What’s the Mechanus

The movement, also known as the Nirvana or Nirvana movement, is located in the outer planes and is the focus of law, order and modrons. This level is based on its orientation, the orientation of legal neutrality, and its inhabitants reflect this. From the divine power that controls the plane known as the Primus, the One and Only, to the workers of Modron repairing the massive teeth that turn on that plane, to the strange insects trying to take over all the mekhanos known as Foreman; all these creatures are dedicated to law and order. Reaching Mechanus can drive a chaotic creature mad, although those who love order may never want to leave.


The engineer was first introduced in Aircraft Operations Manual (1987), No., although he was originally known as Nirvana. This plane was created as a hollow space filled with massive, interconnected teeth that all move in unison in the plane. In subsequent editions, the basic idea that Mechanus was built on solid ratchet wheels never changes and is only developed further.

Each wheel is at least a few kilometres wide and the largest gears are thousands of kilometres wide. Each of the gears in the mechanism are interconnected, although some can be rotated so that they are perpendicular to the other pinion, although gravity is subjective to which pinion you are on, so that the gears do not interfere with each other. This plane is filled with an infinite number of these teeth; the spaces between the discs are a void that extends infinitely in all directions.

External perspective

When you come to Mehanus for the first time, you will see that it is not too hot or too cold, but there are the same indicators for each of them. Although it is strange, this is exactly what distinguishes this aircraft from all other aircraft of existence. The mechanism is the level of legality, order and equivalence of everything. It has exactly 12 hours of light coming out of the void around its teeth, and exactly 12 hours of darkness. Each tooth is connected to the other, and they all move together. The whole law is reflected here, and this plane and its interconnected wheels will always rotate as one.

Moving on the mechanism can be very similar to moving in the material plane, depending on which wheel you appear first. Each tooth starts as a piece of metal ore and stone that only differs in size from another disc. Gods and mortals with sufficient magic can form a propeller of their own will and make this propeller their ideal and legitimate home. Some pieces are covered with farms and forests, while in other pieces there are huge inevitable factories.

Aboriginal Perspective

Mehanus is the plan of law and order, and those who have their homes here reflect it. Although the plane seems simple, it has hidden subtleties. From the decency codes included in the devil’s claims policy, this level can be a dangerous place for those who are going to do things they don’t understand.

The inhabitants of the plane are mainly modrons who maintain and repair the massive panels that can contain the entire Mehanousa. They are strange guarding beings who exist in a rigid hierarchy with the smallest of their kind, monodrons who follow orders without thinking about who they are. The modons occupy a part of the plane called Regulus, where their deity, the Primus, controls their existence.

Not all teeth start with the stone and ore they are made of, but strangers bring vegetation, soil and much more to Mehanus. Communities focus on creating excellence by eliminating passions, illusions, pain and unity. From the legal formers who built the hives along the Mekhanika strip to the inescapable ones who built huge factories to produce the inescapable, not all creatures are aimed at the individual, but at the whole species.


Mehanus has an atmosphere that makes it possible for any mortal to exist at this level, and despite the factories producing smog and soot, many never notice any pollution. The plane is infinite, and because the plane is full of teeth, the teeth are also infinite. They all run together, many of them assume that the connected disks are connected to the whole multi-version. If the wheels ever stop spinning, the MultiVersion will stop.

The plane of the interconnected discs, Mehanus, is filled with ordered movements of constructions, laws and ideas. Chaos doesn’t exist on Mehanus, and if he ever gets over it, the Modrons and the other inhabitants of the plane will do their best to destroy him.

Arrival at the aircraft

The journey to the mechanism can easily be accomplished with magical teleportation spells such as level shift or portal search. The easiest way to travel through the portal is to pass through the external aircraft connected from Arcadia or Acheron to Mehanus, as these portals never change location and are permanent.

Inside Mehanus, every time a facade makes a complete revolution, a gate appears in the middle, connecting it to another place somewhere in the Multivera. These gates last up to 24 hours, and each gate has the shape of a green transition wheel that rotates slowly in the center of the wheel.

Overtaking the aircraft

The journey through Mechanus is quite simple, because unless the presence of the outside has worked, the teeth are completely sterile and free from any obstacle that could obscure his perfectly flat face. Shifting from one gear to another is as easy as walking on gears that rotate from one wheel to the other, although for beginners it can be a bit nerve-racking and scandalous when visitors stumble across a crevice and end up with crushed and broken gears.

Another possibility is to just fly between the teeth, because the cavity that surrounds all the teeth has the same atmosphere as the material. That way, creatures with wings or the ability to cast spells can move easily, and they won’t get tangled up in the gears, and modrons don’t have to come and clean up the mess when they die of being crushed.

Despite the fact that many bicycles have not yet been colonised, several bicycles would have discouraged visitors. The hives, which focus on settlement and expansion, see outsiders as a threat to their queen and fight to protect her and her hives. There are also various factions concerned with law and order, such as the Brotherhood of Orders, also known as the Masters, who undertake to respect all the laws they know and to use every loophole in the law.

Illusions and wild magic

Illusions and sources of wild magic only serve to create chaos, which is unthinkable on the machine. When illusions are created on Mehanus, when they work, they look like thin, smooth chippings that do not deceive anyone. Wild magic, on the other hand, is strictly regulated and limited to a certain order, with its practitioners far removed from their power and barely able to pronounce the weakest spells. Several users of wild magic were forced to stand trial in the Mehanus case and sentenced to death for practicing magic.

Large modron Mars

The 17 big circles of the Modrons make a big march through all planes. A large cycle is the time it takes for the largest Mehanus transmission to run once, which is considered a year by the people of Mehanus. Every 17 Big Bikes, i.e. about 289 years for those who live in places like Sigil or material airplanes, starts a procession.

After passing the 17 large circles, the modrons, led by the Primus, form a large parade and start their return journey by plane. They travel inside and outside the Outlands, and their journeys take them through each of the Outlands, beginning with Arcadia, then to Mount Heaven, then to Baytopia, Elysium, Animal Lands, Arboria, Isgard, Limbo, Bedlam, Pandaemonium, Abyss, Carseri, Grey Waste, Gehenna, Baatar, Acheron, and finally back to Mehanus.

Nobody knows what the modrons are doing in this step, but it is no secret that thousands of modrons start running and only a few dozen of them return to the mechanism in the end. It’s a death march, and Modrons never walk the same path twice. The march started only once, when it was claimed that the deity of Modron, Primus, had been killed and that Modron was ruled by the god of the dark demon, who was long considered dead.

Delon-Estin Oti

In the middle of the huge screw is a city with 20 perfectly symmetrical walls and only one door through which one can enter the city. Here the farmers work the land, take care of their animals and live in relative peace with the rest of the mechanics. This city, perfectly laid out like a net, for all those who want to free themselves from their passions, and who have their home there, and everyone is welcome as long as they abide by the laws.

Disciplined Exploration Fort

On a small cogwheel stands a fortress 3 km wide with arrows twice as wide as in the void of Mehanus. The Unavoidable patrols the fortress and makes sure that no one interferes with the Brotherhood of Orden who is trying to learn the laws of versatility in order to become as powerful as the gods. Mathematicians, clerics, philosophers, lawyers, and bureaucrats all belong to this faction, and they are constantly working to deepen their understanding of law and order. Within this fortress there are numerous libraries with numerous laws and texts from all over the world.


The homeland of the Moderns and their deity, the Primus, the Unique and the Primus, who lives in the center of Mehanus’ largest propeller and observes all aircraft. Regulus still has 64 teeth, and it is the job of the Modrons to watch over the teeth and protect them from official armies and intruders looking for more material for their factories.


The Forman are a race of ant-like creatures from the Far Kingdom that follow a strict hierarchy. They are brown, look like a cross between ants and centaurs and are divided into rows in their society. At the top is the queen laying eggs for her beehive, and there are soldiers, workers and porters guarding the days of their colonies. They concentrate on breeding their hives and expanding them throughout Mehanasu and take over all the teeth of their species.


On the Neumann facade are factories that produce innocent people, creatures that are at the centre of law enforcement attention. The Inevitable are the structures that have built huge factories to create more The Inevitable, their job is to execute contracts at all levels, and they are slowly spreading through the mechanism to get more resources to create more of themselves. They recently reached an agreement with Regulus and the Modrons not to try to appropriate the 64 teeth that form Regulus in exchange for the Modrons who were ordered to serve the inevitable and help the factories.


The Modrons are the constructions and guardians of Mehanus and were made by the Primus. They create a strict hierarchy in which each modron only receives orders from the modron that precedes him or her. In fact, many modrons don’t understand that there are modrons above those who give them orders, because none of the modrons give orders for the two steps below. Each sequence must be passed from one row to another, because modrons are not able to understand modrons on two or more rows.

There are two main categories of patterns: Basic models and hierarchical models. The basic modrons start with the low monodrons to the duodrons, trillions, quadrons and pentaedrons, which are responsible for tracking the unauthorised modrons. The hierarchical modrons consist of decagons, nonatons, octets, septons, hexons, quintons, quarters, tertiaries and chronometers, which are the only ones who can speak directly to the Primus.

Bums and exiled persons

Sometimes, for reasons unknown to many, Modron becomes a filthy chaos and disorder. These bad guys are hunted down and destroyed by the troops of the Pentagon before they pose a threat to Regul and the rest of the Modrons. If a modron, including the Monodron, ever encounters a modron impostor, he will fight to the death to destroy the modron impostor.

But from time to time Modron, who has a sufficiently high intelligence, finds that they have chaotic thoughts, these Modrons are generally hierarchical Modrons, and for these Modrons there are a number of laws under which they can ask for exile. All hopeful Modrons who want to be expelled instead of destroyed must be approved by the Primus, and some of them have been expelled from Mehanus. We don’t know why Primus would allow these chaotic patterns.


The Primus, the Unique and the Primus, is a deity and a divine being of the modern world. This essence is similar to that of a humanoid, except that they have surpassed the past and transformed themselves into an energetic being. Primus remains in its energy reserve at Regulus and monitors aircraft and multipurpose aircraft from there. Primus is the leader of the Modrons and gives his orders through the ranks of the Modrons. All orders that exist for modrons start with the first one.

Death of Primus and error of modron 1. Mars

Modron’s last march started 200 years before it also took place. It was partly due to the death of Primus, although no modron knew about it. Orcus, a long deceased and long-awaited devil lord, is reborn and renamed Tenebrus. Tenbrus could not enter the Primus room without anyone noticing and he destroyed the Primus by uttering the last word, a word so powerful that it could destroy the gods.

Orcus then entered the energy coil that Primus used to control the modrons and ordered the Great Mars to start searching for Orc personnel lost somewhere in the planes. After the Great March he left the Modrons, and the seconds realized that the Primus was dead and that one of them Primus had to be promoted. Unfortunately, the stain of Tenebrus spoiled one of the secondaries that caused Modron’s one millionth massive exodus when he couldn’t climb. They went to Archron, and there, the corrupt timer sworn to bring back Regul, crippled the power of the Modron.

  • Rogue Modron – A single monodron is chased by the Pentagon as the camp screams for help when it attacks.
  • Brotherhood – You are accused of breaking the law by passing through another traveler They falsely greeted another trawler who was the head of the Brotherhood of Orden. You will be threatened with imprisonment and the traveler told you it was inevitable that you would be escorted to the fort before the trial.
  • Beehive City – You are in the middle of a Ferris wheel that goes through a gate to Mehanus. When you were less than a hundred meters away and an enormous army of strange ants came at you, you didn’t trust the future home of Formula Hive.
  • Great March – The party stumbles over thousands and thousands of modrons gathered in massive ranks. Soon the Great Mars begins, and already now the modrons with more than 16 thousand monodrons are collecting and marching on the castle steps. First of all, they will leave the portal to go abroad and start their journey by plane.
  • Civilization – Standing outside the walls of the perfect city, the character called himself. Who guaranteed your entry into town? Only persons with a legal sponsor living in the city may enter. There are several people outside the city who offer to sponsor you. …for the price.
  • Inevitable – You are by the Inevitable charged to find the rare crystals needed to find other Inevitable They need you to go into the depths of Mehanus to find more of these crystals. If you break the contract, you know that the inevitable will hunt you down and destroy you. The only problem you now face is that the inevitable has never told you that the crystals are protected by the Thieving Moderators who send these crystals to Acheron.

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