Volt Build 2020 Warframe Guide

Bolt is a fixture that controls electricity and allows the element to be used because of its destructive power when attacking enemies or because of its ability to manipulate its speed and that of its allies.

It is a flexible war environment, and it also has supportive skills that are useful for him and his team. One of the best things about this machine is that it can give the whole crew a boost in terms of speed.

Where did you get the bolt?


Unlike other frameworks, Bolt needs to be studied in an energy laboratory, and once the drawings are completed, they can be reproduced to make it.

The bolt can also be bought on the market for the price of 75 platinum.

Volt Prime

Bolt Prime has considerably more armor and energy than its Bolt counterpart.

Relics containing the Volta Prime:

  • Drawing: Violent: Neo O1, Neo V1, Axi N3 Available Lights O2
  • Neuropathy: Consolidated: Axi V8, Axi V1 Available Neo V8
  • Chassis: Consolidated: Axi V8, Meso V2, Meso V3 Available Meso O3
  • Systems: Violent: Neo H1, Neo H2, Axi H3 Available H4 shafts


By manipulating the electrical energy itself, the bolt can generate an electrical current at will to damage specific targets, strengthen them and their allies, erect protective barriers and cause electrical chaos.

Passive volts, known as static discharge, allow energy to be stored by simply moving, causing additional damage for its next power or attack.

corresponds to

A volt emits an electric current to an enemy that clings to other enemies nearby.

The initial target is passed, and there is a small chance that other enemies will be passed as well.

This is useful for cleaning up small groups or certain enemies that can be difficult to kill.

(The following figure shows the voltage shock for the opponents)

Upgrade : Shock Trooper allows you to shock your allies and cause electrical damage to all their attacks.


Bolt repels its enemies with its electrical energy and accelerates their attack, movement and charging speed.

This is one of the most popular skills for which Bolt is known, as it allows you to quickly complete missions, escape or catch up with enemies, but also to increase the combat opportunities in battle.

(you can see in the picture below that Volt increases the speed because of the speed effect)

Upgrade : The speed of the shock will cause Bolt and his allies to hit the nearby enemies with electric shocks during the sprint.

Electrical shielding

Bolt imagines a shield that protects him and his allies like a wall that he can raise and lower at any time.

Shots fired through the shield cause 50% additional electrical damage and 200% critical damage.

Multiple shields accumulate and increase electrical damage, but not a critical multiplier.

This shield is ideal to protect you and your allies, and to help damage your unit by firing one or more shields.

(In the figure below you can see a volt using an electrical panel and firing at enemies)

Upgrade : The transistor shield allows enemies to take control of your shield, and the damage the shield absorbs is added by the discharge capacity.


A volt charges itself and opens a ring that expands, shocks and paralyzes its enemies and causes electrical damage every second.

(The picture below shows a discharge of the casting joints)

Upgrade : The tank causes tanning damage to strengthen the shields of the Volt and its allies, which are evenly distributed among them.

Structure also reads as follows: Woban

Proposed buildings

Quick housing

This corps focuses mainly on increasing the speed bonus and attack bonus of Volt and those standing next to him.

With this construction Bolt and his team can perform tasks very quickly and they also have an advantage in attack speed battles.

(you can see in the picture below that the Volt is buffered with speed and runs fast when it kills enemies)

Structure also reads as follows: Sarin

Cases of dismissal

The discharge increases the damage and range in this design and can be used primarily to clear a large area of enemies or for strict crowd control.

This building is ideal for missions where you have to guard the place or protect the target, because it kills most of the enemies in the area and paralyzes the others for a while.

(The image below shows enemies dying within a large radius after an operation)


Volt can play many roles, such as support, protection and one of the most popular, that of the non-life insurer.

Thanks to its unique capabilities and the variety of possible assemblies depending on the users and their preferences, the Volt can be used in different ways and adapted for each mission.

Bolt is the best frame when it comes to walking around on maps or looking for special containers, because he can move quickly and just add a mod to detect theft against him or his companion.

With his shields and passive abilities, Bolt can be a very powerful damage dealer when it comes to killing bosses and bigger enemies like the Teralists and others.

Mastering this speed devil can be difficult at first, but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll complete the missions faster than you ever thought possible, and you may be as shocked as you are at your ability to do damage.

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