Welcome to Game 2-Guide and Tips for Beginners

Developer Reflect Studios and publisher Reflect Studios recently released a new game called Welcome To The Game 2. This is a puzzle game in the horror genre and a sequel to the original Welcome to the Game, released in 2016.

Game 2 is even more difficult than the first and there are new enemies, new mechanisms and the whole level is bigger. Since the game is quite complicated, new and even experienced players will be confused. So here are some instructions and tips to help you win the game

Beginner’s guide and tips Welcome to the game 2

Before you start reading the manual, be warned that there is some kind of spoiler in it. If you don’t want to spoil your fun, it’s time to go back.

Below you will find a guide for all opponents, the items you can get and how to play a certain mechanical game.

While you’re still reading it, let’s get started. The first thing you have to do when you start the game is bring your flashlight. It is located on the left side of the bed, next to the table lamp. It will be useful when the power is off and will help you to go to the maintenance room and restore the power.

When you are sitting in front of your computer for the first time, you will receive a call from Adam who provides you with a VPN via the DOS Coin Mining Drone. To get the parcel, you have to go down to the ground floor, through the door, into the dark alley and walk all the way to the end.

Once you have taken the package, you must return to your apartment to get the VPN. You will find it directly on the shelf in front of the door when you enter your apartment.

Use of VPN

Now you need to find a good place for your VPN to place a DOS coin, unfortunately there is no perfect place in the game and it is very random. But there’s a good indicator in the game that helps you find out where to get the most coins.

When you place a VPN, you will see a VPN shadow in one of three colours: red, yellow and green. You should always look for a place that shows green, because that’s where you get the fastest part.

Hacking WiFi Welcome to Game 2

Hacking Wi-Fi is not difficult, but it is one of the most annoying jobs. If you don’t follow the hacking process, you’ll soon discover that the team is knocking on your door and ready to put you in jail. To avoid this constant change of modem positions and get a password for all WEP networks. some modem positions in the game.

  • On the computer table.
  • On a window seal.
  • On the balcony table.
  • A table by your bed.

skyBREAK WPA2 hacking Welcome to Game 2

If you have done the above and survived the game, you now need to update your skyBREAK to hack WPA2, which is faster and more secure than WEP networks. But unlike hacking WEP, WPA2 is more annoying because you have to manually enter random packets until it opens.

The injection code is normally as follows: Injection JX: QE: LT: 2Z 2 100. Number 2 is the chain, and number 100 is the package you inject. When hacking a WPA2 network you need to inject packets of different sizes until the network is hacked. There is no fixed package to unlock the network, and it is completely random. So keep injecting packages.

How to find the key, the hash and the deep wiki 2B9 Welcome to the game 2

Like most game mechanics, the key has a deep wiki 2 connection – all renderomas and have no fixed location. But there are a few ways to find them and get them.

In the beginning you will only find the link to Deep Wiki 2 in the source code of the page. To obtain the source code, click on the magnifying glass on the left side of the URL search bar.

the hash key is on the page itself, many players don’t even suspect they’ve found the key. so how can you know if you’ve found the key? especially by browsing a page, if your cursor turns into a click icon on a block of text or an image, you’ve found the key.

Enemies in the game and how to avoid them in the welcome game 2

Team Swat – You can see the Team Swat on the entry level as an enemy, because you can easily escape from it. To avoid being hit by lightning in the face, simply change the position of your WiFi.

The siren is getting louder and louder and indicates that the design team is arriving. So you won’t be overtaken by the team of stylists who have already covered half the distance. Just turn off your computer or shut down all networks and hide in the shower.

DollMaker is one of the most terrifying characters in the game, and it comes to you when you interact with the DollMaker’s website. After the event starts, you will hear boring puppet music. Come to your door and you will see the DollMaker.

If you accidentally leave your apartment, he’ll catch you, but he won’t kill you on the first date. He’ll tell you about the girl he wants to finish. That’s where the trick starts. He’ll put a doll’s head on your doorknob that you have to put on a girl’s doorknob. If you give him the wrong door, he’ll kill you.

Where can I find the girl? To find the girl, you need access to the computer in the lobby, and to get access, you need a disk called a black market lollipop. Once you’re in the computer, find the girl and hang the doll’s head on the doorknob.

Hitman AKA Lucas is a fairly random event, but on a hunch it might work if you get hacked at least once. So if you get hacked, there might be more attention. In order to avoid a killer, you should monitor and watch the sound of the door handle. When you hear him approach the door, you can see he locks your door.

If you see him, you can hide under the shower or in the closet. But here’s what’s confusing: Sometimes he leaves or sets up camp in front of the gate, and from there I can’t find a solution. It’s better to wait until he leaves.

A break in the game is even more frightening than its appearance in the first game. The only good thing about a break in the current game is that it does not enter the building and usually runs in the alley.

How to avoid it – there seems to be no reason for a break and it seems to be in the alley by mistake. To avoid this, first open the door and wait about 3 to 5 minutes, then take the bag and hide in the doors at the end of the driveway and wait another 3 to 5 minutes, after which you return to the building.

Black – Black is the masked person you see when you start a game, and it works next to the masked woman. The black event is activated when you download a website, but it doesn’t load when it loads, check the door or window lock, and if it’s unlocked, it’s chasing you.

The way to avoid a black person is good in most cases, because an encounter with a black person usually does not just fall out of the sky, but appears at the end of the corridor, the driveway and the window. If a masked man shows up, stay away from him or the women will kill you. Just keep a safe distance and turn around and don’t look at it until at least 20 to 40 seconds have passed.

Things to buy to make the game easier Welcome to the game 2

In the rest of the game, players can now use DOScoin to purchase different devices on the parallel market and software on the zero-day market.

Let’s first look at the important equipment you can buy on the black market to survive the game.

  • Motion sensor – Get a motion sensor and place it wherever you want. Once installed, it will warn you if someone enters your house. He’s working pretty well against Lucas.
  • Lolpy drive – You will encounter a puppeteer at some point, so it is best to take this item with you and complete the puppeteer’s quest.
  • Font Scanner – You do not need this scanner if you are careful with the game. Usually you hear a siren coming and you can hide in time. But if you want a more efficient method, you can use the police scanner to find out when they come looking for you.
  • Wifi dongle 2 and 3 – again, you don’t need it, but it improves the connection for better playback.

Zero market – Software

  • skyBREAK WPA2 – Get this if you need to hack the WPA2 network in the game.
  • Backdoor Hack – with this software you can steal DOScoin when the hack is blocked. The only drawback is that it is a one-time use. So you need to get more and more, but don’t worry, it only costs one DOScoin.
  • Motion Warning – Gives an audible and visible signal when a motion sensor is activated.
  • The pool cue is by far one of the best items you can get in the game. It shows the key when you are on a web page of a website that contains the key code.

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