Warframe Fortuna-Locations Of All Fish And Their Drops / Fishing Guide

The Warframe Fortuna update has been published by the publisher and developer Digital Extremes. This is a huge update with a new map, new weapons, new technology and much more.

The latest innovation has been installed in the underground city of Fortuna, where you will meet the Solaris Society of Enlarged Body People who live under the authority of the body. But resistance begins to develop, aimed at freeing Solaris from the corrupt.

Location of all fish and their boxes/fishermen during the Fortuna War

As with most major Warframe Fortuna updates, you’ll find many missions, side missions and other activities.

Fishing is one of the many activities in the game where players can catch fish, perform and collect resources. In Fortune you can catch 13 species of servo.

Below you will find the location of all fish, release points and other fishing tips to make your work easier. Note that the manual is still in progress and will be updated soon.

Card slots 1-5 (click to enlarge in Ingura)

Location on map 4-11 (click to enlarge in Ingura)

Place indicated on the map and fish

1 – eye, thing, transducer.

2 – bricks

3 – eye, bell, troma zone, plaster.

4 – Sapcuddy

5 – Sapcuddy

6 – eye, bell, troma zone, plaster.

Seven eyes, Brickie, Tink.

8 – bricks

9 – Eye, Bricky, Tink, Tromazon, Recaster.

10 – eye, bell, troma zone, plaster mold.

11 – eye, bell, troma zone, recastra.

Cave Hotspots – Sinatiada, Charamota.

CavePools is a scraper, Mirewinder.

Fish droplets

Bricks – Rubble, muon battery

Haramot – Scrap, Sagana module

Oscillator – Garbage, anoscopic sensor

Eye – debris, robot blade

Kriller – scrap, thermal laser

Transformer – Rubble, Parallel Biodines

Inverter – Scrap, neural relays

Sapcaddi – scrap, Venedo case

Wiper – Wiper, EXA Brain

Tinker – Scrap, Spreading coil

Tromyson – Scrap, EntroPlasma

Temperature related fish

Tip – You can view the current time and date by holding down the button on the map (default M). Warm weather is usually 4 minutes and cold weather is usually 22 minutes.

Echowidec – found in warm temperature lakes

Kriller – is found in warm temperature lakes

Long trips – is in warm lakes.

Fish in caves, lakes, ponds


  • Module Charamot – Scrap / Module Sagana
  • Scrubber – Scrubber/examination of the brain
  • Biode-Developer – Scrap Metal / Parallel Biode


  • Echowinder – scrap / anoscopic sensors
  • Scraper – scraping / rotary coagulant
  • Kriller – Scrap material / Thermal laser
  • Sapcaddi scrap / Vendo Delo


  • Bricks – scrap / muon battery
  • Thing – Scrap Metal / Distributor coil

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