Welcome to Game 2 – Tips And Tricks To Beat The Game

In PC games 11/04/2018

Developer Reflect Studios and publisher Reflect Studios recently released a new game called Welcome To The Game 2. This is a puzzle game in the horror genre and a sequel to the original Welcome to the Game, released in 2016.

Welcome to Game 2 is a pretty hard game and even experienced players have a hard time finishing it. The reason that it is so difficult is the mechanics of the RNG, which can destroy players at any time. But you can use tips and tricks to increase your chances and win the game.

Tips and tricks for winning the game Welcome to the game 2

Fast Keys/Values – The ultimate goal of the game is to collect 8 Fast Keys/Values through three levels of The Wiki 1, Wiki 2, Wiki 3.

DOScoin Farm – To get further in the game you need DOScoin to purchase additional hardware and software. In order to place many pieces, the maximum number of VPNs must be obtained and placed in the green position. Don’t forget that neither VPN will have a green position at any given location. Each VPN has its own green positions.

Always change wireless network – Make a habit of constantly changing wireless networks, this reduces the risk of being overwritten.

Always close the door – Make sure you close the door, otherwise threats in the game just come in and you’re dead.

Dongle always upgraded – you can do this by entering the black market and buying an upgraded dongle. There are three versions of Dongle 1 – basic, Dongle 2 – enhanced, Dongle 3 – enhanced 2, Level 3 – the fastest and best connection.

Get a higher level VPN – only 5 VPNs, each reducing the risk of hacking level 5 VPNs is the most efficient of all. It reduces the risk of hacker attacks by 99%.

Different sites are available at different times – Some sites are hidden and only visible at certain times Continue checking new sites every 10-15 minutes (playback time).

Buying Backdoor – At the beginning of the game, if you don’t have enough DOScoin to get the best VPN and dongle to use Backdoor, it costs 1 DOScoin to use and so every time you block the hack, you steal DOScoin.

Key Cue is both the most useful and the most expensive software you can buy in the game. It displays the key icon when you are on a web page.

Source Control – When visiting the website always check the source code to make sure there are no keys/haves.

More keys More enemies – The more keys you collect, the darker you see, the better you hear Lucas and Swat’s teams.

Avoid the Dollmaker website – Always avoid the Dollmaker website and only click on it if there is no other site to check. Don’t forget that a simple click on this site evokes Dollmaker.

Threat software and hardware – Police scanners, motion alarms, motion detectors and blue whispering do not guarantee security, but make your life easier.

Countering threats in the game Welcome 2

Swat Team

  • The Swat team follows you through your wireless connection.
  • The sound of Team Swat is a police siren amplified as we approach you.
  • The constant evolution of Wi-Fi does not guarantee full protection, but it does help.
  • Get the skyBREAK – WPA2, hack into the WPA2 network and use them, because they are very unlikely to be detected by the police.
  • Get a police scanner – the police scanner will be very helpful, it will tell you if they come looking for you. If you change your WPA2 Wifi on the go, it will confuse you for a while. But remember that this method does not always work.


  • The audio tips for Lucas are steps and blocks.
  • Get a motion detector and a motion alarm to see if Lucas is approaching your door.
  • He can enter the apartment even if you can’t hear his footsteps.
  • If you’ve noticed Lucas is coming to shut down all the networks or just shut down the computer.
  • If you turn off the light before Lucas enters your apartment, he will look for the apartment for a short time, but if you have the light, he will look for it for a long time.
  • If Lucas is in your apartment and you’re hiding in a closet, you’ll never reach orgasm or die. Always wait for him to leave the apartment.
  • Using the blue whisper and motion detector is a good way to find out if Lucas came into your house while you were away.

Throat breathing

  • Breathing only happens when you’re in an alley.
  • Breather’s audio signal consists of steps and laughter.
  • If you can’t pick up the bag or you can’t go through the aisle door, it means you’re just dead, and that’s inevitable.
  • When you enter the alley, don’t walk away and go back to where the package is.
  • If you hear footsteps or laugh, he’ll come and kill you. To avoid this, go to the door at the end of the aisle and do not dive out the window and let the fan go through the door.
  • Sometimes Breather also tries to open the door. If you notice that the door is going in, press the door stop. After an unsuccessful attempt to force the door, she will leave.


  • Black always appears at the window, on the balcony, behind the door and in the hallway.
  • Never go near the black man, or you’ll die.
  • If you see Black from a distance, turn around and wait 30 to 40 seconds, he’s gone.
  • The more keys you receive, the more aggressive and frequent it will be.
  • Be careful in case of a power failure. He breeds in dark places, and you can meet him without noticing.

Doll manufacturers

  • It will come to you when you click on the Dollmaker website.
  • Directions – after visiting the doll’s website you will hear a horrible doll sound outside the door. You see a doll with a doll, and then the power goes out. You have to go to the maintenance room to turn on the lights and when you come back, he will ask you to find a woman.
  • As soon as the search starts, you’ll get a doll’s head at the door. You should hang it on the woman’s door.
  • To find a woman, you must first buy a Lolpi record on the black market.
  • Use the computer disk in the lobby and find the woman after finding the place for her doll at her door.
  • You may have to perform this task more than once.

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