Warframe Daily Tribute Reward List

Daily Tribute (also known as Daily Rewards) is a system that offers players daily login rewards.

These prizes vary depending on the number of days accumulated and may result in a large number of prizes that can be won by players.

Rewards are random, but depend to a certain extent on the player’s skill level, which increases the chance of a rarer reward for each skill by 5%.

The Daily Tribute is reset every midnight (12:00) UTC.

All platforms

Below is a list of the daily rewards available through the Daily Tribute System:

  • Affinity booster
  • Credit enhancement
  • Credits.
  • View
  • Slagbol
  • Endo
  • The Fieldron sample
  • Action plan form
  • Gallium
  • Morphology
  • Mass for Mutagena
  • Mutagenetal sample
  • Neural sensor
  • Neuros
  • Orokin cell
  • Oxium
  • Random frame model
  • Drawing weapons
  • Relief package
  • Resource Booster
  • Increased risk of loss of funds
  • Union medallions
  • Tellurium

Only for PC

  • 20% Platinum coupon
  • 30% discount on the platinum coupon
  • 40% discount on the platinum coupon
  • 50% discount coupon on platinum
  • Platinum 60% discount coupon
  • Platinum 70% discount coupon.
  • Platinum 75% discount coupon.

Only for console

  • 25% Market discount† (console)
  • 50% Market discount† (console)
  • 75% Marketplace Discount† (console)


The more days stack up, the more options there are, so Stage Reward players can choose what they want to repeat in the next round of the day.

Daily subsistence allowance for Sunday cannon

From the 100th day and every 200 days players can choose one of the following weapons as a daily reward.

  • Sigma and Okantis
  • Zenistar
  • Azima
  • Zenith

Daily tools and information panels

Means and characters are selected over 50 days and then continuously every 100 days of the form.

Daily charge modes

On day 200 , Primed Mod is available as a reward, which is repeated on days 400, 600 and 900 .

First-class fashion, available as a reward:

  • Primitive anger
  • Vitality
  • Brief introduction
  • Prepared and confident

Lodestar Xiandana

The Lodestar Sandana is awarded on day 800.

Star shield

The Lodestar armor is worn for the 1,000th time. Bye.

Evergreen Award

At 1050e and every 50e days thereafter, players can choose from Evergreen rewards, which consist of three different groups, A, B and C.

Indefinite price pools run every 50 days and make it possible to get 50 of each.

Below you will find the wintergreen prices:

Eternal green reserve price A

  • Exilus Cache – 3 Exilus Adapters
  • Payment form – Form 3
  • Arsenal Hide – 4 rifle positions.

Perpetual green selection B

  • Endo’s money is 30,000 Endo.
  • Cash – 50,000 Cuva
  • 7-day booster – affinity, loan, resources or ability to drop the booster

Evergreen C Pool price

  • 3x scrumsplit
  • 3x Secondary river
  • 3x rifle

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