Watcher’s Spire & Love Tower

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Tower of Love

To enter the Tower of Love, you must go through the upper entrance to the far east of the kingdom. The lower doors of the Tower of Love are closed from the inside. You can open the upper door with the love key of the Royal Gardens.

There’s nothing to worry about. Climb up the tower to look at the collector above.


The collector’s going to jump off the ceiling. There are two attacks you have to watch out for, a small jump coming towards you and jars falling out of the ceiling and collapsing, releasing small insects. When the collector jumps to the ceiling, one to three cans fall down. You have to avoid them and kill the insects in them quickly. He’ll go down and make a few jumps before he goes to the ceiling.

When the collector jumps on you, you’ll have plenty of room to go under him, turn around and meet him again. This boss is pretty slow, so there shouldn’t be a problem. Install the Dreamgate outside his room so that if you are killed, you can be emitted immediately. The collector will place your shadow in one of the cans, so you have to keep it.

After the Collector is defeated, continue with the rest of the turn to save 3 Grub and find a Collector’s Card that shows you the location of all the pits that still need to be saved.

Observation coil

First go to the left side of the observer’s arrow by moving the guards away and then down to the lever that opens the door to the right. Raise your head to the right and take the exit at the top. If you walk to the left, you can press the lever to open the door between the two buildings.

Come back and keep climbing the spectator spire. Take it to the next level. If you walk directly from the top of the lift, you will find Grub, which is not on the map above. When you go down at the left side of the elevator you’ll find another elevator that will take you to the Knights of the Guardians.

Chevalier charlatan watch

Before the takeover, the Charismatic Knights jump over the wall in front of the arena and break the roof. Strike a rope to drop a chandelier on one of the knights. Now you only have to face five instead of six.

The knight-observers each have 220 healthy people. I advise you to wait until you have found the Shadow cloak in the abyss before you face these knights, because the battle can be difficult.

The knights have three attacks, double fumigations, throws and jumps. To make matters worse, you’ll meet two at a time. Before the knight makes a throw jump, he makes a small jump so you have time to get out of the way.

Knocking them out of the sky is a good strategy because they only have one air strike. Quick Strike will also make this fight much easier. Try to stay in the opposite corner and hit them both at the same time as Shadow Soul .

Once the Acting Knights are defeated, you can continue climbing the tower to bring out the Luria Observer.

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