Warframe Focus Guide for 2020

Focusing is used to increase the number of glasses in a particular school. There are 5 schools to choose from, including Madurai, Naramon, Zenurik, Vazarin and Unaira. Each school has its own skills that can improve both the war frame and the operator.


There are 5 different schools from which players can choose and equip one of them, each with its own commitment/skills. They can be unlocked if you observe them and then activate them. Each school has its own characteristics, and depending on the playing style of the user and the warframe he wants to use, even the most difficult situations can be mastered with it.

In the beginning you start with one school, but later you can open up the other schools and eventually you can learn skills from each of them and become even stronger. It is very important to choose the right school for your main type of game, because it is necessary to unlock the others.

1) Madurai

This school focuses on insults, evil and power. Those who run this school are powerful warriors and prefer to attack the majority.

  • Phoenix Chop – increases physical damage during missions.
  • Internal gas – Increases the maximum energy available to the amplifiers and the empty jet.
  • Perpetual gas – increases the speed at which the amplifier and the blind beam are charged.
  • Phoenix Spirit – Increases elemental types of damage on missions.
  • Empty Radiation – Leaving Empty Mode makes enemies blinded by the cost of energy.
  • Affects Void – Adds damage as a percentage of the time you spend in Void mode, and when you leave Void mode, you spend a percentage on the next attack, inflicting additional damage based on that percentage.
  • Flame Blast – Blast Blast Blast Void sends a fireball that causes damage to the enemy.
  • Rising Blow Machine – Enables whites to be enlarged and reloaded for more damage.
  • Shot – Passing enemies stuns them and leaves a trail of fire that does damage over time.
  • Weather Storm – Increases the damage to the Void Storm.

2) Vasarin

A school that focuses on healing, rejuvenation and protection. Those who run this school are protective healers and can very well support their allies.

  • Recovery Unit – Increases the Affinity Area and allows you to gain even more affinity with your allies, and also influences certain skills based on the Affinity Area.
  • Healing of Souls – Makes the next rebirth that you or others will make immediately. The consumption of the board therefore doubles, since your operator also has a number of loads.
  • Tides – Increases user’s maximum health.
  • Tidal rejuvenation – Increases operator recovery rate over time
  • Protective cover – Creates a shield that blocks damage, the cost of which depends on the damage.
  • Blast Guardian – Allies in an empty blast zone receive shields.
  • Vacuum sensor – Shut down the operator in vacuum mode.
  • Empty Aegis – Creates a shield with current in empty mode.
  • Dash – Provides allies you come into contact with when the dash is blank with immunity to damage for a period of time and treats them for a percentage of their health.

3) Naramon

A school that focuses on strategy, tactics and brute force. The leaders of this school won the battle.

  • Affinity Tip – Provides extra affinity for melee killing.
  • Empty Stalker – Provides a buffer that increases your critical chances for the warframe and operator for a limited time depending on how long you are in Empty mode, which expires with time.
  • Empty Hunter – Sends enemies through the wall and allows you to see their position visually as they drain energy in Empty mode.
  • Reasonable step – Continuous increase in operator speed.
  • Brain Sprint – accelerates the speed you use the spaces when you go over distances.
  • Power Tip – Reduces the melee combo counter when it is out of action instead of restarting completely.
  • Executive Dash – Makes enemies vulnerable to finishers instead of fighting them.
  • Spray Paint – Increases the damage and range of the bomb.
  • Confused Explosion – The vacuum of the explosion provides an opportunity to confuse enemies by forcing them to attack their allies.
  • Disarmament Detonation – Gives an uncharged explosion with the ability to disarm enemies, leaving them unarmed.

4) Unair

The school, which emphasizes endurance, defense and iron will, is able to withstand any battle under its leadership.

  • Empty Spikes – Reflects incoming damage as a percentage for the enemies you attack.
  • Basil scale – Increases total shielding of operating personnel as a percentage.
  • View of basil – Increases the range of a vacuum explosion.
  • Empty Shadow – Gives you and your allies invisibility in empty mode.
  • Empty Chrysalis – Reduces damage to closing allies when invisible.
  • Stonemasonry – Constantly increases the total number of operators and armor of the war frame.
  • Empty Line – Reduces the armor of enemies trapped in an empty line
  • Stun Dash – Reduces damage to enemies trapped in the blank line.
  • Magnetic Explosion – Hit enemies with a magnet that causes bullets to hit them when a magnetic field is fired.
  • Unairu Wisp – Empty Blast creates a will-o’-the-wisp when hit by enemies, causing additional damage to the operator picking him up for a limited time.

5) Zenurik

The school of concentration, intellect and mental strength, those who are led by this school are successful in inner strength and energy.

  • Energy pulse – Receive additional energy for a period of time while capturing energy balls.
  • Empty space – increases your operator’s total energy output
  • Cavity Flow Rate – Increases your operator’s filling speed.
  • Energy Blow – Creates a field in the zone that gives those entering the buffer zone a field that increases the speed of energy regeneration.
  • Lightning Strike – Sends a bullet that moves forward for a while and after a dry shot hits nearby enemies with electric shocks.
  • Inner Beacon – Reduces power consumption for close combat missions.
  • Static Empty – Causes the operator to send pulses in empty mode that cause damage to nearby enemies.
  • Empty Singularity – Attracts enemies from the operator when in empty mode.
  • Temporal Explosion – Slows down enemies hit by an empty explosion.
  • Voltaic Explosion – Creates a damage spike in an area harmful to enemies when an empty explosion is created.

Target group

A focus pool is the capacity of the number of passivities or skills you could activate, and it is shared by all schools, so you always have the same focus pool capacity no matter which school you go to. The higher your concentration group, the more active you can be. Modernised commitments need more capacity and stronger commitments, you need more capacity, so you need to update your concentration pool.

When liabilities are capitalised, the focus pools are aggregated according to the activated passive function and its level. Above you see a school that does not have a passive active pool, so it has a 139/139 directional pool.

Above you can see that we have activated the affinity peak, which occupies 6 tanks and provides us with the remaining 133/139 swimming pool of houses.

The more you activate passivity, the more you use the power of your target group. If you do not have sufficient spare capacity, you will not be able to equip yourself with more responsibilities or skills. As you can see in the picture above, we have financed more commitments and thus got more out of our asset pool. They can be changed at any time if a player decides to disable one pass or make way for another.

If you are in a low-capacity focus reserve, you can increase the capacity of the focus reserve by simply zooming in to the school’s drop-down menu or the school’s passive menu. Increasing the target reserve is costly and may require farms to increase their capacity in large numbers.

Movement capacities

In addition to the usual skills that each school has in terms of respect, some skills can be independent of each other so that they can be used in other schools at the expense of the potential of the skills pool. This makes your operator more efficient because he can get passive skills from different schools. To release the power or passivity, you must have spent a sum of a million turns and a piece of shiny Aidolon obtained by catching (not killing) Aidolon TERALIST, Hydrolists and Hantulists.

Once a skill is unrelated, it can be used by any school at the same time as the original skill, giving each school the privilege to use other related skills. Enabling trajectory responsibilities takes advantage of the pool’s focus capacity, which may need to be upgraded to reach your operator’s full potential.

How to get attention

In order to concentrate, players must supply a war lens or a weapon. They are used to create a focus based on the number of affinities achieved during the mission, creating a percentage of the total affinities in the focus. Only one lens can be installed per object, which can also be replaced by destroying the current lens and replacing it with a new one.

To equip the lens, simply go to the selected fixture or weapon you want to maximize and select the actions that will activate a different menu where you will select the focus lens from a list of different lenses you have.

Once the weapon or fixture is equipped with a target, it is sufficient to complete the task and the resulting affinity is converted to focus on a percentage basis. Your charge may have multiple lenses, each capable of increasing focus when in use or close to you. A lens converts the percentage of excessive affinity that armaments or weapons deserve.

Lens types

There are three types of lenses, each producing a different focus.

Lens usually

Turn 1.25% of excess affinity into focus.

Principal objective

Converts 1.75% of excessive affinity into focus.

Aidolon lens

Converts 2.25% of the excessive affinity into focus.


For some people it can be difficult to get lenses in the beginning, because they can’t get them as quickly as possible. However, there are several ways to obtain lenses, as shown below.


Some lucky germs or generosity have a reward of normal lens , and there is a good chance you will get it if you do. Multiple attempts may be required to obtain a lens, as the reward is based on the RNG (Random Number Generator).


Large lens designs are available in the players’ landing craft market and can be manufactured once all the necessary materials, including the 4 conventional lenses that are also needed, have been received.

Level 5 Gratitude

These bonuses have a chance to reward Eidolon Lens Blueprints, but some of them might have to repeat the mission because the chances of getting them are not that great. After receiving them, the player can make them up as he sees fit.

In addition, you can win lenses through invasions, and they can also be exchanged between players.

Focus Farm

It’s not that hard to use a trick, all you need is privacy, which you can easily get by killing enemies. In order to be able to focus, it is necessary to use a weapon or weapon of war that has a focus lens. The more enemies you kill, the more attention you draw. You will be able to complete missions with more enemies, making the farm the focus of simple and efficient work. It is best to use weapons that can do a lot of damage or kill multiple enemies at once. You can exchange eidolon shards for concentration shards, but it may take some time for the farm to kill the teralisatoren. Killing many enemies or killing enemies by deception is the best way to win a round.

Fines for convergence

These are yellow balls that can be picked up and activated by a buffer that multiplies the earned concentration by eight in 45 seconds. Picking them up at some point is crucial, especially if you can then track down and kill a few enemies.

Proposed agricultural emissions

There are several missions that can be carried out for more efficient agriculture, some of which are listed below.

Homicide (normal and elitist)

This mission is very effective and guarantees a high concentration because it has an unlimited number of enemies, and with each movement in the area, the enemies become stronger and closer as the player moves away.

Survival (regular and fiscal)

This type of mission is good for trick farming, but also because of the unlimited number of enemies that grows with the stretch time, and the ability to cultivate materials and items that the player might need in the future. If you focus on your survival, the longer you stay, the more bonuses you receive every 5 minutes. These bonuses include resources, proximity, success and resource bonuses that allow you to grow in multiple locations during a single mission.

Destruction (high level – stealth approach)

Another way to focus on agriculture is to use the Stealth and delete the Destruction Map while keeping the Stealth Affinity Multiplier active. This can be done using Warframe, which is invisible or can eliminate enemies and make them prone to death by the Stealth. Maintaining the multiplication factor and killing multiple enemies in a row means a very high affinity and therefore more concentration.


Focus plays a very important role in the game, and we recommend that you try to maximize the schools as much as possible, because they are good for the game and will be much more useful in the future. The focus on agriculture is effortless and can easily be done with or without intent, just by playing normal games. Choosing the right frame for Cunning Farming will do a lot of good, such as a unit that can become invisible or eliminate enemies to kill the cloak with a discreet approach, or a frame that can quickly kill multiple enemies to survive or advance missions.

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