What the hell is Mount Celestia

January 20.

20. January Aircraft: Heavenly mountain

Our next station in the series of plans, Heavenly Mountain, is the plan of mountains, order, goodness and spiritual journey.
Introduction to the aeroplane
Considerations: Feyvild, Shadow source
Domestic aircraft: Elementary chaos, ground plane, water plane
Aircraft: Astral plane, Animal swamps, mechanism, pandemonium, Zagreb

Aircraft guide, WotC 2008

Mount Celestia, also known by the full name of the Seven Heavens of the Kingdom of Heaven, or simply the Seven Heavens, is the plane of absolute law and goodness immersed in mercy. This level is located on the outer level and is home to archers, paladins, clergy and pilgrims. There are, as the name suggests, seven layers that make up this plane, each rising higher and higher along a single mountain or hill, according to the edition, until the pilgrim reaches the top, and the seventh layer.

Layers in ascending order – Lunia, Mercury, Venice, Solana, Mercury, Jovar, Chronia. Much is known about the lower layers of the celestial kingdom, and little is known about the upper layers such as Mercer and Jovar, and nothing is known about the chronicles, for only a truly pure heart can enter this layer, and they never come down again. Pilgrims from all over the world come to this plain to undertake a difficult journey on the mountain slopes. When they climb the mountain, they continue to the next level, but only if they are worth going on. If you climb this mountain, you must become purer and purer, reducing chaos and evil, because only the best can climb its layers.


Aircraft Guide, WotC 2001

The Heavenly Mountains are presented in Pilot(1987)in its first edition as the Seven Heavens, where it is also called the Seven Mountains of Goodness and Justice. Trauma 1. There are seven mountains, one for each layer. To reach the next layer, you have to climb up the mountain in that layer, and then over the layer, where you start at the bottom of that mountain. Trauma 2. The name Himmelsberg appears on the seventh edition because it is said that the seven heavens are paradise only for good beings, for evil beings this level is considered hell. While the 2. Edition: the view of the sky from the bottom layer and the song of a described mountain, each layer describes the different types of mountains in the whole layer and on the different peaks of the mountain, is the 3rd and 5th edition. The only edition that clearly indicates that the sky is the only mountain.

The fourth. Auflage tears off seven layers of this level, and now there are seven mountains on one level, three of the mountains are controlled by their deity, while the other four mountains win by some kind of war game between these three deities. The fourth. Edition still has the idea of spiritual growth and mountaineering, and allows the group of adventurers to reach this level more easily, and not only to the lowest level.

External perspective

Aviation Act, 1995 TSR Inc.

In this plane pilgrims and paladins travel, trying to win their ascent. These travellers are a legitimate asset, or at least they are working towards that goal.

Because of the many layers of this plane, there may be several reasons to come here in search of physical and spiritual purity. The second layer, Mekuria, is a place of eternal rest for the Knights of Good; they rest here forever, as examples of those who fight for courage, mercy, and bravery; their deeds are engraved in their graves. On the third layer, Venus, there are green fields, beautiful green fields with halftones. On this bed they take care of their farms and lead an idyllic life, a life filled with the joy of being close to their divinity. The fourth layer, Mertion, contains the forges of the great dwarf god, this layer is dedicated to the production of the best weapons, and it is said that this dwarf god creates all the dwarves in his forges.

Aboriginal Perspective

Aviation Act, 1995 TSR Inc.

The inhabitants of the Celestial Kingdom are mostly Archons, they are the seekers of the Celestial Mountains and they are on a spiritual journey after their death on the Material Plane or elsewhere on the planet. They form small balls of light called torches and begin their journey from the lowest layer, the lunia. As the Archon develops on its physical and spiritual journey, they change shape – from lantern archers to dogs, overseers, swords and tomato archers. The aim of the petitioner is to become a hunting dog or better and eventually to become a hunting dog from that level, which is a very time-consuming process.

Of course the Archons are not the only inhabitants of this plane, although they are the goal of many and what many are looking for. The Halffingis of the third layer, known as Vienna, are part of this layer, which is called the green meadow. Here they lead an idyllic life, the land is lush and fertile, the animals that live here are no more dangerous than the mole, the badger and the rabbit. The Halffingis rarely leave their small villages, the only reason why most would leave if they had to protect their homeland from intruders.

On the fifth layer, known as the Mertion, are the paladins, swords, virgins and warriors of heaven. It is a place where the forces of right and justice pray in the morning, practice their combat during the day and then pray at night before bedtime. These warriors are constantly in preparation, for the day will come when they will be called to defend Mount Heaven against the invasion of the demons, or the Primitives will rise again, or the Bloody War will visit this plane. Their formation is to protect the forces of goodness, law, and mercy; their sacred mission is to protect the mountain of heaven.

All residents are gullible and friendly, which doesn’t mean they’re naive. What pleases us most is the conviction that those who visit this plane are virtuous and that in many cities there are no castles. The guards continue to patrol the cities and some of the new guards are eager to prove themselves and quickly interrogate anyone they suspect.


Heaven Mountain, whether it is the only mountain or the seven mountains, has the typical atmosphere that prevails on the mountain. The lower layer, the lunia, has a normal atmosphere, which is used in most cases. The higher one climbs (the mountains) in each layer, the less oxygen is available, so even on the second layer, Mercury, many pilgrims become dizzy and have to acclimatize to the mountain climate. As you climb higher and higher in the mountains, you have to continue to adapt to the higher regions, although there is not a single layer that is not hospitable.

The weather on Mount Celestia is always pleasant, with clear days of golden or silver light. This light usually comes from the mountains or the clouds themselves and from the tides and streams with great clarity throughout the day. Although the lower layer, Lunia, is eternally nocturnal, the stars and moon radiate enough silvery light to give most of them a perfect view. When it rains it is no more difficult than a shower of sunshine, although on the fourth layer of Solanya a dwarf god sometimes causes big and terrible storms.

Dungeon Master Manual, 2014 WotC

Arrival at the aircraft

Visitors to this plane can come in many different ways. Floating in the Astral Sea, you can navigate in the Golden Pool, you can visit the portal of Arcadia or Baytopia, or use the spell to get here. No matter how you travel with this plane, you will always arrive at the same place, the shallow undercurrent that surrounds the lowest level of this plane. This ocean is fresh water and home to a variety of fish species, marine life, coral reefs, giant oysters, dolphins and much more. While it is scandalous that the unconscious is drowning in this ocean, the ocean inhabitants will help anyone who falls into the ocean and starts sinking, unless they get good reasons not to help.

Overtaking the aircraft

Aircraft Maintenance Manual, 1987 TSR Inc.

Crossing this plain is as easy as climbing a mountain, although there are footpaths everywhere, as well as sparkling white citadels, towns and forts. Pilgrims from all over the world walk these paths, looking for portals that carry them from one layer to the next. Although many of these portals exist physically, they can only be used if one is spiritually prepared.

Moving from one layer to another is not as easy as moving from the bottom layer to the top layer. They must make a personal pilgrimage to be purified, for only he who can endure trials and spiritual trials can ascend fully to the higher level. Many find this offer difficult, especially after reaching the fourth and fifth level, where only the purest can go to the next level. And not only the pilgrims who have come here have to endure these spiritual trials, but also the applicants, the archers, who travel in this plane and try not only to ascend to the next level, but also to the next form of the archers and become one with this plane.

The physical conditions of this layer vary greatly depending on the layer you are passing through. Pilgrims need to know that there are rocks falling, causing the dirty roads where the mud is several meters deep, and even worse. Deep valleys run through the mountains and it can be incredibly dangerous and difficult to find your way to a steep cliff. If you are under the protection of the Archons, they can guide you safely to many of these dangerous areas.


Aviation Act, 1995 TSR Inc.

There is a wide variety of paths that the Archon and pilgrims can take as they ascend to heaven, and it’s not just physical. If the pilgrim makes this choice, he can follow the spiritual path on which he surrenders to the established ideology, and he must continue to follow this ideology. If he climbs the layers along this path, he will receive benefits that concentrate on his path, and the archers of the lanterns will watch over him as he climbs the mountain. If they stray from their path, it means that they are no longer observed and lose their benefits, and although they can still travel by plane, they have to take care of themselves, which is much more dangerous.

Archers are different, archers must follow the path, and they cannot leave that path or become outcasts, fallen archers. Although Lanterns have more freedom than other archers because they are generally treated like children doing something wrong, archers are expected to always push themselves to wash themselves.

One of the paths an archer or pilgrim can take is the Eightfold Path, which emphasizes patience, pacifism, courage, joy, discipline, generosity, kindness, and teaching others. To help them follow this path, they benefit from their charisma, which enables them to be more useful and pleasant to the people they meet.

Above and below the kingdom of heaven there are sparkling citadels, torture cities and pilgrimage towns and fortifications of soldiers and knights waiting for the day when the plane will need their protection. If you stand at the foot of the mountain and look up, you see a sparkling mountain in front of you, all clear. At the top of the mountain lies the last sparkling layer, which only a few people have been able to climb so far.

Lunia, Silver Sky

The Moon is the only plane that touches the astral plane, and it is the foot of Mount Celestia or the first mountain, depending on how you look at the Seven Heavens. This layer lies in the eternal night, although the silver sparkling stars and the moon radiate enough light to see. This night is not an intrusive and scary night, but rather a quiet, warm and inviting summer night.

When you arrive in this layer, you are in the freshwater ocean that surrounds the Heavenly Realm and, depending on where you are, you can either sneak into shallow water or swim through an infinitely deep hole in the ocean. There are creatures such as sea-elves, dolphins and other creatures that quickly come to the rescue of those who begin to sink… …but if they get an excuse, they’re willing to let the unworthy ones drown.

If you walk or swim on the sandy beaches, you can see citadels and sparkling cities, with many testimonies of different architectural styles, making many think that this lower layer may have different mountains or islands. The water in this airplane is fresh and has a sweet taste, although it is divinely blessed, for it acts as holy water and destroys the undead and the wicked who float on this ocean. When the waves break on the beaches, it sounds like a chime in the wind.

Portals to other levels exist in the shallow waters of this level, massive blocks of black granite that have been bombed with gold lead in Arcadia, blocks of white granite that have been bombed with silver lead in Bytom, red blocks that have been pulverized with blue inclusions lead to the suburban area. These portals are autonomous and permanent, they never move, never change and are always reliable.

Aircraft Guide, WotC 2001

Faith of the heart

The largest city on this plain is known as the Faith of the Heart and is very close to the Gateway to Outland. There are all kinds of goods, temples for secondary gods and people who live their lives. The city is happy, the children are well raised and no one feels the need to lock their doors. This city is guarded by Lammasu, heavenly creatures that look like a mixture of man and bird and have the head of a lion. These guards guard the city, and Lebes, the great Lammasu, rules the city and learns from all the wrongs in the city.

Mercury, Paradise of Gold

The second layer of Celestia Mountain is mercury, and here the air becomes thin at first, making many newcomers unwise and dizzy. This nappy is washed by a golden light, emitting clouds that help many people feel sparkling and excited for their future spiritual growth. The Mercury Mountains are young and approaching high in the sky with deep valleys and stormy rivers and beautiful green meadows.

Here lie the noblest warriors and soldiers, their great tombs and mausoleums proclaim their heroism, their deeds, written on stone for all to see. They live in their resting places for eternity, as a sign of their courage and honour, of their achievements of goodness and justice, for other pilgrims.

Dragon Palace

Some call him the Dragon god Bahamut, others call him the Dragon Paladine, despite the fact that his palace is still on this layer, where he is protected by his family of large vermin. This palace is a beautiful place and was built using a treasure trove of dragon gods, gold and silver gemstone windows, inlaid copper and ivory walls and floors of beaten myths. In this palace, which serves her will, you can meet the dragon goddess and her servants and defenders of the virtual.

The palace is always on this second layer, although it sometimes exists on the first layer and on the third and fourth layers, if the dragon god so desires. There are also portals to the plane and the astral plane hidden around his palace, and they are protected by archers who make sure that nobody uses these portals, which should not be the case.

Venus, heaven of pearls

The third layer, Venus, consists of old round mountains with gentle slopes and jets. These waters are warm and cool, so life thrives in this layer. The light is white, pearly, it comes from the sky itself, and many of the people who live here are half-persons whose god sits on this layer. In winter, the banks of rivers and streams are covered with ice, making the upper parts of this plain almost impassable.

Green boxes

Aviation Act, 1995 TSR Inc.

The rolling hills of green fields are home to many semi-circular villages, all covered with beautiful lush farmhouses that grow a variety of vegetables and plants all year round. The worst monsters the Halflings have to fight are badgers and rabbits that chew their crops, although they are never enough to cause problems, and the Halflings do little to stop them.

Each of these half-destroyed villages is very similar to the others, but the half-destroyed villages are very proud to come from that village. The easiest way to distinguish these villages is that each village has an old tree on the village square, which looks different for each village. No two villages look the same and the Halflings are proud of the village tree and decorate their houses with it.

Solanya, Electric Paradise / Crystal Paradise

Solanya, the fourth layer, shone with a soft aura of polished silver and a silvery mist that glistens on the slopes of the mountain. This layer is considered the home of all dwarves, for their dwarf god, whom many call Moradin, lives here in the depths of this mountain. He works there in his forge, where he makes weapons, dwarves and other magical objects.

The tops of this layer are covered with ice and the roads along this mountain are in two conditions: impassable and muddy at the knee. Most of these routes are impassable, except for a few weeks in summer, when the mountain ice melts and pilgrims head for the summit to continue the ascent.


Aviation Act, 1995 TSR Inc.

Erekinor is the home of dwarves and consists of tunnels covered with this layer. Inside, where previously only dwarves were allowed, it is considered the largest work ever made by dwarves, far surpassing the masonry on a material level. In these sacred tunnels not only meet the greatest dwarf makers, but also the most powerful dwarf warriors who defend this house with religious zeal. It is the home of their dwarf god and a soul forge where the weapons of the dwarves and even the dwarves themselves are made.

Fusion, Platinum Sky

Upper level: Secrets of the Australian Sea, WotC 2010

The fifth layer, Mertion, consists of vast plains, beautiful mountain lakes and enormous black domes. The sky, just like Solanya’s, is of brilliant silver, although the sky is so pure and the light so penetrating that any undead who can enter this plane will explode with its shining light and burn to ashes.

On the levels of this layer are citadels and spherical black domes of smooth material. The black domes are as big as a small mountain and most of them are absolutely slippery, making them incredibly difficult to climb if you don’t have wings. Steps are engraved in some of these domes, and many pilgrims climb on these domes to reach the next layer, although they have to find the right dome. It is said that these domes are stairs with which the gods used to ascend to the deity, although no one knows exactly what these domes are used for.

Empire, City of Hardened Showers

One of the cities on this level is Empyrea, and it is full of wells of all shapes and sizes. These wells are known at all levels for their healing properties, they can cure any disease or suffering, you just need to find the right well. Many of the pilgrims on this journey are looking for the Empyreans and their source, hoping to cure their illnesses there.

Smoked Hezi, City of the Sword

This citadel is the residence of the archbishops and is part of the anti-riot and defensive installations. It has high walls, defense tunnels and is home to thousands of swordsmen waiting for the day when they are summoned to defend their planes. This city follows military disciplines and is ruled by an archbishop armed with swords, known as Bahram, who reigns from the throne of the sword. All those who live in this city follow their orders without a doubt and are always trained.

Jovar, Clear Skies

This sixth heaven of Mount Celestia, known as Jovar, is a land of beautiful gems the size of hills and houses scattered on its slopes. These gems provide a radiant light, and because of their beauty many people get lost when they see them. Very few pilgrims have done so before, and very few, if any, have done so between this quarter and the last quarter.

Little is known about this layer, except that there are many more Archers on this layer than on any other layer in the Celestial Empire.

Yecira, Celestial City

Only Archons live in this town. They are governed by a board of archbishops, which weighs and evaluates each archonet and decides whether or not to raise them. This city lies in a seven-layer ziggurat of enormous size. They say the only way to reach the seventh layer is to find the hidden entrance in the central ziggurat.

Al-Sikhal bridge

This bridge guards the sun, known as Xerona, which judges every pilgrim and archer who travels far. Many of them do not seem to turn away neatly enough to enter the seventh layer of the Kingdom of Heaven. Nobody knows what’s behind the bridge, because nobody’s ever come back.

Chronicle, Illuminated Air

Some say that this layer leads directly to the positive energy level, burning away deadly flesh and bad intentions until all that remains is purity. Others claim that this layer doesn’t really exist, and that on the contrary, when the pilgrim crosses this plane, he becomes one with the plane, even the gods don’t know what’s here, or at least they don’t tell anyone if they know. Yet no one has ever returned from this layer, and so it remains one of the greatest mysteries of airplanes.


The Archons are the largest group in this respect and they are the soul of the petitioners. Archons are often compared to the Demons of the Abyss, they exist thanks to this plane, and the plane exists thanks to them. All Archons are a legitimate asset and constantly strive to improve in order to be part of this level on the road to Ascension. Archoons are divided into different forms, although they generally follow a very established hierarchy.

Archon flashlight

They are the most numerous of all Archons and the first form in which most seekers fall, although some souls deserve to rise above the Hierarchy when they are outside the extraordinary in life. The arches of the lantern are like a ball of light and do not have the ability to interact with the physical world, except for the rays of light.

These archers are often treated as children, as superior archers; they are often forgiven for their mistakes and gently reprimanded. The archers of the lantern are still only the souls of the applicants and have not yet reached purity.


Aviation Act, 1995 TSR Inc.

The next step for the Lantern Archoons is to become their representatives, those who trust the gods and get the extra power. The hierarchy for MP Archon is: dog, guard, sword and volumes. Each of these archers has its own specific tasks, although these are not the only forms an archer can take, and some of them are called upon to play a more specialized role as throne shooters.

The Hound Archonsare the guardians of the paths that go up and down in the first and second layer, they seem to be human, although they have a dog’s head.

The Warden Archons are the defenders of portals and gates that lead from one layer to another.

Sword and Sagittariusare warriors and warriors who destroy all the wicked who try to attack the mountain of heaven. They are also the holy messengers of the Archons.

The Throne Archers inare the rulers of the cities of the Celestial Empire and may command all other archers except the Dome Archers.

The archersTomei are the highest among the archers, and there are only seven of them, who each control a certain layer of sky.

Pipe Archersare among the few archers who live outside the Kingdom of Heaven and therefore risk eternal oblivion if they die outside the plain. They go to the primeval material, where the explosions from their pipes can bring the dead back to life, and go on a special mission where the Archons send them.


Behind the Archons and the permanent residents of the Kingdom of Heaven are pilgrims seeking enlightenment and ascension to the highest level of this plan. You are on a spiritual path for what is right and proper, even though many do not pass the second step. This journey can take years and years, causing many people to be disappointed and have to end their pilgrimage to the summit.

Warriors and Paladins

On the other side of the plain, although they are usually on the fifth layer of the merging, are the paladins of the holy order. They are continuously trained for the day they are needed to protect the aircraft and its occupants from outside threats. They are warriors of good and justice and they undoubtedly follow their orders. They exercise the values of courage, mercy and order.

Hunter Order

Aviation Act, 1995 TSR Inc.

This faction only exists on Mount Celestia, as many at this level do not show much interest in the Sea Lion fractions. The sole purpose of this faction is to protect the fortress of Mount Celestia from greed, chaos, evil and doubt. These warriors are constantly focused on defending the Kingdom of Heaven and have even managed to take lands from Arcadia and ordinary lands, change those lands and bring the people in line with that level. They are zealous for their philosophy and the protection of the kingdom of heaven.

Abyssal Pearl –On the first layer, Lunia, an enormous oyster was found with a huge pearl on the inside, which looked pure black. The archers of the lantern began to examine them, although one of them disappeared with the pearl. Many fear that the pearl was formed by a demon who tried to penetrate this plane and was destroyed in the clear water, this soul is trapped in this pearl. Rumor has it that the soul of this demon has now mastered the lantern arch, and many are worried about what this might mean.

Palace of the Bahamas –Rumor has it you can easily reach level 2, 3 or 4 by sneaking into the palace of the dragon god and find the right gate. Of course we have to sneak past the seven great Wims who guard the palace and who everyone can see.

The Fallen Arch –The Lantern Arch is in decay and evil, say the other archers. In fact, he is simply too busy working on the primary material level and trying to lead people to enlightenment and goodness. The Swordarchon was sent to destroy it.

Solar Problem –The sun has set from the seventh layer, and everyone wants to know what is up there The sun only speaks to you. They need your help to destroy the evil presence growing up in Sigil. That would be true, but they can’t get through the seal without attracting a lot of attention, and the bad guy keeps running away from them.

Tomb of the Knight – On the second layer of Mount Celestia is the tomb of the ancient knight of courage and order. The same place where their weapons are buried with them forever. Unfortunately, this weapon is a powerful artifact, and you need it to stop the destruction of the first material plane… the Archons won’t give it away because they need it to protect Mount Heaven in the event of a demonic invasion.

Mountain game –In the 4. Auflage, the seven mountains exist in one place, three of them are ruled by their respective gods, and four of them fight constantly for them. They were chosen by one of the gods to take part in the game of the mountain. It is enough to reach the top of the mountain and defend it against the forces of the other gods. Don’t worry, they’ll throw you back a day later, if you fall, it’ll be fun.

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