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Our Next Stop in Aircraft – Pandemonium is the blueprint for chaos, howling wind and endless howling wind
Introduction to the Aircraft
Considerations: Feywild, Shadowfell
Outdoor aircraft: Astral aircraft, mechanism, Zagreb
Domestic aircraft: Elementary Chaos, Body of Water

Pandemonium, also known as Pandemonium Depths of Howling Earth, is a plan of chaos in which there is only a shadow of evil. It is one of the outer planes and it lies between Limbo, the plane of pure chaos, and the Abyss, the birthplace of demons. It is best known for its weeping winds that can drive any mortal creature mad, it is the absence of any divinity that follows it and of those who are banished from everywhere. The wind tunnels are endless, the howling wind never stops and is largely bare; but for all its flaws, Pandemonium is home to treasures and powerful magical artifacts hidden in all its possessions.


The pandemic, like the rest of the external aircraft, was first presented in DragonNo. 008 (1977)in an article titled : Aircraft:. Concepts of Spatial, Temporary and Physical Relationships in D&D. Like many aircraft he received no suggestions in this article, but had to wait for the publication of the(1987)Aircraft Manual to make sure it would be filled with content. This plain is made of pure stone, with thousands and thousands of intersecting tunnels, filled with the eternal howl of the wind.

This deafening, deafening wind is the hallmark of this airplane and deters many people who try to take a risk in the tunnels. Apart from the constant storm, the plane is completely in darkness, the gusts of wind extinguish any unimaginable light within seconds. The magical light can light your way through the tunnels, although it is a beacon for all the inhabitants of this plane, destroying you or spreading the madness of the storm.

External perspective

When you arrive in pandemonium, and if you can’t see in the dark, only a deafening, howling wind will hit you. The wind anaesthetises you immediately and without any real lasting effect, unless your ears are exposed to its anger for an hour or a day. This wind tears off all sounds, pulls heavily on your clothes and carries away any object that is not attached to you. Just staying in the wind for a few hours is enough to drive most people crazy, and as a foreigner you can easily see all the people who live here, because they have a lot of different crazy people who have to face the howling wind.

Apart from the wind, the next problem visitors face is the lack of light. Unlike most aircraft, pandemonium has no source of natural light, it is an aircraft in total darkness. Lighting torches, lanterns or fires is a major problem because the wind immediately extinguishes them and forces them to use only magical light through thousands of miles of dark and winding tunnels. However, the problem with any kind of light is that the inhabitants of pandemonium can easily see you. When several tunnels are several hundred kilometres wide, a single light source can attract a lot of attention.

The only reason why most adventurers get on this abandoned plane is because there are treasures hidden in the tunnels, protected by ancient monsters. While the majority of the people who travel here die, it is enough to leave these endless tunnels filled with powerful magical objects and golden treasures, many of which are considered worth the risk of madness and death. At the bottom of this level hide monsters, dragons, demons and powerful undead who guard their domains.

Aboriginal Perspective

Aircraft Maintenance Manual, 1987 TSR Inc.

There are no real natives on this plan, because all the inhabitants came after the plan was created, of which no one knows for sure when it took place, because even the creator of this plan is unknown. Those who live with pandemonium often have no choice, either because they are hiding from others or because they have been driven from their homes and from everywhere else.

Life on an airplane can be incredibly lonely, depending on who you are. Those lost in the tunnels may never see another living creature again as long as they live. Tunnels can be thousands of miles long and will never bring the traveller closer to civilization. The lucky ones who encounter civilizations or even other adventurers must always look for the winds of the Pandaemonium, a kind of madness that leaves no one indifferent long after they have left the Pandaemonium.

The few cities that exist in Pandemonia are well fortified, but poorly protected. Each city is forced to build large stone walls against attacks by the Demons of the Abyss or the wimps of Limbo, although the chaos oriented Pandemonium makes it unlikely that there really are soldiers or guards who can stop such an invasion. Overall, the inhabitants of these cities are violently restricted in their fight against demonic or defamatory attacks, although neither side uses superior strategies in this fight, as it requires the ability to follow law and order.


The atmosphere of the pandemic is very similar to that of the equipment, as it is breathable and inhalation is not dangerous. On the other hand, it is incredibly dangerous to stay in the wind forever, because it can quickly make you deaf forever and leave you with a long madness if it doesn’t kill you first. A heavy storm comes and goes, although it always does. Sometimes the wind rises from a dead-end street to become an intense, galloping wind that lures even massive creatures into a trap, driving them into a tunnel and beating their bodies into the stone walls until there is nothing left of them but dust.

Chaos is the defining feature of the Pandaemonium, and the winding tunnels do their utmost to leave travellers lost and confused. Because this plane is close to the abyss and other evil planes of existence, there is a small shadow of evil that pervades the creatures that live here.

Arrival at the aircraft

Travelling by plane is just as difficult as finding a suitable portal for crazy wind tunnels. Or, if someone has this ability, they can use level-shifting spells or travel in the astral plane in search of a purple pole that will take them to any location in Pandemonia.

It is much more difficult to leave the Pandemonium to arrive, and since this plane is chaotic, the gates rarely stay up for long. They say that the winds create and destroy the portals of this plane, and no one knows when they will be able to break through. They say that one of the pandemonium sites will take you anywhere in the plane, although you should be able to shout louder than the howling wind and also be able to shout wherever you want to go. No one is sure that this is even possible, because the cacophony of the winds seems to get louder and louder when one shouts to be heard.

Overtaking the aircraft

Overflying aircraft – Mysteries of the Australian Sea, WotC 2010

Traveling by plane is easy enough if you have a way to lighten your way or if you have an innate ability to see in the dark. The aircraft is very limited and consists of interconnected tunnels that allow the passage from the upper layer of the aircraft, Pandesmos, to the second lower layer, Phlegethon. These tunnels can be so small that it is difficult for the rat to squeeze through miles of tunnels, although most are generally 20 to 30 feet wide.

Gravity is away from the center of the tunnel, which means that the traveller can walk on the walls, ceiling and floor without any difference, although the third layer of pandemonium breaks it, because the phlegeton has a certain gravity and is also the only layer that contains stalagmites and stalactites. One of the unique features of this type of severity in pandemonium is that most tunnels have rivers that can flow through the whole tunnel, along the walls, along the ceiling and down to the floor. Sometimes a river can break off the ground and float perfectly in the middle of a tunnel, flowing in the middle and floating in space.

Rivers that flow in the middle of a tunnel can be incredibly dangerous, depending on the river you follow, because the High Styx in these tunnels originates in several rivers and although the power of the Styx in these small streams is diluted, drinking this black water can still cause memory loss. Many travelers are not even aware that the river they drink from causes amnesia, because every time they drink from it they forget what they drank from the river. Over a long period of time it can have the same effect as if they had fallen into the Styx.


Due to the strong wind, spells where the target you need to hear are usually unsuccessful becausePower Word Kill. These spells should scream, and even if the target is not close enough, most publications agree that at least 3 meters away the spell is spoiled if the wind dampens your voice. Another problem for many wizards is the use of hardware components. If you don’t have enough insight into the parts of the spell, they can be ripped from your hands and spoil your spell before you can cast it. Fortunately for some, wild magic is particularly strong at this level and users of wild magic find this level to give them energy and increase their power of enchantment.

The madness of the wind

Chaos Aircraft, 1994 TSR Inc.

Wind madness is the effect that pandemonium has on every visitor to this plane, although one suffers more than the other. There are four phases to this madness: It starts with frustration, then despair, the concessions of hysteria and finally Rezigniania. When a creature goes mad for the first time, it gets angry and grumbles at its friends and allies. Then they fall into despair, knowing that they will never escape the wind and the pandemic and that they will become lifeless. As soon as they are completely in despair, something starts to go off inside them and hysteria takes over. Hysteria lets the travellers hide from the wind and waves in tears before they finally come to resign. Dismissal means that the traveller has accepted the wind and that something in him has changed forever, and with that comes madness or a nervous tap that never leaves him. These nervous tics can only appear if they are in pandemonium, i.e. if you hire a conductor in Sigil who seems perfectly normal, they can arrive in pandemonium and immediately start to suffer from their madness. These crazy things help travelers deal with the wind, although it can be scary for those who have never heard of it.

The pandemic is divided into four layers, although the top two are very similar, and the only difference is that the howling and howling wind is increasing and the tunnels are getting smaller. In the upper layer, the Pandesmos, there are the portals to the abyss and to the limbo, which have the widest tunnels. The second layer, the puke set, is very similar to the first, except that the wind is much stronger here, some people claim that there are secrets hidden in the wind, if you study it enough. The next layer, Phlegethon, is crossed by giant stalagmites and stalactites and is home to the city of Windglum, also known as the kingdom of the queen of the sky and darkness. The last layer, Agathion, is the only one that has no connection tunnels, but a hard rock with empty bubbles with which one can try to travel.

Chaos Aircraft, 1994 TSR Inc.


Pandesmos is the first and perhaps the most hospitable diaper in an airplane, although pandemonium is far from being hospitable. Because this is the top level, most travellers first go through one of the many portals and with a bit of luck find their way to one of the few cities or villages by plane. Unfortunately for these travellers, dangerous creatures hide everywhere in the plane and attract a lot of light.


This large city makes use of gravity at this level and its buildings are completely wrapped around the perimeter of its tunnel. What started as a simple walled hotel run by Blick Cabal has slowly turned into a big city. As more and more people came to live in the city, the hotel had to expand and random buildings arose near the walls. After each raid on the city, residents build new walls to cover the buildings outside the wall, and the cycle repeats itself. Outside the walls more buildings are built, demons or wimps are attacked and the residents build a new wall to protect these remote buildings.

This expansion created a city with several inner walls around the central hotel with which the city started and which became the official citadel of Blake Cabal where important members of their faction meet and discuss the governance of the city.


The second layer of the pandemic, and apparently the loudest, is the Cocyte. Because the tunnels in this layer are smaller, the wind penetrates faster and produces a sound comparable to cries of pain and torment. One of the characteristics of this level is that the walls carry old chisel marks, which means that someone or something has dug these tunnels into a mess. Nobody knows for sure who it might be, because the chisel marks are incredibly old, and even the gods are not sure when they were made. Slowly the wind gently rubbed against these teeth marks and many archaeologists went into this layer to examine not only the teeth marks but also the old runes that would have been marked in the walls.


Chaos Aircraft, 1994 TSR Inc.

In the Kocitus there is a large center of tunnels that are connected to each other, and the stone columns have holes cut in different sizes. When the wind blows through these speakers, you hear a sound from the other world that is much scarier than any other sound in this plane. This place is very popular with bards and musicians who claim that you can hear the secrets of the airplanes in the melodies if you listen to them long enough.


The third layer of pandemonium has a peculiarity: gravity works as usual, i.e. it has a high and a low. Therefore, only this layer contains stalagmites and stalactites, and some even claim that the wind is calmer at this level. Because this level can be difficult for outsiders, it has become a popular place to hide from gods, demons and other powerful creatures. Those who live here are known as Exiles, and many of them have family roots that have lived in this plain for generations.

Orange blossom wind

This city is host to many exiles, and its inhabitants are very suspicious of anyone who comes to their city. One of the few places where you can meet the adventurers at least a little warmly is the Scaly Dog, a city hotel, which is a great place to discuss secret plans, hire mercenaries or tell other delicate stories on an airplane. The city is randomly laid out with hundreds of light bulbs that provide light to the inhabitants.


The last layer of pandemonium, and the only one without endless wind tunnels, is instead a massive stone with bags of vacuum. Because these bags cannot be found or reached, the gods use them to hide powerful artifacts that can destroy worlds or install monsters that cannot be destroyed. Many of these bags have portals through which the wind can penetrate from the rest of the plane, creating a huge storm so strong that it can destroy any creature or object that passes through it, because it keeps swinging against the walls at high speed.

Other bags in this plane are not allowed to have fences, which means that if they have air, it is incredibly stale or the bags are a vacuum with no atmosphere inside. These sacks can only be reached by those who know them and have the ability to reach them, because they can be thousands of kilometers away from the tunnel by hard rock.

River style

The Upper Styx starts at the top of the Pandemonia and is fed by the many streams that follow the tunnels of this plain. Although these small currents are not so strong, they are still dangerous for travellers because they can cause slight amnesia and apathy. It is no coincidence that in a large stream leading to the river Styx, the bodies of people who have given their lives to drink from this river, i.e. when the bodies have not yet swelled to dust.

Vekna tower

Somewhere in the winding labyrinths of Pandemonia stands the black tower of Vecna. Some say that the black tower is an asset of the deity Vecna, while others say it is just a tower full of undead that Vecna created and abandoned a long time ago.


Exile is a term used to describe those who live in a pandemonium but are not part of a group or faction. They are not a close-knit people, but have a great resemblance because of the wind and the fact that they or one of their ancestors did something to anger a being that was powerful enough to send them to this level. There are several tribes of goblins, which are somehow adapted to the whirlwind of the plane, as well as the colonies of Dürgar, Dark Elves, Dwarves, Semi-Humans and Humans. There are also demon lords who hide from their rivals, vampire lords who have lost their heads in the wind, and pagans who have committed terrible sins against their kind.

Cabin not waterproof

Air Campaign Facility, 1994 TSR Inc.

Blake Cabal is one of the factions that emerged from Sigil and firmly believes that nothing makes sense. They go so far as to claim that gods, multi-version and all the rest makes no sense. They are nihilistic about wine, although they are encouraged to look inside themselves for meaning. They have their headquarters in Sigil, in a shelter near the hive.

Main partner

Maris Warrow is the current mother of the hotel, which also makes her the Lady of the Citadel, in the Crazy House, located on the first floor, Pandesmos. Before her arrival she was led by another Blake Cabal who decided to go on holiday in the winding tunnels. Two years later Maris Warrow came and saw the glorious madness of the pandemonium and the terrible state of the House of Madness. Those who didn’t join the former host argued about who should be responsible, so nothing was done. Maris Warrow came and started giving orders, and the people obeyed him, thinking Sigil’s headquarters had sent her, but they did not.

Miriad Galessky

A music academy founded by the Bard of Pilots, Catalan the Mad, and located somewhere in the second layer, Cocytus. Many often claim that this is a refuge for those who travel through Pandemonia, but unfortunately the bards here are more interested in understanding the secret of madness in the mind of the traveler than in helping their body or soul in this place. They are in constant conflict with the Black Cabal in their search for answers to the multiverse, which they know is probably somewhere in the howling winds of madness.


No deity claims to be pandemonium, although some of them have small possessions on the map where they hide from other gods or hide powerful secrets from the curious. Deceiving gods, such as Loki, will retreat into a pandemonium if the turn of the other gods has gone too far. They hide in their white crystal palace, known as Winter Hall, somewhere in Pandesmos, protected by frost giants and huge snowdrifts.

In the old editions, before the creation of Feyvild, there was on the third layer, Phlegethethon, the Court of Jelly under the leadership of the Queen of Sky and Darkness. The court is the opposite of Seeley, where one can laugh and hate. Friendship is associated with submission, and the warmth of the fires is replaced by endless cold winds. The queen of air and darkness, whose name has long been lost, is the sister of Titania, the queen of the czar’s court, and they were very close in their youth until the queen of air and darkness found the black diamond, which damaged and twisted her.

Unknown samples

Monsters hidden all over Agatha that the gods could not or would not destroy. The reluctance to destroy a powerful monster stems from the fact that when the gods fight to kill it, it can become the perfect guardian of a powerful magical artifact that the gods want to lock up if they still need it. These monsters go crazy from the insulation and the wind and are even more deadly for him.

Although not all unknown monsters are trapped in Agathion. In the dark and winding tunnels of Phlegeton there are rumors of vampire lords, dragons of incredible size, but also giants and more of all those who fight for their territory, their shelters writhing in the howling wind.

  • Agathion Portals – The Mighty Man has given you information about finding an artifact. The only problem is that you have to go into one of the hidden pockets in Agathion, kill a powerful creature that protects an artifact and deal with the fact that the bubble is a vacuum, which means that there is no air or atmosphere to help you save lives.
  • Bounty – You’ve been hired to find a man wanted for the murder of a prominent political figure. You heard this guy was seen at Windgloom, but the question is how to get down there.
  • Demon Tales – A demon lord has entered the path with a powerful enemy and is now hiding somewhere in Pandemonia. Hiding the Demon Lord offers a large amount of gold to anyone who can kill his opponent, although the Demon Lord offers the same amount to anyone who can find and kill a Demon Lord.
  • Crazy Songs – As you travel through a maze of endless tunnels, you’ll come across a bard who listens carefully to the wind and the plates. While the wind tries to rip these papers out of his hands, he will be happy to tell you about the many secrets he reveals while he is here and ask if you can help him.
  • Slayaadi Invasion – When you finally find a city to sleep in, with its thick stone walls blocking most of the weeping winds, you can hear the alarm and the sound of people shouting. When you stumble through the street, in the pale light of the magical tents, you see strange frog creatures tearing people in half, with lots of climbing on high stone walls.
  • Floating Winch – The wind has died in a low drift net, and that is the first relief since you arrived in this plane It is almost unpleasant not to have a constant scream in your ear, but for a few moments it is lucky. That is, until the wind suddenly turns, and before you can grab anything, it explodes with such force that you are afraid it will knock you over. You only have a few minutes to find shelter before you are torn from the ground and thrown against the walls.
  • Wind Wyrm – Rumor has it that the dragon or something like that hides an enormous treasure somewhere in a layer known as the flegethon. The adventurers have searched for this shelter for years and few have returned empty-handed. Either the Wyrm is a myth, or somewhere in a pandemonium an enormous treasure has been stolen from long dead adventurers.

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Additional information on the onset of a pandemonium pandemic
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Additional information about your location in the pandemonium
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