Warframe Chromium Build 2020 Guide

Color list

Chroma is a unique luminaire which, as the name suggests, gets its strength because its capacities depend on its colour, which determines the effect of the capacities it uses.

It is a very powerful war machine that can sustain itself and, depending on your physique, can be very strong and do a lot of damage, while supporting allies and keeping the crowd under control.

How do I get Chroma?



Place of the player-prime minister

Drawings of Chroma components can be obtained by making the following connections:

  • Uranium nodes: Chromoneuroptic
  • The Neptune crossing: Chromaframe
  • Pluto connection: Colour systems

Chroma is available for another 375 metres of platinum on the orbital market.

In case the color or parts of it could have been sold or accidentally removed, another way to buy it without spending platinum would have been to buy it from Cephalon Simaris.

Cefalon Simaris offers a Chroma plan for 100,000 standing persons and the details for 50,000 standing persons.

Chroma Prime


Chroma Prime is the most important variant of Chroma and has a lot of armour and energy.

Relics with Chroma Prime:

  • Drawing: Consolidated: Meso P1m Neo K2 available Meso Z3, shaft D1.
  • Neuropathy: Consolidated: Bed C3 available: C4 Lighting
  • Chassis: Consolidated: No: Meso K2, Meso T3, Axi R2.
  • Systems: Consolidated: Axi C3, Axi C4 available Neo C1

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(chromium production capacity)

Chroma has the ability to breathe an elementary breath to his enemies, strengthen his defenses and apply special properties to himself and his allies, absorb and transform damage into armor and damage and release the skin to act as a sentry and attack enemies.

The ability to align passive elements means that the primary radiation colour affects its capabilities, and can be selected by selecting a colour to determine which element is applied to its capabilities.

1) Spectral Cri


Chroma releases elementary breaths that damage the area in front of it and also has a chance to make a status chance based on the elementary alignment.

This ability can be used to inflict heavy damage on enemies, and with the probability of a status effect, it can inflict additional damage over time and help weaken enemies, allowing Chroma and her team to take advantage of it.

There are 4 different spectral cries, each depending on the elementary orientation of the color:

Spectral heat cry


(Chroma using the spectral scream with the heat selected by the elemental orientation)

The Spectral Cry with the selected thermal element causes thermal damage and can prolong the effect of the thermal state burning enemies over time and cause initial panic.

Enemies that panic for a while, making them vulnerable to easy killing.


(chromatisation using a spectral sieve with a toxin selected by the elemental alignment)

The spectral scream with the selected poisonous element deals with the enemy’s poison and can poison and damage it over time.

The effects of a toxic state can be cumulative for several cases, which cause more damage the more exposed they are to the toxic state.


(Chroma using cold spectral crystals selected on the basis of elementary orientation)

The spectral scream with the selected cold object causes cold damage and can freeze enemies and make them very slow for a short period of time.

Slow down frozen enemies so they are easy to kill, which can have a good mass control effect that helps the whole crew.


(chromatisation by spectral screening, in which electricity is selected on the basis of its elementary orientation)

A spectral shout with the selected electrical element will damage the electricity and has a chance to cause the electrical state effect that controls the circuit.

Affected enemies can become paralysed for a certain period of time, and this effect can occur with multiple enemies, making this ability a good way to temporarily disrupt an enemy’s resistance.


Change Mod. After a burn, the Spectral Cry causes a projectile when the power ends, causing damage based on how long the power has been active.

2) Primary school hall


According to Chroma’s elementary orientation, it forces the area to be strengthened and impregnated with defensive energy.

The basic color alignment will determine the effects of the protective properties of the capacitance.

This feature is very useful to improve your stats, but also to allow your allies to control the crowd or to do additional damage to your enemies.


(chromium exposed to elemental chamber heat)

The aura of fire protects you and your allies by increasing your health by a percentage, and also causes thermal damage to enemies within a radius of 5m, which can also affect them with the possibility of a thermal state.


(Elementary chromium chamber influenced by Toxin)

The appearance of the Elemental Toxin Chamber will benefit you and your allies through increased cooldown speed and a case speed bonus, giving you the ability to infect your enemies and get a percentage of their maximum health in the form of toxin damage with a 100% chance of status.


(Chroma influenced by elemental cold chamber)

When Chroma and her allies are hit by the elementary division with a cold alignment, they are protected by a cold element that gives them an increased percentage of armor while reflecting the damage inflicted by their attackers.

Enemies damaged by reflection damage have a chance to be frozen and are delayed, frozen and crushed.


(Base station for chromotherapy with electricity)

The power of the Elemental Division influences Chroma and its allies by strengthening their base shields and sending electrical charges to nearby enemies.

Enemies affected by electrical charges are subject to paralysis, making them vulnerable for a period of time.


Change Mod. The Eternal Circle allows allies to retain the benefits of the Elementary Circle even when they are not at the location of the opportunity.

3) Vex shield


Chroma converts the damage into armor and damage to shields and health.

The buffer of the current circulation capacity can be replicated by restarting at the last print run, thus prolonging the effects.

Chroma’s closest allies also get extra damage and an armor buffer, making it an excellent solo and team skill.

This capability is a huge advantage and adds survival and attack capabilities, making it very exceptional for combat leaders, high-level missions and virtually any mission that can benefit from high damage.


(Chroma killing enemies under Vex’s armor)


Change Mod. Vexing Retalia causes an explosion with a radius of 9 m, where the shields cause a stab.

4) Effect


Chroma transforms her skin into a sentry with her own health, and starts attacking the enemies from a position where they are blocked.

A sentry can cause a shock wave that throws enemies on the ground, a scream that numbs and exhales enemies, whatever object is selected, with a certain basic orientation.


(heat shield attacking enemies)

A heat-soaked guard will breathe flames on enemies with the ability to burn them.


(Toxin Guard Attack Enemy)

A Sentinel that has a poison as a property, will destroy it as dust on the enemies that damage the poison, with the ability to infect them with the effects of the state of the poison to damage them over time, depending on the maximum level of their health.


(Cold Guard attacking enemy)

A cold, soaked sentry breathes an icy breath and damages the enemy by reducing their freedom of movement and speed of attack for a period of time.


(Electric Sentinel Attack Enemy)

A sentry with electrical properties attacks enemies with electrical grenades that have a chance and stuns the enemies for a while.


Change Mod. Guided Effigy ensures that Effigy moves towards the target when the power is being held, tackling heavy damage and stunning enemies upon arrival.

Proposed buildings

Building in balance


Our balanced design essentially works in such a way that Chroma can develop to its full potential without energy cost problems.

Most of his skills will be useful and will be able to do decent damage with a good range.

A spectral scream consumes less energy with more damage and a slight increase in range.

The block of elements has a larger radius and a longer duration, while its effect is significantly enhanced.

Vex armor lasts longer than normal and works in a larger radius, resulting in much larger armor and damage.

Due to the reduced energy consumption per second, the portrait can be active for longer and cause more health damage than normal.

This organization is suitable for both new and old players, because it has a good balance that makes it suitable for many different missions.


(Chroma using multiple skills)

Strength of construction


A solid structure is meant to let the Chroma suffer a lot of damage and impact from its capacity.

There will be a slight reduction in all energy costs of the capacity, with a slight disadvantage in terms of duration.

Thanks to its high performance, it will do more damage, and the Vex armor will add a very high bonus to his armor and damage.

This structure allows the Chroma to do a lot of damage with its capabilities and weapon attacks, making it a powerful damaging force in missions and battles with the boss.


(Chromatism control with active Vex reservation)

Cruise design


Bruiser’s building functions as a building for Chroma to maintain its high survival capacity and to give it more health and armor.

This building is well suited to inflict damage and prevent loss of life during missions, but is especially beneficial for those who prefer a close fight.

If energy costs are reduced thanks to high efficiency, it can always give up its capacities, and with increasing cost they last longer.

The Vex armor works well with this construction, but also with its other possibilities when activation is needed for crowd control or extra damage.


(Combination of chrome layer with active image)



Chroma is widely known for its ability to take down multiple enemies and leaders in one fell swoop with its enormous power.

He is perfectly capable of dealing with large amounts of damage on his own and can even give his allies the same strength to do damage and be protected.

Chroma not only inflicts great damage, but they can also strike because they are strong in attack and defense.

His abilities allow him to control the crowd, inflict damage, or both, depending on the way he is adjusted and the degree of passivity.

The ability to change the capabilities with a simple color change allows the user to change the way the capabilities work and will be very useful for those who can use them.

Chroma is ideal for new players who need a warframe that can do damage, but it remains strong and very versatile for veterans, thanks to the changes and capabilities that make Chroma one of the deadliest and heaviest warframes in the game.



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