Warframe-Deck 12 and Exploiter Orb Location with Boss Fight Tips

Bridge 12 Location

Warframe indicated before the arrival of Bridge 12, and after a recent update, it was added to the Buried Guilt event. The appearance of a new boss and the reward for his completion, i.e. spare parts for the new war frame Hildryn, were added to his function. You can pick up the ball finder on deck 12, the location of which we have indicated.

Bridge 12 is in Orb Vallis, Venus. Mark your location as shown on the map and operate Warframe until you see a safety door in a small cave. You have to break in and go inside to get into the neighborhood. The security code for the door must already be there for you to enter.

Control ball

As soon as you enter the big camera, you start working with the blackboard for a story or story behind the place. Interaction with the board will lead to a boss battle in which you can play alone or with your one-cell friends.


You can kill this boss quickly by first destroying the rocks on which he rests his legs or hands and then destroying the vent pipe. By destroying the air shaft, its mechanics are set in motion and the other air shafts are frozen for immunity. Behind the terminal, in an interior space, is the Thermia bus, which is used to eliminate the ice effect.

After defeating phase 1, you enter the outer area where you have to defeat the raknoid coolant to get the coolant barrel. As soon as the reservoir is repaired, it must be heated in a burning geyser in order to turn the cold reservoir into a thermal reservoir and be fired at the ball of the explorers.

Once the Exploiter’s bullet has flipped, jump on The Boss to pull a small piece that tears off parts of it. Beat your boss to collect all the drops according to the instructions and enjoy your new loot. You can do it much faster if you integrate the Orb Explorer into your team.

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