Warframe Archwing Guide: Best Mods, Arms & Leveling

This guide will help you build the right arc with useful weapons to continue on the star map, fly over the plains of the Eidolon and Orb de Vallis and use it in Railjack. Amesha and Itzal should be your two curved wings. For the star map and the open world Vandal Emperor, Fluctus or Larkspur your archangel must be your choice. For the Railjack the Archgane Cyngas and the Phaedra are added to the mixture.

  • Obligatory sheets
  • Arc shape required
  • Basic content of Itzal, late assembly of the game.
  • Amasha Ryljack is too late to set up the game.
  • Recommended equipment for archery
  • Curved railjack gun structures
  • Basic set of archery guns
  • The best places for arches and ergonomic alignment
  • Use of ergometers in ground operations

Compulsory forms

There are two different sheets you need to get: Itzal and Amesha. For both, you should have access to Tenno Lab in your dojo, as all the necessary drawings are only available there. As with all curved wings, you first have to build wings, harnesses and systems. Then you build a real arch from these pieces. The construction time of is 36 hours.



Izal is the fastest arc curve and can blink, rush forward, cover twice the distance to all the other arc curves. It is very useful to quickly bypass the Eidolon or Orb Vallis planes, and if you need to get out of the danger zone very quickly. The Penumbra (2) capacity masks when stationary. The third possibility is called Cosmic Crush (3). This ability is very popular for farming in dome missions and open world maps, such as pulls all resources and enemies from to one location. The (4) Escort Fighter is Intzal’s ultimate skill and increases his defensive power. A swarm of little drones will fly around your bow and attack the enemies next to you.

Ital is the weakest of all curved wings. But the speed, the ability to hide and suck resources make the most popular choice for any star card content that is not Railjack. Orokin’s catalyst is well suited for this arc. You can go directly to the Itzal assembly with all recommended bow models.



The second bow worth preserving is the Amesha, a bow with exceptional healing and damage mitigation capabilities for you and your teammates. The first possibility of the Amesha Vigilant Swarm (1) makes the drones that stop a attack sacrifice themselves. This capacity can also be launched on allies. The (2) Charity Bait can be recognized as Amesha’s signature. The friendly bait creates a large energy field bubble with a smaller bubble in the middle. All lesions of the central bladder are softened and used for healing, and all lesions of the large bladder are directed to the small central bladder. Gratitude (3) removes status from allies in the vast Amesha area and slows down the enemies. This last possibility, known as Vengeful Onslaught (4), converts all damage into energy, similar to the Dwarven Frame Rage module.

The Amesha is a relatively robust, high survivability arched wing that can be used in all arcane spaceflights. This is the selection form for Railjack. I strongly recommend the use of Orokin catalyst for this arc. You can go directly to the Amesha meeting with all recommended bow models.

Leaf control panel

Curved movements – especially during fuselage missions – can be confusing. There are a few simple tricks to get the most out of the bow.

U flies faster than by pressing and holding the Shift key and activates the Space afterburner by pressing and holding the Shiftkey.

The best way to make a difficult stop in space is to fly againstobstacles. It’s not very elegant, but it’s very effective.

If you rotate around from your axis, you need to lose the speed of by releasing the Space and Shift keys. Only the s move slowly to the s in a few seconds. Your bow is automatically adjusted.

Flasher is a curved ability to move forward very fast. Use the Q-button on the keyboard and you will keep blinking. Blink has two seconds of hypothermia and Izal goes twice as far as any other bow.

Mandatory bow form

There are 8 arched modes and one aura mode that should be on your shopping list. Of the 8 dome-shaped mods there are 2 survival mods that need to be reached very quickly. The rest of the fashion can be bought as you make your way through the arch missions and trendy agriculture.


Enhanced durability is the first survival you need. This gives a health gain of 150% of. This means 900 health for Itzal and 1800 health for Amesha. Fortunately, this fashion is a guaranteed downfall of the Jupiter intersection.

The second mandatory survival mode is power inversion. This change gives your bow hinge a 120% enlargement of the shield by. It precipitates the fruits/plains of the generosity of Eidolon 2. He has 25% chance of falling into rotation A and 15% chance of falling into rotation B.

You also had to install Rejuvenation on your battle platform when you were performing curved missions. In this way you and your teammates are treated in 3 health per second. It doesn’t seem like much, but it’s true over time.


Capacity-enhancing mode, which is more difficult to obtain and does not need to be acquired as quickly as survival modes. Try to place or purchase the fashion skills over time, as they will greatly increase your benefits.

Auxiliary Power provides +90% more power than for your plate capacities. Equipped with auxiliary power, because Izal and Amesha have 540 energies. It only falls after the battle of the Dargin Shield with a 0.17% chance of falling. The best place to grow is on Cesus (Uranus) or Pandora (Saturn). With such a low drop factor, the rare transmutations and purchases from other players are a valid alternative to buying this mod.

The control system provides an efficiency of +55%. In combination with assistive power, it is extremely useful to keep your abilities constant. This makes flying over the Edolon or Orb Vallis levels extremely cheap in terms of energy consumption. The mod distinguishes itself from most Griner Dome enemies with a very low drop of 0.25%. The best place on the farm is to intercept Cesus (Uranus) or simply buy it from other players for about 30 decks.

An effective transfer to increases the capacity duration by +30%. The mode changes from Greener Dargin to arch missions and the levels of Edolon or the corpus attack drones. Unfortunately the fall velocity is very low. Therefore buying Efficient Transfer from other players for 5-7 platinum is a good alternative.

The power amplifier offers a range of +60 % capacities for your arc connection. It falls off the Hellion Dargin green shield with a probability of 1.5%, and the best place to do that is still to intercept Caesar (Uranus).

Hyperion plungers offer a speed increase of +27.5%. That’s something that’s gonna happen to your Amesha. The mods have a very small chance that the locusts do 0.4% less damage. Try your luck on Salacia (Neptune) or buy it for 10 pence from other players.

Priming morphological transformer provides +55% of the resistivity capacity of. The reason why I don’t recommend the purchase of a normal morphological transformer is that it has a very small resistance increase of 20% and a terrifying drop. Check the Baro Ki’Tar every two weeks to get a ground transformer for 150,000 credits and 350 ducats.

Basic Itzal content, late assembly kit (Form 0)

This is your basic building game that includes all the arcane missions and levels of Eidolon + Cetus and collects resources (use your 3, Cosmic Crush). Izal is the fastest bow wing, and with the Hyperion sliders and twice the blinking distance it should be a bow wing at the Eidolon and Fruit.


  • Improving sustainability (R5)
  • Energy inversion (R3)
  • Root system (R10) Hyperion push button
  • Power amplifier (R5)
  • Effective transmission(R3)
  • Power supply (R5)

Amasha Railjack Late Assembly Set (2 Forms)

This building is made to fight against enemies that strike very late in the game. You will be quick enough to dodge, and you will be able to use your friendship sip (2) for permanent healing and your vendetta (4) for energy.


  • Improving sustainability (R5)
  • Power supply (R5)
  • Energy inversion (R3)
  • Hyperion push button (R10)
  • Root systems (R10)
  • Effective transmission(R3)
  • Power amplifier (R5)
  • Filled morphological transformer (R10)

Recommended Arc Guns

As far as dome-shaped primary weapons are concerned, there are two categories. Crete with a weapons base for use with bow and for use as a ground weapon (Gravimag). Weapon status based on for Railjack.

Sagittarius guns, classic archery missions and Gravimag


To recommend three different archangels, just find the one you prefer. Fluctus is your bow gun with a short range of but high damage of. Imperator Vandal is your versatile Soma Prime bow gun. Finally Larkspur as medium high damage weapon.

All parts of the Vandal Emperor, including the drawing, are part of the regular Balor Fomorian Invasion. But you can also buy all coins from other players for about 50 decks. You can’t go wrong with that gun, not even in the Ralejack.

The drawing Larkspur is available at Tenno lab in your dojo. It can be built without additional parts, but the building regulations include 2 Crisma Toroids. They were entrusted exclusively to the Orb Mother of the Battle of Fortune, who was imprisoned on the farm for many days of work. The market price of larkspur is only 125 platinum and it is worth considering this mighty archangel.

The Fluctus drawing is available at Tenno lab in your dojo. The drawing requires of three components, each of which ise of differentbonds: The barrel flows out of the cephalon, the barrel flows out of the meridian of the steel and the current connects of the cephalon. You have to share this information with other players who are missing other parts of the gunbow. – But as far as railjack is concerned, unfortunately, it’s useless.

Archery gun with railgrip, archery gun


Enemies throwing themselves on the track need weapons that use status. Cyngas and Phaedra work exceptionally well against the enemies of railjack. You can also operate Imperator Vandal in Railjack.

The drawing Cyngas is for sale on the market for 35’000 credits. These three components come from different trade unions: Hydrogen cyanide gas Drum of HexisReferees, hydrogen cyanide gas Receiver of Cephalon Suda and hydrogen cyanide gas Drum of Perrinsequence. You have to share this information with other players who are missing other parts of the gunbow.
This ergonomically designed ripper has a very high probability of damage and a very high probability of damage. These two properties make it perfect for Raljack.

The Phaedra subscription can be bought on the market for 35’000 credits. Like the Singhalese, all the pieces come from unions: Phaedra loop of the Hexis, Phaedra receiver of perrin sequence and Phaedra axis of New Loka. Exchanging parts with other players is again the best option.
This automatic firearm has very good chances of being classified as and very high drop damage. These two properties make it perfect for Raljack.

Imperial Vandals Pieces fall off balance of invasionThomor. That’s your excuse for everything.

Compulsory C-arm mode

Here’s your shopping list for the trendy bow weapons you want to use on bow missions. Changes that – after the purchase of the Gravimag – are more suitable for ground combat are not taken into account in this manual, as it focuses on space combat.


The arc gun has an increase of + 100% damage increase of . This is a guaranteed reward for the decoupling of Jupiter, as well as a decrease in almost all variants of Dargyn with a probability of about 2%.

Dual ammunition adds +60% of the multiple image to each archive weapon It falls from an interception point in Celus (Uranus) when it is A. The Green Dogma has a 0.25% chance of falling, while the Yellow Gut of the Green Shield has a 0.4% chance of falling this way.

The log extension increases the size of your log by +60%. This magnification is important for bow guns because there is only one magnet that charges automatically when you don’t shoot. The more magicians there are, the more you can shoot before you wait for the reload. It falls while turning A by intercepting Celus (Uranus) and Grine Dargyn or corpus attack drones.

Hollow bullets adds +80% critical damage to your archery guns. It falls from the interception on Cailus (Uranus) Spin A, like many other fashionable archers. There are several dome-shaped tube units that also eject hollow spheres, but the ejection rate is not possible at 0.06%.

The parallax provides a enhancement of +100% for your arc guns with a critical probability of . It falls, like many other mandatory fashion arch weapons, from the interception of the Tsael (Uranus) during A’s rotation, as well as from a wide range of sworn enemies of the corps and the greenest.

Zodiac Shred adds +90% Slash Damage to your Bow Cannon. This type of damage is called Particle Damage in Railjack. If they are attracted to the enemy, the total damage suffered increases by 7.5% per resistor. The particle profiles run indefinitely; the damage caused by the flow is therefore too great.


This results in basic basic modifications, similar to those we have for primary, secondary and melee weapons. They all cause 120% more elemental damage. You must combine up to Corrosive and Cold for Grind. And for the arched enemy corpus radiation and cold. If you want to fight the orb of profit taker , the radiation of pure will destroy your legs and body.

The electrified gun adds +120%e electrical damage to your bow gun. He switches from interception to Caelus in turn B.

Poison Clip provides +120% toxin damage for your archery weapons This mod is reduced when intercepted by turning Celus (Uranus) by A.

With the pole magazine you add +120% cold damage to your bow gun. It falls from the mobile defense on the Arpo (Earth) at the rotation of A.

The last elementary mod is which burns towers. Provides +120% thermal damage by archer . It falls from an intercept point near the Cailus (Uranus) as it turns around A.


Then we have 4 modwith the status of the element . All four mods fall with an equally small chance of falling every 2-3 months: about 2.5% for the Profit Taker orb and 5% for the Balor Fomorian Mission. Make sure that the four basic modes are +120% of the top before you start farming:

Charged balls add +60% electric dike to your arc gun and increase the probability of status of +60%.

Pollution adds +60% Toxin damage to your bow weapon and increases the probability of status to +60%.

Hypothermia adds +60% of the cold curtain to your arc gun and increases the status probability of +60% of.

The Magma Camera adds +60% heat to your bow gun and increases your status chances by +60%.

Archery rifle for rail handle

All modules try to use the status processes and. In Railjack the remanence is converted into particles, increasing the total incoming damage by 7.5% per treatment during processing – A failure causes plasma damage to the car, removing the shielding andshields while driving. At Railjack you can only have one type of Proc status. That’s why you want to keep either the slash or the perforation.

Singhas, rail winch (1 shape)


  • Ruby lined barrel (R5)
  • Double twist (R5)
  • Loaded projectiles (R3)
  • Toxic forceps (R5)
  • The hypothermic cooler (R3)
  • Extension of the magazine (R5)
  • Magma camera (R3)
  • Pollution of dwellings (R3)

Imperial Vandals, Railway Wagon Jack (Form 2)


  • Ruby lined barrel (R5)
  • Automatic unlocking (R5)
  • Double twist (R5)
  • Magma camera (R3)
  • Zodiac cruiser (R5)
  • Loaded projectiles (R3)
  • The hypothermic cooler (R3)
  • Electrified drum (R5)

Fedra, Railway trolley (2 shapes)


  • Ruby lined barrel (R5)
  • Extension of the magazine (R5)
  • Double twist (R5)
  • Automatic unlocking (R5)
  • Loaded projectiles (R3)
  • Magma camera (R3)
  • Polar Magazine (R5)
  • The hypothermic cooler (R3)

Basic assembly kit Archive gun

In missions without archives or if you use your archer with Gravimag in crit missions on Earth, structures are your best friends.

Imperial vandalism, later adjustable body (2 sizes)


  • Electrified drum (R5)
  • Toxic forceps (R5), combustion cartridges (R5) for fuselage inspection
  • Polar Magazine (R5)
  • Degree of parallax (R3)
  • Extension of the magazine (R5)
  • Hollow spheres (R3)
  • Double twist (R5)
  • Cylinder with copper surface (R5)

River, let playing body (2 forms)


  • Cylinder with copper surface (R5)
  • Double twist (R5)
  • Hollow spheres (R3)
  • Degree of parallax (R3)
  • Electrified drum (R5)
  • Toxic forceps (R5), combustion cartridges (R5) for fuselage inspection
  • Polar Magazine (R5)
  • Extension of the magazine (R5)

Delphinium, late hybrid game design (1 shape)


  • Electrified drum (R5)
  • Toxic forceps (R5), combustion cartridges (R5) for fuselage inspection
  • Polar Magazine (R5)
  • Extension of the magazine (R5)
  • Modified ammunition (R5)
  • Double twist (R5)
  • Cylinder with copper surface (R5)

Recommended arch crayon

Let me start by saying that the bow melee is generally not a good idea because you are extremely vulnerable when hacking enemies. I know close combat feels good, especially on maps of neighboring corps. But you quickly lose your shields and become an almost unshakeable target, open to enemy attack.

For Arch Mile, the only weapon I can recommend is the Centaur. This is a very fast melee weapon of the class, where has the highest basic probability of for a curved melee weapon.


The circulation can be bought on the market for 30’000 credits, but it can also be bought at the Daily Tribute price. Drawing requires three parts , each derived from one union from different unions. The Centaur Sheet is available in The Perrin Sequence, the Centaur Handle is available in New Loka and aegis in Hexis. In order to get all three games, you will need to trade with other players who may need the game you have in exchange for the game they have. If you don’t like trading, there is also a market where Centaur sells platinum with Orokin catalyst at the price of 195.

Compulsory C-arm mode

Shopping list for bow weapons only 8 mods long. Half of this mode is elementary, and the rest is what you’ve learned from the conventional melee weapon mode.


The Cutting Edge is a curved chalk type that increases the damage to the curved chalk type by +60% It falls from nine different enemies at an appropriate speed. You should be able to buy these mods by simply playing curved missions.

Extension extends your scrum range from to +80 %. Right now, it’s not expanding the range of the curved world, just the radius of the weapon. It has a 3.16% chance of falling from six different enemies of the Grineer Dargyn. Also on Monte (Venus) and Cirtis (Mars) fashion will often fall as an overwhelming reward.

The hardened knife offers +150% extra chances for each weapon of the world. The best place to fall is the hull sabotage mission in Galilee (Jupiter).

Bleed Edge adds + 110% Weapon Damage to Curved World Intercept on Caelus (Uranus) has a 10% chance of falling if you run B to give this mod.


Galvanized sheet causes +120% electrical damage to melee weapons of arc . Fashion falls as a reward in 3 different missions, but sabotaging the hull in Galilee (Jupiter) offers the best chance to fall with almost 26%.

Poison Bite adds +120% toxin damage to your favourite weapon in the world. The best place to fall is a boring bow mission on Kepler (Phobos). Now he has a 14.29% chance of falling with A’s rotation.

Glacier Edge is the third of the Elemental Mods and offers +120% Cold Damage for curved melee weapons. It has a very good chance of crashing 25% on a body sabotage mission to Galilee (Jupiter) and a good chance of crashing 10% on an interception mission to Tsael (Uranus).

Last element mod, Transparent steel, provides +120% thermal damage. The chance of falling below 4% is very small in the two agricultural regions – the Kepler Corpus Christi rush (Phobos) and the Pandora’s Cricket persecution (Saturn). You can buy it from another player or try your luck with an unusual transmutation.

Construction of the Centaur – Green

The fashion that Grineer absolutely must have at the 1 Forma Centaur meeting is therefore suitable for Grineer.


Centaur building – building

Just like the old poison for archers it was replaced in the mission Corpus by a thermal poison. This means that the Fuel Steel Poitting Switch has radiation and cold effects on the shields and shielding of the alloy.

Best places to align curved and ergonomic guns

At the moment there are only two good places to set up the archery and the archers.


The best is an interception at Caelus (Uranus). It is good to remember that this mission also gives you a lot of mods you need. Eventually you will play this mission alone or, if you’re lucky, with only one stranger. Many players are afraid of a solo interception with the bow. I’ve done this mission countless times on my own and it’s pretty easy to always have at least 3 of the 4 points under your control. The secret is to fly from one interception point to another and wait no more than a few seconds after taking control.

Always use lightning and fly at maximum speed. Try to hit the interceptor satellites to get a full stop. Take one point and then move on to the next. When you have all four under control, you hunt your enemies aggressively. The best arc for this mission is actually the Itzal , because you can very quickly go from one point to another and become invisible by taking control of the point.


The second known mission is the mobile defense on Salacia (Neptune). That’s the work of the Hull ship, and sometimes it can be confusing. Three satellite defense means that you and each satellite are a fixed target for the enemy. Your best choice for mobile satellite defense is Amesha.

Use of the bow in the recordings of Idolon and Orba Vallis

One of the greatest things in archaeology is its use for , which overcomes the open worlds Edolon Plain and Orb Vallis. The Itlesal, with its incredibly high airspeed and double flashing distance, is a curved wing of your choice.


To do this, you need to install segment of the curved knife thrower in the foundry. Like all orbital segments, this drawing is for sale in the dojo lab in Tennō. Creating this design will cost you several resources that are only typical for Edolon layers. You can also buy the dome trigger segment on the market for 175 units of platinum.

After assembly and installation, the must be equipped with an unlocking device archived in thegearbox menu. The next time you are in the Edolon Plain or in Orba Vallis, you can choose the Archer to use it.

Use of ergometers in soil applications, Gravimag

In order to use the artistic cannons as heavy weapons in ground missions it is necessary that the completes the orbital looting of the Profit-Taker 3. To get there, there are still many farms under construction.


At the end of the flight you will receive the Gravimag to install on your archive gun and the Ore Weapon Dispenser. You must attach an arc gun holder to your steering wheel.

Gravimags can be built to a design in your tennis lab in your dojo or bought on the market for 20 pence.

The Orokincatalytic converter must be installed on the arc gun on which you wish to install your Gravimag. That only makes sense with your most commonly used bow weapon. The Gravimag is added at the same place in the interface where you add the mould or catalyst.


If you use your bow gun as a heavy weapon in a mission, it has a recoil and needs special ammunition. With the sprocket wheel you switch back to a conventional weapon; after placing it back, your bow weapon is reloaded.


Archery has always been a controversial mode among warframe players. With the introduction of Gravimags and Railjack the development of the arc became mandatory. This guide tries to point you in the right direction. And if at some point you have trouble finding mods, weapons or means, it’s no shame to spend a few feet of platinum.

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