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Our next step in aircraft – Shadowfell – Land of the Dead and Dark
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Shadowfell, also known as Demiplane Shadows or Shadowlands, is home to shadows, fear and the dark feelings of life. If you fly around in a plane, you risk getting lost in suffering and apathy. Why stop the fever when everything you’re doing is pointless and transient? The Shadowwell is not a place where mortals can come on a whim, and many of those who visit it change its dark appearance forever.


Shadowfell appeared in the fourth grade. Produce a combination of planes, places and ideas. The Shadow plane, which was once the Shadow plane before it came to power, the setting of the Ravenloft of the 2nd and 3rd level, and the new Ravenloft of the 3rd level. and the dark reflections of the mother plane.

The shadow plane is the home of the shadow creatures and the shading material, the raw material from which the shadow creatures originated. The more shadows the shadowy creature had, the stronger it was. Each of these shadow creatures began as shadows of beings on the material plane, although many have found ways to detach themselves from their original owners. Mortals of the material plane who have sufficient magical powers can briefly visit the shadow plane and travel long distances on their original plane, because shadow planes are much more volatile.

The Ravenloft region is home to the most cruel creatures, permanently imprisoned in their demiplinary prisons. This plain is mainly known from the vampire prince Strad of Zarovich, although Ravenloft was also home to Vekna, the god of evil mysteries. If a creature became so terrifying and evil that the dark forces were said to throw fog all over its domain, it would fall into the Ravenloft. Here, evil creatures become prisoners of their own world. Although they had all the power in their hands, they could not leave until their evil was redeemed or until others came to destroy them.

Fourth floor. Edition, all this has been combined to create Shadowfell – a level of Shadow, Demiaplan Fear and Queen of Crows that ensures that all souls go through the leather.

External perspective

If you look inside the Shadowwell, there isn’t much that can tempt most adventurers. Not only do black shadows pierce the earth and make everything appear in discreet grey, black and white, but they even infect the hearts and souls of the adventurers. During this dark autumn there is a penetrating feeling of melancholy. The visitors of this plane feel the constant freshness of the air and the humidity of the bones. Even the sun, which shines through thick, weak and distant clouds, doesn’t warm the skin much. Many of the people who live in the Shadow Well are considered cold and apathetic, and visitors can quickly fall into the same despair.

Travelling through the Shadowwell is no more dangerous than with a cargo plane, although some areas are more dangerous than others. Travelling by plane can be quite difficult because the country itself is morphic and constantly changing, even though this is not apparent from the observation.

Shadowfell is a place where visitors come and go on a specific mission. Because of the ruins of cities and dead forests, adventurers should always be wary, because if the melancholy doesn’t get in your way, the natives can come to you.

Aboriginal Perspective

The residents of Shadow College reflect the material plan, although they are much darker and rarer. In the few cities that have taken root in the shadows, people, dwarves, half-humans, Shadar-kai and others have survived. Many of these inhabitants were born at this level and have neither the ability nor the desire to leave it. Their ancestors had committed great sins, and entire civilizations were overshadowed as punishment. Their descendants now live in ancient ruins and barely cling to the dark creatures.

These civilized communities are similar to anything that can be found in the material world. They have farmers, merchants and researchers, and they all have earthly desires and desires that have those of the material plan. Unfortunately, most communities are based on dark themes. Some cities face cultures that try to destroy a colony, or the dead keep rising and attacking, or no one dies of old age, but the bodies continue to grow old and old until they retreat into themselves.

Other settlements have improved and become even more prosperous, such as Gloomwrought, where trade is their main asset. In these big cities you will find lichens, necromancers and other dark creatures looking for dark artifacts, powerful secrets and hidden knowledge. It is customary to see a hero disembark from his ship with bones to roam the shopping streets in search of rare ingredients for the spell.


When you walk into the fountain of shadows, the first thing you notice is that all the paint has been sucked out. The creatures continue to grow, even though they look dull and grey, and even though they still provide food, they are far from being eaten. Moreover, the constant, penetrating coolness that floats in the air is always fresh, even when the sun is weak due to the heavy cloud cover. The air of Shadowfell is heavy with despair and sorrow, it infects the lungs and clings to the body and sucks out energy.

The earth is always boring, and at night it’s like walking in total darkness. Flashlights do little to dispel the darkness, and the heat of the fire disappears from its dim light. In fact, it is incredibly dangerous to have a source of light in the pit of darkness, because the dark creatures that inhabit this world are attracted to it.

Because the awning is a reflection of the material plane, it has many similarities, even though it is usually so twisted that it is not always recognizable.

Shadow transition

The journey to the shady well is quite easy, and there are many places where the adventurer can slip into the shadows and find himself in this gloomy airplane. The most common places where these shaded transitions are found are cemeteries, battlefields and the dark corners of tombs, although the transitions are never long. It’s as if the shadow source is boiling, and the bubbles rise and burst in the material plane.

These crossings can last a day, hours or years, although they burn as soon as the sun touches them and never appear in the same places. Many of these transitions are one-way streets, and when you get to Shady Well, you’ll have to find another way home. Sometimes these intersections simply move the shadows on the material plane before they close. Many churches were destroyed when the Cross of Shadows appeared in their cemeteries, resulting in the resurrection of the dead.

Overtaking the aircraft

Crossing the plane is quite easy, and it is very similar to walking in the material plane. Because the shadow pit is a mirror image, you often find forests or mountains in the same places as the material plane, although they look much darker. The lush forests of the Material Plains can be extinct swamps, home to creepy shadows and creatures that lure you to your campfire. Or a castle on a mountainside can be reflected in the form of ruined halls lying along the mountain line and resembling the angry teeth of a terrible creature.

Morphological character

Unlike the material plan, the Shadowwell is in constant motion. Mountains can plunge into themselves and form gorges, or forests can move across plains to move. For the observer, the plane never changes, but when he leaves and returns, he sees that nothing has changed. Even the city streets, such as the Gloomy Morph, change direction, with towers rising above the city and collapsing the next day. The Shadowwell always changes by itself, and the creatures that call it home reflect that.

Delayed odours

Like all souls who only come into the Shadow Forest when they die, there are many souls who come into the Shadow Forest. If all souls have to pass through Leterna before leaving for the afterlife, some refuse or oppose this journey. Mighty souls who still have work to do on the material plane can resist what attracts them for a while, even if those spirits go mad and become the force of darkness and evil. Many adventurers can be called to the Well of Shadows to find out why the spirit has not yet calmed down and how they can help it to get through the gates of Leatherna.

The whole Shadowfall is a bastion of civilizations, even if they are few. Most of them are plagued by dark creatures and the residents are ill-equipped to deal with them.

Dark areas

The Darklands are called areas throughout the Dark Hall where the power of darkness is strongest. In these places the power of fear is stronger, and it sucks up life and colour until everything becomes like shades of grey. If someone finds their way to a place like this, you should go there as soon as possible before they suck up your life energy and kill you.

Fortunately, most dark countries are only temporary, although some are permanent and therefore much more dangerous. Here nightwalks, worries and other evil creatures call home and quickly destroy all life.


In the darkest corners of the Shadow catcher there are areas of pure horror and evil. The most famous of these closed places is the Barovia Valley, where the vampire prince Strad of Zarovic lived. Here the forces of darkness guard their prisoners, known as the Dark Lords. Sometimes mortals invade these areas, either by brutal dark forces or by accidentally venturing to the Shadow Crossing. The Lords of Darkness can only leave these prisons if they are able to atone for their sins, although it is not known if this has ever happened before.

Usually the mortals trapped in the domain become the toys of the Dark Lord, although some can destroy evil and flee. Unfortunately, the dark forces will not allow one of their prisoners to die so easily and they will rebuild the estate once these mortals are gone. The only creatures that know how to get to and from unguided areas are the Vistainites, and they refuse to share their secrets.

Opaque forging

As one of the capitals of the Twilight, this port city slowly flows into Skins, a vast peat bog stretching for miles on land. The dark walls keep the worst of the Shadowwell away, and even the dark walls that frame the harbour with holes large enough to allow the passage of the trade galleys. This port city is one of the brightest lights in this aircraft and is a common destination for merchants and travellers from other aircraft.

The walls of this city are decorated with gloomy skeletons that squeak and squeak as they walk through them and the front door – screaming skulls with their jaws raised in agony, and they are constantly moving around on the walls, so you never know where the entrance or exit might appear. These walls radiate a painful green light that illuminates the surrounding swamp, and no one knows if the gargoyles on the walls are just chiselled or city guards.

On the city market all kinds of dark and illegal goods can be found, which are sold openly on the street. Leaves, necromancers and other evil creatures often come to the harbor in search of rare ingredients for potions, spells and other dark rituals. Cultists from Vekna and Orc meet in their hidden temples and plan the destruction of Queen Raven and the conquest of the College of Shadow.

Prince Roland the Immortal, a noble dark man, is the ruler of darkness, although he has little influence and power. The true power of darkness lies in the merchants who support the city by selling its mysterious goods.


The kingdom of the queen of the crows is the place where all souls must pass through before they leave for the afterlife. As you walk through the dense forests around these mountains, you see souls fall into the air like comets, spreading high above your head. The closer you come to Letherna the more souls you can see when those silver spirits are in the way. Here they are condemned by the queen of the crows and learn their fate. Those to whom Queen Raven has refused access, because they are too evil, their soul is broken or for other mysterious reasons, their anger, imposed on every mad mortal, is enough to approach them.

Living mortals are not allowed to enter, but there is a temple of the queen of the crows nearby, known as Zvomarana. Only the most powerful and faithful servants of Queen Raven can enter the temple, although finding and entering the temple is a test of faith.

Dark Shadow

Because Shadowfell is a reflection of the material plane, there is a reflection of Dark Dark, known as Shadowdark. Shadowfell is much colder than the rest of Shadowfell, and solid ice caps make up most of the interior. Wandering horrors, like the invaders, blinding and worse, hide in the dark and winding tunnels and plan their eventual destruction of the inhabitants of the surface. Those who descend to the depths of darkness seldom return, and those who do return are changed forever by the horrors they have experienced.

Cultural workers

Everywhere in the cradle of darkness there are cults and priests for the dark gods of death and confusion. Many perform dark rituals and seek knowledge in the ruins of ancient civilizations. Some sects plan to destroy Queen Raven and abuse her property.


Orc breeders work hard to destroy the queen of the crows and make sure the killer whale takes her place. His plan to conquer the planes is to conquer the Undead Shadowfall, and to do so he must defeat Queen Raven.

Giants of Death

The giants of death are evil giants who found their way in the shadows and took their slaves to help them conquer the plain. At first they succeeded, but until their great misfortune the melancholy of the plane caused the giants to wither and die. In a desperate attempt to hold on to their lives, the death giants began to kill those who served them and steal their life force. Many still cling to their castles, but they quickly disappear into the Shadow Canyon.

Night traveller

These creatures of the shadows are the original inhabitants of Shadowfell, created by the shadows. Fourth floor. Auflage they were created by spirits so evil that they came to power and the Queen of Mourning and the Queen of Ravens began to fight over their territory. Many of them have committed themselves to orcs or centuries, although they are only interested in similarities as long as they benefit from them.

Fifth floor. In the second edition they became a creature created by the Negative Energy Plan and they are just trying to destroy all life.

Queen Raven

A mysterious character responsible for the fact that all souls reach their lives after death. She returns to Leserne, where all souls have to go through her before they can be raised or cursed. Fourth floor. At the end of the eighth edition, she was the arrogant icon of a witch who managed to overthrow the god of death Nerullah in his kingdom of Pluto. By overthrowing him she took his place and the other gods elevated her to the status of goddess, but she adapted her role to not be a god of the dead and to try to lead an army of undead against other gods.

Fifth floor. At the end of the 3rd edition an elf came to power while Corellen and Lolt started a war for the control of the elves. She gathered her followers, known as Shadar-kai, and became an almost divine being through her worship. As she grew stronger and stronger, a group of wizards developed a dark ritual to absorb some of her worship, and they threw their anger towards her. Unfortunately, this has put her and her fans, Shadar Kaya, in the shadows, where she now rules over the dead. Many are uncertain about the true motives for her ascension to power, although some believe she did it to unite the elf races under one divine god, while others attribute it to something much ominous.


These creatures follow Queen Raven and strive to improve themselves for her cult. They train tirelessly and have become a society of extreme emotions and incredible appetite. The Shadar-kai have built dark and gloomy cities in the Shadowwell and are not afraid of death, because when they die, Queen Raven does not lead their souls to death, but in new bodies in which they are reborn.

In number 4, Shadar-kai, where people followed the dark path and tried to avoid dying. When their dark rituals failed, they begged the queen of the crows to save them. She accepted and taught them not to fear death, but to watch over their souls and protect them from the curse of perplexity. Shadar Kai decided to go into the shadows, where they really started worshipping Queen Raven to join their mighty army of grief.

The Shadar-kai of the Five. They were fans of the elves who followed the queen of the crows when she tried to ascend to the elven deity. They were trapped in their divine wrath against the traitors of the sorcerers who tried to steal their power from them, and now they are the inhabitants of Shadowfall, where they are cursed to serve the Queen of Arabs forever.


These creatures are the perfect appearance of the Shadow Padak. Dark and devoured, they only try to free the Shadow from creatures that have nowhere else to go, like the Nightwalkers or the Death Giants. Fourth floor. Edition, a lot of work for Queen Raven and are the powerful Shadar-kai, who have transformed Queen Raven into her elite Raven Knights who patrol the sunset well.

The fifth. Edition presents these creatures as a twisting manifestation of the Shadow, even though they have no loyalty other than that which enables them to survive. They greedily take up life and attack with terrifying attacks that can deter even the bravest adventurers.


The Vishtani is the pedigree of many different breeds, which can move freely in the fields of Dread, Shadowfall and Material. When they arrive at the site of civilization, they take the form of entertainers and circus performers and leave the colony, taking orphans and lonely people with them. The Vishtani is not the only breed, but rather a mystical pedigree that unites them all. Only the Vistans know the secrets of such an easy journey through the estates and the airplanes, and they refuse to tell anyone how to do it.

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