Warframe solo or ghost clan layout and cost of form

Many good battle frames, many weapons and some basic items are part of the clan research in Warframe. This means that if you don’t join the clan, these things will stay hidden from you. Fortunately, Warframe allows you to build a clan of lonely players.
This guide also includes a very popular YouTube video that you can watch if you are tired of reading it.

Solo Clan means 1 member of the Ghost Clan

The clans in Warframe have different levels. The more people there are in the clan, the higher the level and the more resources are needed to study clan-related topics. The lowest level in the clans is called Ghost Clan. It must have , at least one paragraph and a maximum of 10 members. Solo Clan means only Ghost Clan level with one member. The cost of ghost clan research is the lowest of all clan levels.

Why and when to consider a solo club

There is a time in the game that you need drawings that are only available through clan research. The war frames in the drawings of Volta, Nezhi, Wukong or the drawings of landing ship segments and dragon keys are the best examples of the elements, which are locked behind the members of thep. clan.

In your first game you have to try to find a clan that accepts you as a clan member. You can register in the game area or recruit a clan to welcome new members. There is also a clans section in the official Warframe forum that you can use.

But the longer you stay in the clan, the more you will experience inactive clan members or clan leaders, unbearable costs for research in a large clan or desert clan. Creating your own clan solo is an excellent solution. But to establish your own clan is a late task of. It takes a lot of resources, of time to build all rooms of the dojo and even more time to explore all objects.

Costs related to the establishment of a clan for basic research for dojo

The construction of the small but expandable Dojo-Clan , the Dojo-Clan in Warframe with , all research laboratories, the counter and the ascension altar can be completed in 7 days. There are many resources, but so far the biggest investment is in 14forms; 12 forms for the halls and 2 forms for the trading post and the altar.

Simple structure of the basic research clan of the dojo

The past three years I have improved this simple but expandable dojo structure for the clans of loners and lounges. If you follow these tried and tested guidelines, you do not need to destroy the chambers or carry out major renovations. The following animation shows what needs to be built every day. You can also download a PDF format for printing.

Dojo Construction Day 1

We need to find clan and build a clandojo. That’s what you do on your first day.

Open the main menu in your orbiter by pressing ESC. There, select Communication and the next Clan. You can create a new clan now. Just create your clan by giving it its own name. You will be redirected to a clan example screen where you can try to enter the dojo of your clan.

When you log in to your clan, you will be informed that first needs a clan key from dojo. If you answer yes, you will be thrown into your foundry. You need to find the dojo key or clan key in your foundry, then to start assembling. It’ll take 12 hours.

The first room in your dojo is room , which has already been built behind room: Main hall. It’s an indestructible space that doesn’t need any extra resources to build it.

Dojo Construction Day 2

On the second day you start the actual building process by adding your first room. But you must first obtain the clan key from your foundry . Otherwise you can’t go into the dojo.

Then go to the navigation console and call Dojo to get there. It is located in the lower left corner of the star map.

When you enter the dojo, you’ll find an empty room, your main room. In this room there are two connecting doors, one on either side. Choose the side you want and will communicate with another red terminal door to start the design process of. They are located in the interface of the Dojo Architect .

Find a part called Cross-Connector and click on it to start building. At the same time, the will be queuing up to build a room, but will not start building the. To start the building process, you need to add resources fromto . The connecting hatch is now yellow, indicating that resources are needed.

Connection with the connection flap now yellow . You will now see a new interface to which you can add all the necessary resources. The actual construction of Room will only start when all the necessary resources are available in Room.

The cross-connection is a base with four ends. Each end can be connected to another room or floor. Connectors to build the backbone of your dojo, to which the real rooms are connected. The first end is now connected to the main room. Construction will take 12 hours. You can come back tomorrow and build a new uniform.

Dojo Construction Day 3

Your first transverse connection is complete. You can now add two reactor chambers to the left and right of the cross-connection. Go through the connector and go to the left until you bump into another red connector door.

Talk to him, search the reactor chamber and build it. Just like the day before you have to deal with the now yellow door and take care of all the resources needed to build a room. Repeat the procedure for the right side of the crosslink.

[Picture: [Day 3 presentation].

The two chambers of the reactor are currently under construction at , and will need 12 hours before it can be completed.

Reactors are needed to supply all the energy needed to power the other components. It is important that you build the reactor chambers as quickly as possible.

Finally, the carrier must be placed in the middle of the crossbeam. With the you can quickly move between all assembly lines of the Dojo .

To enter the menu, press ESC and select Jewellery. Then select Decorate. It’s barely visible, but you’re in jewelry mode.

You must press 1 to select the items you want to save. Use the search bar, search Carrier and click on the item Carrier. You can now play at the exact place where you want to place the transporter. When you have found the correct location, click and give the correct name Reactors.

The yellow uniform is now on the floor. Yellow indicates that resources are needed to start the construction process. If you look at the yellow form, press the 2 key on your keyboard to open the interface that provides all the necessary resources. Insert all resources or use the Contribute all button and construction begins.

Dojo Construction Day 4

As soon as both engines are jammed, you can start your search wing. Before adding another room, you must add two more decorations to the main room: a vehicle and a trading post.

The first adds a conveyor belt called Main hall in the middle of the main hall. As on the third day, you need to open the Jewelry menu by pressing the ESC key on your keyboard. Then select Jewelry. Then go to where you want the transporter and press 1 on the keyboard. Find the transporter and stop it. Finally, add the required resources to the yellow by pressing on the keyboard 2 .

The next decoration is milk post . Switch to the decoration mode as before, but this time select by swapping item in the search bar. Set it up at a location suitable for you and then provide the necessary resources.

When all this is done, you have to go to another red connecting door in the main hall, opposite the reactor wing. Add a sender and provide the necessary resources.

Dojo Construction Day 5

Your trading post is ready, and you can ask other players to trade with you. The transport in the main hall is also ready and you can now go back and forth between two locations in your dojo. I promised you there’d be more.

You must enter the newly constructed crosslink of the first crosslink of your test plot. Build an Oracle space on the right side and make sure all resources are allocated. The Oracle space is essential for all other laboratories.

Next, you need to build another splitter shortly before the , which comes from the current splitter. This will be the link between your two research wings.

Dojo Construction Day 6

You now have a lot of buildings, and hopefully you have built the shape, because today we only need four shapes. As soon as the oracle chamber is ready, you can finally start building all the labs.

In the first cross-connection ocomposite Oraclespace, build Orokin Lab space. Then go to the newly built secondcross-connector. builds the Tenolab on the left, builds another connector and builds the Energylab on the right.

The last thing you can do is add a transporter to the oracle chamber.

Dojo Construction Day 7

The only thing missing are two large labs, which you’re going to add today. You must enter the third crosslink on your search wing. Left for the construction of a biolaboratory and Right for the construction of a chemistry laboratory.

Then you need to add to all the labs you built yesterday and mark each of them accordingly: Orokin Lab, Tennon Lab, Energy Lab.

Tomorrow, when the last two laboratories, the bio-laboratory and the chemistry laboratory, are built, a transporter must be attached to each of them.

The real work onstarts now.

Once you have built your dojo, the actual task is and the waiting game starts. You must visit each of the research labs – Tennon Laboratory, Energy Laboratory, Chem Leb Laboratory, Bio Laboratory, Orokin Laboratory – and to begin a study of each item offered for resale. Depending on your means, it will take 4 to 6 weeks.

Studies on Tennon, Chemistry, Biology, Energy and Orokin Laboratory

At the time of writing this article, article , there are more than 150 different topics in the research laboratories of the clan dojos that can be studied by . Unfortunately most weapons are missing and very expensive to produce. All weapon designs obtained in the dojo’s laboratories require formal training and rarely have an initial polarity. I added a separate YouTube video for the mandatory dojo search only at the end of this chapter.

Compulsory tests for Orokin’s laboratory

It’s very simple, because Orokin’s stores need all the dragon keys.

Compulsory test for the Teno laboratory

This time the list will be longer, because it contains all the battlefields and some of them are available for searching: Banshee, Volt, Vukong, Neja. It consists of two arches and their parts: Price, Amesha.

If you can bear the costs of the study, I advise you to make a study and then build a Guandao permit. It is a very powerful but weak weapon for close combat.

Compulsory studies for bio-laboratories

Total 10x Health Unit Recovery.

If you think you can save resources, ask for a secondary Pox device. Totally optional, but smallpox is a very useful weapon to remove armor from enemies.

Compulsory chemical research laboratory

This list is a bit longer with the 10x Squad Ammo Restore and the Flamethrower Ignis .

Compulsory energy laboratory study

There are three weapons in this list because they are either unique in mechanics or simply extremely powerful: Stay time, Amperex and Plasma Arc. Also make sure you have captured Helios hours and 10x junk energy recovery.

There are some interesting weapons hidden in this lab. You should try to study and build a primary Opticor and a secondary Staticor . The first is a powerful ray weapon, and the second is very useful in opening the way for enemy hordes. Neither weapon is mandatory.

Youtube – Mandatory search for Warframeclan dojo laboratories

Extension of the main dojo: Dry dock and diamond compartment

If you are late in your game, you get to the point where you want to swap your Light Couva and for your personal Railjack. This requires two extra rooms for the dojo: Dry Dock and Diamond Compartment . They take up a lot of space and are very expensive.

Both rooms can easily add in one day to the current layout, if you stick to the original basic layout of the dojo.

The dry dock can be built on the side of wingof the engine. There will even be room for expansion, as the dry dock is equipped with two additional doors.

The Crimson Branch will block the research wing.

I created this PDF file with the late layout of the dojo game, if you want to print it right.

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