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Our first stop in The Planes – Feywild is a land of beauty and death.

Feyvild, also known as the Fae plan, is the green house of a cruel fairy and endless desires. By roaming the land of Feyvilde you can risk the death of all creatures, and even if you survive Feyvilde’s dangers, you will never be able to leave her. Feyvild’s reputation is hard to resist for all mortals, and many Fae – like elves, Eladrines and satires – have such a desire to travel to him that they are willing to risk their lives.


Feywild appeared in the 4. output as a fusion of two layers, the Fairy Plane and the Arborea, more precisely the first layer known as the Arvondar. Feyvild is a mirror image of the material plane and therefore sits next to her in the middle of the shots, although some claim that she is a dream of the material plane.

Arboria lies in the upper layers of the Astral Sea and consists of three layers, one of which is closest to the forests of Feyvild – the forests of Arwondar, also known as Olympus, essentially known as the Greeks, who also live there. This layer stands for massive trees, attractive views and pure emotions. This district is used for hunting day and night – on big holidays. The inhabitants fall into a fight with a broad smile and loud laughter at the first insult and not a minute later they start singing and dancing again, all who live here take their emotions to the extreme.

The magical plane is a world in which half and half of the races live. The Celestials are Seeley’s court, and the Demons are Seeley’s court. Both courts are interested in the material abduction of mortals, although the court in Saili is interested in entertainment, while the court in Yunsili is interested in slaves and food.

If we get those two together in Fayfield, we’ll have a plane full of life and death. Feyvild exists as a living but extremely deadly reflection of the material world and defies any attempt to reject her enthusiasm in the right way. Where the ruins of past centuries can be seen in the material world, Feywild reflects this as a kind of castle of the great lord of Feywild with windows and walls of crystal instead of stone.

Any attempt to display the Feywild card correctly will fail because it is inconsistent on the surface. It is said that, materially speaking, there are many worlds, but that only one fat man reflects them all at the same time. This forces the residents of Feyvilde to treat distance and time with the slightest thought and imitate Feyvilde’s seemingly strange behaviour.

External perspective

A visit to Feywild can be a fascinating journey for any adventurer, although it is not without danger. If you enter a shallow portal, you may not know exactly where you are, and although the inhabitants of Feyvild may seem useful to you, it may end in your death or even slavery. Residents can be cruel and calculating when it comes to weighing other people’s lives and are only interested in enjoying them.

Feyville is full of forests and enchanting people, and many of those who return from Feyville materially are poorly adapted to the dull qualities of nature and the plain. This plane awakens in you the desire for adventure and new sensations, the desire to experience a fantastic and truly foreign experience.

The earth is full of mighty fairies who use mortals to entertain them, either by giving them strange magic or by sending them on a journey. If they enter into such transactions, it may be dangerous for outsiders who may not realise that it is the aircraft itself that is carrying out the transaction. If you enter into a power or favor agreement, it is better to keep your role or end up in a much worse situation. If you swear to sing about the beauty of the nymphs for two weeks, you may discover that your voice has been stolen and that you will never be able to speak again.

It’s not dangerous for a stranger to roam the earth. It’s more of an amazing experience than seeing elves dancing in the night sky, the sea of emerald grass or discovering true beauty at the court of a fairy prince. Feyvild is a country like no other and leaves an impression on those who would normally want to return.

Aboriginal Perspective

If you live in Feyville, you can feel Feyville in your blood. There is not only wild magic in you, but also your desire to live something new, to be free and have a fulfilled life. The residents are used to the exotic scents of their flowers and find it humorous that strangers can smell them.

This pristine nature and the almost fairytale miracle of this airplane give the residents all the time they need to fulfill their greatest wishes, and many may even take it for granted. Fairies have an inner understanding of their world, and this gives them information about how they interact with all beings. They understand that Feyvild is dangerous, and that’s why they have to – cold and calculating, like huge wild animals walking around in their favourite forests.

Ring bushings

The trip to Feyville is the easiest of all planes. In many towns and villages there are rumours and traditions about enchanted forests, about young people who dare not return to the forest until 20 years later, but don’t look a day older.

On the entire surface of the material plane there are Fey Crossings, flat portals that exist in strange places. Some of them may be forests inhabited by fairies, while others are located between stone arches in the ancient ruins of certain civilizations of the past. There are even the fairytale cities, which cross the material plane according to certain schemes and sometimes in a rather coincidental way. If a small village notices that its plants grow much more than in the other surrounding villages, this may be due to the fairytale cross in the nearby forest.

Overtaking the aircraft

It’s a lot harder to get on a plane than it is to get to Fayfield. Once in an airplane, the dangers of the forest become real, but they are much more exotic and deadly than their counterparts in the physical airplane. The trees themselves can try to kill travelers who know not to pick up fallen branches, and the beasts of this magical land are getting bigger and deadlier.

Just as the plane itself tried to kill you, the location can be difficult to determine. Their distance from each other is more of a suggestion, and most people shrug their shoulders when asked why it takes longer to travel in one direction than another. It’s just that Fayfield

Promises and restrictions

Although the fairies focus on the individual and freedom, they always keep their limits and promises. A fairy who makes alliances and acts magically binds herself to her promises and places her under the power of another being by breaking her vows. Taking an oath or a promise of pity for someone else is only possible in moments of despair, or perhaps even in a passionate desire to have fun.

In addition, the fairies respect traditional laws, such as how cold iron can prevent them from entering, these limits act as walls and are prescribed as irons. When a fairy makes a promise, she has to get rid of the anger of those she has offended, or she has to meet them face to face. Even when concluding contracts, visitors are subject to the same expectations, even if the visitor has no idea of the consequences.

Everywhere in Feyville there are centers of civilization and at least security against the dangers of wildlife. There are not only fairies in the cities, but also other travelers and visitors of the material level.

Cities of Eladrin


The city of Starlight is the strange city of Eladrin. During the spring and summer months, the island occupies a material place, where mortals migrate to the shores. The city is the pearl among the cities of Eladrin and a center of commerce, diversity and power. Since a few months the factory is trading in aviation equipment, festivals and parties, and the days are filled with big tournaments.

But not everyone is happy in Astrazalia, because when autumn and winter take over this city, she leaves the material world and returns to Feyvild. Here it is besieged by the Roman lords and the disgusting Cyclops, who hope to kill the inhabitants and take over the city as a focal point for their conquest of the motherland. During this period Astrazalie’s resources are scarce and many inhabitants are used to fighting on the battlefields where they kill giants and do their best to survive.

The city of Starlight is the last city on the border with Feydarka, and many other cities in the area are strangely influenced. Although it’s really dangerous to enter this town when you’re in Feyvild, it’s not without the rewards. The prince, Lady Shandria, is Queen Tiandra’s distant niece, and offers enormous rewards and powerful items to anyone who can help her face the threat of the Thomorians attacking her walls.


Tall trees grow in this large forest city and the orange, red and yellow leaves of this eternal autumn city shine. In autumn, time in the city seems to be much slower, so that citizens do not attach importance to punctuality or too fast performance. It is a great insult to ask to do something quickly, because many people see that they are waiting impatiently for their short lives to keep them active.

It is said that one day Mitredin fled so fast that he made a hole in Feyvilde, and out of this hole came the Fomorians, drowned men and other dark creatures. This pit was only stopped when seven fairies placed seven seals over the pit and then built a huge fortress over the seals, known as the Golden Citadel of the Arcanum. Then the wizards chased out the time of this city, so that one day their seals could stay new and the dark creatures could never enter again. That’s why the timekeepers are treated as bad omens and at every big festival the hourglass is destroyed so that the sand can wither in the wind.


The personal realm of the Summer Queen is the embodiment of summer. The residents live here as if it’s their first time, and the fun is everywhere. People spend their time playing games and sports, and when strangers don’t play the game, they become targets for tricks and jokes.

This is where the Star Court sits and listens to those who want to alleviate their problems. Many applicants from all sides of the plane make generous donations and sacrifices in the hope of getting the attention of the Summer Queen.

Senaliesse is a city embedded between the silvery links of a massive forest that holds it high above Feyvild. It is said that the green Mr. Oran created this city by hand for the summer queen. Woven into the branches is a huge city where summer never ends, covered with heavy ivy and bathed in the light of the stars from the top.


Beneath Feydarka’s magical forest lie the dark and winding caves of Feydarka – reflections of the subtle darkness of the material plane. This country stands in stark contrast to the beautiful world it overlooks and offers shelter to the Comorian lords, the cyclopses, the drowned and other horrors that only the inhabitants of the surface want to destroy.

Thomorian cities

The favourites have cities all over Feydarka, and they are constantly at war with each other. Thomorians never bow to others, and many of them are considered superficial residents of Fayfield, which is a good thing because it prevents them from working together. Many Fomorian princes suffer from extreme paranoia and will kill those they suspect of espionage or who may become spy in the future.

The top three favourite cities are Harrowham, Mag Turea and Thief Tomil. These cities are inhabited not only by their Thomorian rulers, but also by slaves, spies, assassins and huge armies that each ruler gathers to destroy the inhabitants of the surface.

May Turea

The most powerful and impressive fortress in Thomoria, led by King Trumbolg, known as the First Lord. This mighty citadel was found in Feydarka and remained mysteriously alone for centuries. Many favourites tried to get their hands on the city, but strange creatures ran through their halls and repelled all invasions until Trumbolg was able to evacuate the citadel.

Within the citadel there are hundreds of portals at the hardware level, but they cannot be controlled. Many of them disappear and disappear every few hours, days or even weeks. Adventurers wandering through the ruins of the material plane may find themselves in a magical tower without remembering how they dared to come here. There are even rumors that some of these portals do not lead to the material plane, but to the far kingdom, and there are concerns that King Trumbolg may have done business with the creatures there.

King Trumbolg is constantly looking for archers, because if he can understand the behaviour of the portals, he can control them and begin to penetrate to the material level. For this purpose, the Mag Tureach houses a large number of slaves who serve as guinea pigs to understand these flat portals.

Border and wilderness areas

Behind the civilized land of the Lords of Eladrin lies the wilderness. Traveling to these places is incredibly dangerous, and most travelers avoid them when they can.

Dreda island

This island exists somewhere above the territory of the Sea Lords – the coral reefs. This island is home to treacherous waves, jagged rocks and mysterious creatures. He constantly flies from Feywild to other planes, and whoever is on this island can never leave it.

This island is constantly trying to kill every visitor because it is home to the Su psychic monsters that live in the treetops. The Su monsters watch over their island, with special attention to Yaun-ti, who also lives here. If you ever get shipwrecked on this island, you might have to fight to the death with your friends, because it’s all about survival.

Broken stone valley

This country is the homeland of the Lycanthropists who, after a bloody and cruel war, managed to conquer it from the Lords of Eladrin. Here the animals can live freely, although if they ever leave their land, they risk falling under the hunt of the Virgin of the Moon, who holds a silver sword and is the death of all Therianthropes. Because the moon here is much brighter and stronger, it creates an almost dizzying excitement as it hangs in the sky, making all the animals bloodthirsty and ferocious.

Scattered across the valley, the ruins of the castles and towers of the former rulers are now in ruins. On the slopes of the mountains around the valley there are old mines where werewolves used to live. While most lycanthropists prefer to live alone, there are also groups that live together in clans, and on the edge of the valley there is even a small village led by a prominent werewolf named Victor Mazan. Traders can come here and trade with the scarce wood that grows in the valley, although they are quickly sent back after the trade, because some animals have a problem with the idea of non-terianthrope in their kingdom.

The hatred of the elves and Eladrine is great among the many animals, and some of them will leave the valley for the sole purpose of hunting them and killing them in a terrible way. Others contracted the Romorians to help the beasts kill the archbishop.

Replica, Goblin Kingdom

In the wild border areas there is a kingdom of goblins. Here, the Goblin Mage, known as the Great Hearer, Lord of all Goblins, gathers the strength of the whole family of Goblins. The Great Mark hopes to gather enough strength to become a real force in Favilde, sending emissaries to the cities of Eladrin and Formorian descent. Only the Fomorians have really reacted and trade relations between them will continue to develop.

While Eladrin tried to stop this rise in power in the border areas, all attempts were in vain and only increased the power of the Great Garka, because the defeated Eladrin left behind powerful magical objects and weapons that the goblins could not make with their own hands. There are also various groups of goblins engaged in Nachttur, who are hired by horns, witches and even the Winterhof to act as defenders or in the army. Goblins, giants, trolls and cannibals make up most of the fighting power, although boggls are kept as pets because they have special abilities that goblins use to great advantage.

Seeley and Yunsili Faye

In previous editions, Yard of Seeley and Yard of Unseelie were a collection of powerful and impetuous creatures. Sealy’s trial was conducted by the Fairy Queen, Titania, not to be confused with the Summer Court Tiandra, and they traveled through the various forests of the Beastlands, Arborae and Isgard. This wandering court made them feel at home in the reclamations, where they celebrated and did their business, often mortals found them amusing. If a creature eats or drinks one of the fairies, its life is meaningless because it is now forever under the power of that fairy.

The Jelly Court is the opposite of the laughter and entertainment of the Jelly Court, which is led by the Queen of the Sky and Darkness. This dark goddess was the sister of the Queen of Titanium before she found the mystical black diamond that damaged her with its power. The queen of the sky and darkness no longer has physical appearances, but a cloud of darkness floats around her throne and commands death, murder and torture.

In the new edition, Seelie- und Unseelie-Hof is not a series of organisations, but a term for reliable fairies, soul fairies and shadow fairies. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine whether the fairies you do business with are Seeley fairies, even if they are considered good.

Star Trek

Several times a year the Court of Stars is held, where the most influential fairies gather to discuss politics and celebrate big celebrations, all under the supervision of the summer queen Tiandra. The Sternenhof is still at the top of the Senall and travellers from all over the world come here for help and advice. Some travellers who have to wait years to be heard have long forgotten why they are in Favilde.

The Sterrenhof consists of the most powerful harp in Favilde.

Coral dish

The Coral Court is headed by two masters of the Eladriene Sea, known as Elijah and Siobhan Alastai, brother and sister, who recently became the Archduke of their water kingdom. Elias Alastay rules shallow lakes, rivers and even coral reefs along the coast, while Siobhan Alastay rules the deep waters of the oceans and dark seas. Your farm consists of all kinds of aquatic life.

Clear Faye

These fairies are known for their power over dreams, darkness, stars, twilight and twilight. They are led by many bishops, such as the Virgin of the Moon, although they are more of a free competition than an ordinary court. Their power is not so much about Fayfield’s nature, but more about its magical nature.

Green Fairy

This farm consists of a fairy who owes her fidelity to nature, or rather to the aunts, satires and other creatures of the forest. The most powerful archbishop of this court is Orange, the Green Lord, so powerful that he can feel every branch of his tree and every stream of his kingdom. He also had a close relationship with Queen Tiandra, and they were known as lovers, friends and mortal rivals – sometimes all at once.

Summer Fairy

The summer fairy consists of spirits of good grace and growth, while Eladrin, imbued with the spirit of summer, is a baron. The most powerful archbishop, Queen Tiandra, oversees the court. She not only supervises the summer fairy, but also the starship and is considered to be the most beautiful of all harps. However, it is also known as a master strategy, both at court and on the battlefield. Of all the fairies, she has a great love for mortals and finds their urgency funny in everything.

Winter Fairy

The Ice Fairy is not related to a ruler, even though many of them have great power in their kingdom. Prince Frost is probably the most powerful and evil bishop of winter. His court, where he meets for a hearing, is known as the Winterhof and is full of his allies of long nights and cold, dark ice.

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