What I learned for the first time from playing a psionic ascension

In my last match I decided to try to play against an empire that is experiencing a psionic ascent for the first time. Historically, I have a great fondness for materialistic empires and synthetic ascents. I tried Bio Ascension once, and I liked it, but I should try again, probably with a non-genocidal race (I did a militaristic purification that thought they were genetically superior).

I have a little PR in my realm, so not exactly min max. Start with intelligent, fast breeders, out of type and fleeting to the characteristics of the species. Fanatical spiritualist + egalitarian oligarchy with exalted priesthood + meritocracy. At their core, they believe that all people, regardless of their species, become equal and that their position in society is based on merit. Standard spiral galaxy, 3 IP, Commodore + difficulty, 1 guaranteed world, 2 primitives, 2.5x crisis.

Thanks to egalitarianism, every species in my realm had automatic citizenship. From the beginning I banished IA and took in all the refugees to please my factions (this had some consequences). I also received a number of migration contracts early on.

Over time, as different empires fought and developed and I conquered different neighbors, my list of species became longer and wider. I received the Psionic Ascension early enough, because the spirit realms quickly find their unity. But only my kind of founder got it, and so, thanks to the diversity of my empire, I began to fight the search for leaders with my new attribute. The war in the air provoked (my first) between spiritualistic and xenophobic IP’s, and I got many other types and pops of refugees and the war itself (I led the League of Non-Aligned Systems). Only then did I realize that I could assimilate other species and give them a psioning quality. Between that and genetic modification, I developed this trait… to all 34 unique species in my kingdom. All migration agreements were suspended when I started thinking about it, so my father couldn’t copy freely.

In the end, I won the game as usual, but nowhere was I as strong as in a materialistic or machinistic empire and as weak as in the bio-extension game I created.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah: The strongest technique of the game (shields, jumps) The best leadership characteristic (psionic) Extremely strong temporary and permanent shroud buffs

Delays: Slowest growth of pop music on all the songs (could be better with another package?) Very RNG based – in the end you get everything, but there are two rolls of dice – what you get and if you get it requires a special rare strategic resource Progress is not based on the economy, but only on time (access to the shroud is only possible as often as possible).

I’ve learned other things: Although you can integrate other types, psionic climbing is very beneficial for a very limited variety. It seems very designed for spiritualists. Next time I’d probably use it against xenophobia or authoritarianism. I didn’t accept Gaia’s worlds with bonuses, and in hindsight I had to give in to my biodiversity. I will certainly benefit from it the next time I build a varied empire that will not be satisfied with a synthesizer climb. Having very high premiums doesn’t go any further than that when you don’t have that much cotton.

Now that I have explored the three paths of climbing, I believe that psionic couples are best connected to a spiritual realm that is united. Synthetic materials are suitable for almost all materialistic empires and have the advantage of eliminating all the problems caused by the diversity of this type of empire. I think biology covers the rest pretty well, especially if you want certain species to do certain things.

What’s your favorite way? Are there opinions on what kind of ethics work in all respects?

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Message What I learned from Psionic Climbing, the first time for the game Stellaris.

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