or other important information
Cross-tradeHandy flight
CutterCommon term to describe someone, Although more respectful than mentioning a
DarkInformation that is the secret
Book of the deadCommon term to say that someone is dead or dying
JinkCommon term for money, usually coins
ChickenWherever you can sleep, although established taverns hate the term if it implies inferior status
leather headidiot or someone stubborn
firstsomeone ignorant and material plane first class
Pike itsversatile sense like, keep your bone box and pike it! or just Pike!

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