Vendor Sales Guide – Get your 1400 per day!

The facts:

  • The inventory of suppliers is done on a server basis.
  • The ceilings they have are based on your character. Not a waiter.
  • The sales ceilings are divided into internal fractions.
  • Reset time is 20 hours in real life.
  • The reset timer starts when you sell them something.

Each supplier has 200 to reset. 7×200 = 1400 jams, Graham is not lit, so the theoretical maximum is 1600. (Correction: Graham shares? With whom?)


  • Use Hard Bargain 3 (Charisma) and Travel Agent (Charisma), Grape Mentats (Aid) to get the best prices.
  • Use the combination of Vault 76 and your CAMP for the cheapest and fastest trip. The best depends on where your CAMP is located. The white lines in the image indicate certain paths.
  • Graham’s divorced, too, but you can’t keep up. Grab your chance if you have one, or if you have a friend who found it and joined the server. But I didn’t.
  • Use moth eggs as a fuel omelet if you don’t have enough of your own stuff to sell. They will be sold at 9 o’clock with bonus and grape guide. 8 o’clock without grape cloths. 2 Exceptions Point Lookout with a green finger (perception) flowerbed with 1 hop waiter, and Super Duper 3 (happiness) and about 80 wood craft about 110 omelets, that you should receive about 75% of the 1400 caps.
  • When they shop, they get about 20% of what you spend. I bought some good plans.
  • Sell an item with 1 cap to correct a seller who does not display the correct cap amount.

* The exact period is less than 22 hours, more than 16 hours. Because of my weeks of jogging I can probably assume a 20 hour restart.

Thank you/Channel5Gaming in the mail of which the beautiful graphics bothered me about MSpaint.

​Original reference

Mail order guide – receive 1400 per day! for Falling.

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