What kind of traits do you guys find most useful?

I prefer a fairly high playing field with relatively few planets (15-20 – sweet spot). Knowing this, I always prefer to use features that allow me to maximize the use of the mounting locations, because you want to use each location to build accordingly when you have fewer planets. I’ll think about it.

Charismatic; +20% comfort. It’s a very useful feature. I think it’s actually one of the best biopar games. I find the additional benefits of bonuses invaluable, simply because they allow your planet to maintain reasonable amenities without building holo theatres, and because they allow you to receive benefits almost exclusively from employees in urban areas.

There is no need to build a Golo theater – it’s just a good thing because entertainment jobs are filled with consumer goods, which are usually the most sought after resource in the game because they are connected to so many jobs, including for researchers. It is therefore no longer necessary to build civilian factories elsewhere. What’s more, if your planet lacks facilities, you won’t have to build a Golo theatre. This allows you to create things faster, such as research laboratories, alloy foundries and civil installations. Optimum use of the trenches at the beginning of construction is important for rapid snow clearance.

Not to mention the fact that additional settlements are useful for colonizing the inhabited low planets, as cotton consumes more settlements on these planets.

Conservative: -10% of deliveries of consumer goods. I think the Conservatives are helpful because of the problem of the shortage of consumer goods I mentioned earlier. By using fewer consumer goods, I can also build fewer industrial worlds and instead focus on technology and creating worlds to support the snow configuration. Moreover, the availability of more consumer goods facilitates the introduction of a social security system and makes it possible to move from a policy of exchange of consumer goods to a concept of wealth creation or a market of ideas. You can also take control of the militarized economy by increasing the production of alloys at the expense of consumer goods.

Community: -10% of pop. vein use. This is a bonus that takes time to see the effects because it is clear that your Pop account will be smaller earlier in planetary evolution, so you will get less extra housing allowance. However, the benefits of Communal become very visible if you have occupied every province and building land on the planet. Less living space means you can have more buildings that create jobs and less luxury apartments/rooms. In addition, you can also replace some urban areas with areas from which resources are extracted (although of course you have to convert most planets with almost entire urban areas into ecumenical poles).

Since public services need time to bear fruit, it might be better to be genetically modified later on. It might also be more suitable for high playing styles like mine.

Scientific engineers: +15% technical research out of jobs. In fact, in most games you do more social research than physics or technical research. The reason for this is simple: the exploration of society is carried out by many crafts, including the Unit as a secondary resource – the performances, cultural workers and priests in the theaters of Golo, the indigenous monuments or temples, they all produce the exploration of society. Since you are always in possession of at least one of these buildings in every world, you have a considerable advantage over other types of social research.

That’s why I don’t see the point of the sociologists of nature. However, I think that natural engineers are better than physicists because I think the technology tree is more overloaded with important techniques than the physics tree. In fact, you have ship class technicians, robotics (very important to me, because I usually play materialist), kinetics, torpedoes, Strike Craft (for an early defense of the game with starbases in the hangar bay), starbase techniques, mega-building techniques, and two techniques necessary for an archaeological project (Ecumenopolis).

Because I prefer materialism, I also tend to take the flesh from the weak, and the special project for this Ascension Perk is usually quite expensive in terms of technology. Technical design is also necessary for robotics. And then there’s Project Colossus.

In the meantime, there aren’t many important physicists getting in each other’s way – you can reasonably expect to get an energy weapon and decent shields. But the fact that the technology has kinetics, ship classes, robots and starbases, and that it is at the heart of Persian ascension and mega-cultures, makes it essential to hurry. So I recommend a natural technique.

Smart: +10% job search. I actually like scientific engineers, but that’s only because I’m a technology lunatic who likes to get 20 out of every repetitive technology. It is not really necessary for a high body weight, but it is a great quality.

Anyway, here are the bad qualities I recommend:

Deviations : -15% uptake of ethics. To be honest, I’ve never had a problem with the ethics of attraction. If I don’t want to conquer, most of my fathers usually follow normal imperial ethics. Before I conquered things, I often converted this line into genes. It’s a relatively painless property.

Decadent: -Ten percent slave labor and happiness. -Ten percent slave labor and happiness. So here’s the deal. My playing style had a great synergy with this function. What for? Well, my favorite combination in the civil field is that of a materialistic/authoritarian fanatic. Because I am authoritarian, I have access to the layered economy, which not only reduces the happiness of the workers’ pope and the slave pope, but also their political power, so that their happiness will not have too much influence on the stability of the planet,

But I also take the Civic typist, because I love the snowball from the start. This is a big advantage because it replaces many of my own employees with robot poles that are not affected by luck. That way I can get enough robots to make Decadent a complete problem. It also has an excellent synergy with Flesh Weak, because it allows me to keep my synthesizers running without fear of AI rebellion, and increase their gathering. Synthetics in service is very important because I have specialists and employees, so I don’t have to spend money on consumer goods, it’s just great.

Conversely, I don’t think a player should accept features that have the opposite effect to the ones I recommend, simply because they make it much harder for the player to hit snowballs. For example, while you can play without taking lessons together, it’s terrible to deprive you of your privacy, because you now need extra houses to fill the gap, even though you only built the production space, because 1 cotton no longer occupies 1 house. You don’t want to build more neighborhoods than you should. A terrible property is also repulsive, making you build holo theatres before you even want them.

Anyway, here is an overview of my favorite varieties for my specific playing style. Judge for yourself or share your opinion.

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