Warframe: Index Guide for 2019

Bets on target

To win a game, investors must be able to reach their goal before time runs out, otherwise the mission may end in a win with payback (the game ends with investors having more points but not reaching the goal) or a defeat (the opponent has more points and time runs out). To prevent the timer from going off, investors need to collect points, just as brokers need to be prevented from collecting points.

Restrictions or limitations

Players can choose any warframe they want to use, as long as they own it, regardless of their level. However, not all capacities work as in conventional missions. Some powers do damage, but do not have the desired effect, such as anaesthesia, freezing, burning, etc. When testing and mounting the frames, it is advisable to try low-risk models before opting for higher-risk ones.

Operators can be used during a game and will use their passive skills depending on the school. It can be very strategic to avoid death and move around more easily. It is best to choose a school that will help your currently selected warframe to increase your chances of success.

Primary Melee Weapons, Secondary and may be equipped without restriction, but Escorts and Equipment are not available and will not appear or be available during play.

Selection of enhancements

During a match the players may pick up Health and/or Energy balls added to the indicated bar. Enemies do not specify resources and instead have the option to specify Endo or Mode.


The players of the team participating in the game are called investors, who can be seen during the game when the advertiser talks and makes comments. Investorswill be a group of four players. As there are no players to fill the spots, the inspectors (NPC controlled AI using a random frame) will join the team. When a player joins, he replaces Spectrum.


Enemy in an enemy team consisting of corps units, including robots, infantry and heavily armored units with high shields and later with increasing amounts of armor. Each of the intermediaries has its own adaptation that distinguishes it from its usual national counterpart, such as skills, weapons and a unique name. During the game there are several units of the four groups and their level increases as the game gets longer and higher, causing problems for investors.

List of brokers

There are four groups of brokers, each containing four different elite units Corpus . Below you will find a list and information:

[Trading group]

  • Inspector (robot)
  • Nitrogen (robots)
  • Raptor RX (robot)
  • JadTeran(armoured infantry)

[Regeneration device]

  • Lock jaws and Saul (robot)
  • NakoXol (protected infantry)
  • VedXol (armoured infantry)
  • PelnaCade (protected infantry)

[Processing of applications]

  • M-W.A.M. (Robot)
  • DerimZan (Armoured Infantry)
  • Jen Dro (Protected Infantry)
  • Tia Main (armoured infantry)

[Investor Relations]

  • 002-ER(robots)
  • ArmisUlt (protected infantry)
  • Armoured infantry
  • Injury Del (protected infantry)

To find out more about the brokers above, click here.

Preparation of theindex

Index players don’t fight enemy battalions, so you only need to focus on destroying enemies individually or in small groups. Since we know that the enemies are Corpus units, it would be wise to modify the weapon using the following:

  • Electricity: Causes 50% more damage to the robot
  • It’s cold: At 50 % more damage at shielded
  • Irradiation: causes 25% more damage than robots.
  • magnetic: Causes 75 % more damage to prototypes with shielding and withshielding

For best results and to determine the status they can apply, it is advisable to combine magnetic and radiation.


Depending on your role during a game, whether you’re in a team or playing alone, it’s important to think about the warframe you’re going to use and the construction you’re going to play with.

Switch / Banker

Batteries that can cause damage are suggested for Race Points because of their defensive capacity or their ability to defend themselves. A large amount of health or energy can guarantee survival when collecting and delivering points.

Claims handling agents

Warframes, which can do a lot of damage, play a big role in destroying enemies, so that the banker can recover the game easily and quickly. If you move with high damage, you can quickly crush enemies and score points faster.


As in any game, there are support functions. The use of Warframe as a support is not always necessary, but can be a great help, for example when using a team’s defense, healing or demoralization capabilities to make things easier.

Match in team

It is important that the team coordinates the activities in the missions, especially the index. The fact that players run around scoring points compensates for the bonus points in a team and can lead to enormous chaos. Playing a role is not always an obligation, but playing a team is important, and knowing what to do and when to do it can turn a terrible defeat into a comeback. It is reasonable to let one or two people get together and let the others do damage in order to play faster, as free play can make the game longer for everyone.

solo piece

When playing solo it is important to remember that Spectra will be there, collect points and occasionally die. You have to make sure you have a war framework that can save itself in terms of survival and damage.


Players can use their operators, equip a school to suit your institution, or adapt to your game. This can be effective when it comes to escaping or organizing an attack. Use everything you have at your disposal to achieve victory.

Choosing the right equipment

There is no good or bad equipment when performing The index corresponds, in fact there is no good or bad equipment for any mission. It all depends on you, your playing style and what you like. There’s no better building, no useless building. However, it’s a good idea to make sure that the equipment you choose is suitable for your mission and that you know what to do once you start, instead of going in with random weapons or war frames and not planning ahead. Strategy and skills are the key to success in many missions.

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