Warframe elementary and physical damage weakness per faction

Here is an overview of the damage elements and physical damage weaknesses for Warframe (update 08/2019) This overview is a starting point for new players who want to advance by force. This overview does not include the processing damage, the status indicators and the required multiplication factor for a high (output or infinite) content level.  – Video with explanation under

Types of injuries and fracture weakness

Physical damage is the base damage for most weapons you encounter in Warframe. It is very rare to find weapons with physical damage. The first game weapons will always have a combination of all three types of physical damage.

If you take action against infected persons, you prefer the heavy weapon slash . By green , piercing is preferred, and by body , piercing is a kind of damage of choice.

false damagegood againstinfected
and effective against meat

perforationdamage good vs.refrigerator
and effective against shielding

shockgood damage tobody
and effective against shield

But these 3 types of physical injuries are only the starting point, because combinations of elementary injuries are much more effective against any faction.

In Warframe you have 4 basic types of damage: Heat, Cold, Toxin and Electricity. They’re even stronger when they’re united. I have listed for you the most effective combinations for each faction.

Elementary weakness of ecology and better adaptation

Greener’s main grunts are weak against heat damage. But heavier units wear armor, and corrosion damage is the best choice against them.

Corrosion(toxin + electricity)

against light Refrigerator

Infected weakness and better posture

The way the grunts grumble, they’re easily infected units. They are also weak in the fight against thermal damage. Heavily soiled units have a shield that can be weak for corrosive damage.

Corrosion(toxin + electricity)
vs.Heavily polluted

against lightinfected

Base body deviation

Cadaver units have shields that have a weakness for magnetic damage. In addition, the toxin has the ability to cause damage under the hull shield against the flesh of the hull.

Magnetic(cold + electricity)
vs.Heavy-duty housing

against the light body

Weakness of the empty element

Empty enemies on the starting grid have weaknesses similar to those of Grineer. This means that corrosion damage is useful for heavier appliances. Heat and cold damage is useful against grumpy enemies.

Corrosion(toxin + electricity)
vs.Heavy blocksVacuum

Coldvs. vacuum light blocksor
Heatvs. Vacuum light blocks

Other types of damage and weaknesses

Index – claims
Eidolon Hunt – claims
Rathuum Arena (Nakki, Yam, Water) – claims species

Basic damage is always added to the target. This has nothing to do with the ability to obtain a status. A status probability is a probability of causing a base effect, also known as a proc. The greater the chance of a disorder, the greater the chance that the nature of the damage (physical or elementary) will be delayed.

Weak War Picture Video TutorialFraction

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