Warframe New Build 2020 Guide

Basically, the Nova is a pillar of the fixture, capable of manipulating enemies using its electromagnetic capabilities and molecular control.

She controls antimatter and uses it to manipulate both enemies and the results of missions, not only to support her allies and eliminate her enemies, but also to inflict damage on many enemies around her.

How did you get to Nova?


You can buy Nova-Craft parts by defeating raptors on the Naama mission in Europe.

His design can be purchased in the game, which is available on the market and in orbit.

Besides agriculture and construction you have the possibility to buy it for 375 platinum to build it completely.

New world premiere

The Nova Prime is the most important variant of the Nova, which has a large number of shields and power.

Relics with Nova Prime:

  • Drawing: Violent: Neo N2, Axi S4 Available No.
  • Neuropathy: Violent: Bed C1, Bed M2, Meso C1 available No.
  • Chassis: Consolidated: Lith N1, Neo N9, Neo V1 available No.
  • Systems: Violent: Lith C1, Meso B3, Meso S1, Neo S2 Available Nr.


(new skills)

It can create antimatter particles to protect and damage enemies, create antimatter balloons to destroy enemies, open wormholes to cover long distances and control the movement of enemies by inflicting damage.

His passive power causes an explosion when he is overthrown, hitting enemies within 6 meters, knocking them down and damaging them.

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1) Zero star

The Nova creates antimatter particles that float around it, reducing damage and finding enemies that can also damage the Nova.

This is useful to give the Nova a better chance of survival, so it can do less damage and do more damage to nearby enemies.

The particles lying around the Nova will last indefinitely until they are used, and their quantity will increase as their capacity increases.

(Nova chases zero star)

Change Mod. Allows the Nova to reform its power by forcing the current particles back to the enemies and inflicting bladder damage that knocks them to the ground.

2) Antimatter waste

Nova releases a sphere of antimatter that floats to the target area and constantly hits the enemies, and then returns home.

The orbit can be controlled by orienting your grid where you want it to be, and the speed at which it moves depends on how dense your grid is, the slower it is, the denser your grid is, and the faster it moves.

On contact with the surface of the runway, it explodes and causes damage to the enemy within a radius of 15 metres.

If he comes into contact with the enemy, he’ll quickly catch up with him before he explodes.

The bullet is vulnerable to damage from Nova, its allies and enemies, and stores that damage in energy until it explodes.

The Nova can create multiple antimatter orb, and drawing this possibility is considered a one-handed action, which means it can shoot and move freely while drawing the possibility.

This feature is very useful because it allows you to easily eliminate an enemy group by concentrating fire on it before it explodes.

(drops of antimatter in a lava stream)

The Nova can launch antimatter several times in a row and can control where it flies and target the right place or enemy.

Antimatter can damage multiple sources and cause 8 times more damage to enemies within 15 meters.

(Antimatter runway explosion)

An antimatter ball can do a lot of damage, depending on how much it has absorbed, which can be a very useful offensive power.

Change Mod. Antimatter absorption increases the range, absorbing enemy damage, making it easier to absorb and causing more damage when it explodes.

3) Wormhole

This capability allows Nova to open a wormhole that focuses exactly where you aim your grid.

The wormhole acts as a portal that immediately teleports you to where it is connected, allowing you to travel long distances.

Both allies and enemies can be teleported through wormholes, allowing you to make enemies fly or help you bridge long distances with your allies.

This feature is useful when crossing large holes, hitting a target quickly or launching enemies in any direction or even off the map.

(the Nova stands next to the vortex it has created)

Change Mod. With Escape Velocity you and your allies get a speed bonus of 50% within 7 seconds after using the wormhole.

4) Molecular price

After the occupation of the First Molecular, the area around Nova will be treated with antimatter and the enemies will suffer rapid manipulations and explode to death and damage near enemies.

The size of the capacity does not depend on the size, but on the duration of the capacity, and the longer the duration of the capacity, the larger the size.

After dragging the capacitance, the area is loaded and this area becomes larger as the ring moves outward, and becomes larger as the initial duration of the capacitance increases.

All enemies in the area are eliminated as the area expands, resulting in both speed manipulations and post-mortem explosions.

Once the first expansion of the wave (which is affected by the duration of the capacitance) is completed, all pumped enemies remain the same until the duration of the capacitance is over.

A Nova can reform this capacity without having to wait for the end of previous effects or the expansion of previous capacity.

The longer the duration of Nova’s capacity, the wider the spectrum of capacities and the longer the effect lasts.

This ability becomes useful for manipulating the speed of your enemies and inflicting damage on enemy groups.

(Nova converts its molecular strength into a flower)

Change Mod. Molecular fission causes the death and explosion of enemies because it has the ability to add particle charges to zero stars.

Proposed buildings

Construction of taxiways

The Speedva Build (Speed Nova Build) focuses on using Molecular Prime to increase, not decrease, the speed of enemy movements.

This building is mainly used to move enemies faster in order to kill them quickly and continuously, which is common in survival and defence missions.

The use of this test will reduce most of the damage to Nova’s abilities, but in return it will give him other benefits and, most importantly, speed up the movement of the enemy.

There will be more antimatter particles in the zero star, which will reduce the damage.

A drop of antimatter creates balls with slightly less energy, but the damage multiplier of the absorbed damage remains the same.

First, a capacitance force of less than 100% will result in the superior molecular ability to accelerate rather than slow down enemies.

(New first molecular occupation during a defence mission)

Slovenian photo

The Slowva was built for the Speedva, which slows down the enemies in a large radius.

Instead of increasing the strength of the capacity to a high level, we have adjusted it to reach only the maximum available slow capacity, while maintaining a high duration for further expansion.

Thanks to this building, the Nova will be able to cast more Molecular Prime than before and also has a high energy reserve for this purpose.

It is a creature used primarily to slow down enemies, but also to inflict moderate damage with most of its abilities.

Null Star will have a smaller range, but will slightly increase the damage with less active energy.

Falling antimatter will increase damage with less energy and maintain both range and damage percentage.

Molecular Prime will slow down enemies over a large area, makes it easier to kill them and act as a kind of crowd control, giving you and your allies an advantage.

This ability is useful for controlling the movement of enemies and forcing them to attack and move slowly so that it is safe for you and your allies to kill the affected enemies.

(enemies slowed down by the Premiere-molecular effect)

Antimatter buildings

The design of the Efficiency Build enables Nova to utilise its capabilities with a strong reduction in energy costs and, above all, offers advantages and refers to its ability to lose antimatter.

With this design, the Nova can easily generate multiple antimatter, which is devastating for enemies because it absorbs the damage that is released and hitting one or more bullets only increases the damage.

Star zero will have no effect, because the lack of duration means that it will not form antimatter particles, which can be a small inconvenience if you can’t avoid getting too close to enemies.

Ejecting antimatter has a higher initial damage and also costs much less energy, which is the main purpose of the structure, so you have spam capabilities and can do a lot of damage.

The wormhole only lasts a few seconds, so it’s important to be ready to intervene after the draw.

The first molecule won’t last a second, making it completely useless in this building.

This design focuses on the Nova, where the drop of antimatter is used to bomb enemies with high damage, so you can get high damage from a distance.

(Nova kills enemies after generating multiple antimatter spheres)

Building survival rate

This model differs slightly from regular models in that it offers greater survivability and is designed for Nova users who want to be more active in combat, especially those who enjoy fighting enemies at short and medium distances.

This design allows Nova to take advantage of Null Star’s ability to significantly reduce damage, allowing the company to survive in a wider range of situations.

During battle, she can use Molecular Prime to slow down her enemies so she and her team can easily withdraw from the game.

Zero Star receives up to 18 particles, each of which reduces the damage caused by Nova.

Antimatter waste saves most of their statistics and at the same time causes more initial damage.

The wormhole will last longer, but don’t let it get further than 17 meters.

Molecular Prime will have a huge beam and will also slow down the enemies considerably. In this way, Nova and his team will be able to send enemies quickly and at the same time have protection from enemies who attack because they are very slow.

(Nova fights the enemy when polished with the zero star)

Building in balance

This is the basic building block that enables Nove to use all its possibilities with less energy while maintaining a balance with the statistics of other possibilities.

All of Nova’s capabilities will increase in their respective statistics, and it will have a good amount of energy to use.

It is a good construction for both beginners and experienced players, because it allows you to use all its possibilities freely and can be effective if used skillfully.

(Nova Multicapacity)


In addition to the usual movements, Nova can do much more than just slow down, damage or speed up enemies, it can also use a variety of movements to adapt to your style of play.

There are many ways to build a Nova, and the possibilities are limited only by your imagination and playing style.

Nova is an excellent warframe to control the outcome of battles thanks to its many useful skills, and can be used in various missions thanks to its useful skills, which allow you to better control the movement and the amount and damage inflicted on enemies.

There may be a lot to know, but the Nova can do a lot of damage because of its antimatter droplet power, which can kill some bosses in one fell swoop.

Depending on the construction used by the player, Nova can be very situational and very useful for the team, or even perform difficult missions alone.

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