Valkyr Build 2020 Warframe Guide

Valkyrie Frame

As a result of numerous tortures and experiments, Valkyr is the fruit of experiments carried out within the framework of the Zanukah project, because they accidentally created a very deadly framework of barbarity that they did not expect to be used against them.

It is a very powerful weapon, able to do a lot of damage and keep itself healthy, steal health and survive countless enemies thanks to his skills and his initially high armor.

Valkyr is above all a melee warframe, with the ability to use his fast melee attacks and power.

Place of the player-prime minister

How do I get a Valkyrie?



Valkyra units can be obtained by defeating Alade V, who is on a mission to kill Themisto in Jupiter.

Your subscription can be purchased on the in-orbit gaming market for 35,000 credits.

Valkyr can also be bought for 300 platinum at the gaming market, which has already been built in orbit.

Valkyr Prime


Valkyr Prime is the most important variant of Valkyr, which has both a higher base armor and a higher energy reserve.

Relics with Valkyr Prime:

  • Drawing: Consolidated: Lith A2, Lith N3, Lith T2, Meso S3, Meso S6, Neo K1, Axi V7Available Nr.
  • Neuropathy: Consolidated: Lith S6, Lith T1, Meso C2, Meso D2, Meso V4, Neo N7Available Nr.
  • Chassis: Consolidated: Neo V7, Axi V5, Axi V6 available No.
  • Systems: Violent: Bed V3, Bed V5, Meso V3 Available: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

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(Valkyrie capacities)

Valkyr has the ability to draw enemies towards him or from afar, make a powerful cry that improves the statistics for himself and his allies, paralyze the enemies with a scream, unleash his anger and defeat the enemies.

His passive ability is known as agility, which allows him to recover 50% faster after a knockout and prevents him from having to cover long distances before receiving penalties.

1) Ripcord


Valkyr throws a hook to which a line is attached that causes damage to enemies when they make contact and then pulls them back.

This becomes useful to target enemies far away from Valkyr, bring them closer to kill them or separate them from the group.

You can send enemies to areas that could harm them, or even throw them off the map and kill them right away.

The cord can also be used to move around by attaching it to surfaces while Valkyr pulls itself to the right place.


(Valkyr launches the ripcord capability to the enemy)

When he points at an enemy, when he clicks on a skill, he throws a line at it, causing the first damage.

The latter has a time window that allows Valkyre to restore capacity in a short period of time, resulting in more damage and lower costs.


(enemy with torn cord)

Enemies coming out of the Rip Line are thrown in the opposite direction from Valkyr and are shredded, giving you the chance to take advantage by killing the enemy or running away.


(Valkyrie uses stop rope to get to the destination)

If the enemy is uncontrolled and the ripcord is launched within a certain radius of a certain area, Valkyr will be fired at the target and moved to a short distance.

This allows you to fill in holes or pull yourself to hard to reach places where you can maneuver by repositioning the ripcord or making a bigger movement.


Change Mod. With Swing Line you can rebuild the hanging rope 4 times without energy consumption, while it is in the air after a throw.

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2) Varkrai


Valkyr emits a powerful scream that increases his armor and attack speed and those of his allies, while reducing the movement and attack speed of enemies within a certain radius.

It not only improves your skills and those of your allies, but it is also good for controlling the crowd, slowing down enemies and reducing their effectiveness. That way, you and your allies can benefit from their tardiness.


(Valkyr launches Varker capacity)

War cries emanate from the Valkyries in the form of an expanding ring, in which allies and enemies are visually depicted under the influence of a stamp, distinguishing them according to the colour of the energy of the Valkyries.


Change Mod. Eternal war extends the cooking time for every killed enemy.

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3) Paralysis


Valkyr sacrifices his shields to stun and damage the surrounding enemies within the range of their abilities.

The damage is caused by the number of shields that the Valkyr sacrifice multiplied by a certain percentage.


(Valkyrie applies paralysis to enemies)

Enemies will be temporarily overwhelmed, usually you and your allies can use this to your advantage.

In a new form, the paralysis does not affect the enemies still under the influence of the first pitch, but after the amazing animation they are stunned again when the power is thrown.


If Valkyr has a great ability, he will be able to retaliate against enemies and in some cases throw them very far, so they can stop and make it easier to kill the enemies.

It’s good to take control of the crowd and give Valkyra and his team a lead over their opponents.


Change Mod. Persistent paralysis draws enemies to Valkyr and intoxicates them for a long time.

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4) Shadows of the dead


The Valkyr enters a Berserk state, buys himself in sublime weapons, the Valkyr Coupons / Valkyr Prime Coupons, and remains immune to damage, and uses up his energy during overtime.

These weapons do a lot of damage thanks to Valkyr’s power and the mods that can be placed in Valkyr’s coupons.

The Valkyr Heels can be equipped with various models to further increase the damage caused by the weapon in active condition.

During hysteria, Valkyra attacks steal the lives of your enemies, and if you harm your enemies, you will regain your health.

During hysteria, Valkyr will be invulnerable and immune to enemy attacks.

This power extracts Valkyre’s energy when it is active and deactivates it when there is insufficient energy.

The aura is emitted by the Valkyrie, who stores the damage he doesn’t know about. If the enemy is still alive, has a line of sight to the Valkyrie or is in the aura, he gets 25% of the damage he ignores.


(Valkyr uses hysterical capacity)

The use of hysteria makes Valkyrie completely immune to damage, allowing him to supply his enemies or move to areas that can damage him.

This means that traps such as trigger lasers do not cause ignition errors either, but still cause an alarm.


(Valkyrie with active hysteria, does not damage enemies)

Even during the hysteria, the enemies will attack Valkyrie, but they will not damage it and allow it to take enemy fire so that other allies can take advantage of such events.


(Valkyrie makes a hell attack)

Valkyr will have a special position during the hysteria, known as hysteria, which consists of quick and deadly attacks.

Their movements and attacks will be more aggressive and extremely agile.


(Valkyries damaging an enemy in a state of active hysteria)

Attacks during hysteria will cause more damage depending on the power strength and mods the superior weapon was equipped with.


Change Mod. Allow Valkyr to jump to attack enemies from a great distance, to attack a specific enemy and attack him.

Proposed buildings

Cruise design


This building gives Valkyra enough strength to withstand many enemies and allows her to use her abilities to a certain extent to survive.

This design does not focus on the crack rope, but on the other possibilities.

With the addition of Eternal War to the building, the Valkyries can remain under the influence of Warcry, so that the favorite remains active throughout the mission.

In the case of paralysis, the impact force is increased and the damage is considerably greater.

Hysteria may cost more at first, but it’s not so bad.

This design focuses on the use of Eternal War to keep Warcry fans active during all missions.


(Battle of Valkyr with active battle cries)

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Maximum structural strength


This structure maximizes the strength of the Valkyras’ abilities, which has a strong impact on their capabilities.

Most features cost more energy and have a smaller range, making it unsuitable for crowd control, but even more important for working with close allies and supporting hysteria.

Warcry will significantly increase the attack speed and armor of those hit by the buffer, which will increase the chances of survival and allow the enemy to attack very quickly.

Stun will have a shorter range, but will do more damage and, depending on the strength of the power, stun or even throw some enemies.

Activating Hysteria costs more energy, but with a reduced flow of overtime, Valkyr’s Heels will do a lot of damage, except that the Mode will be equipped.


(Valkyr fights the enemies with active war cream and hysteria)

Building in balance


This design balances most of the Valkyre’s possibilities, so you can use them freely without having to be afraid of too much energy.

If it has a stable set for each of its abilities, it will be able to use all of its abilities effectively while having a decent ability to maintain its strong capabilities.


(Valkyrie uses Rip Line for active hysteria and firing)

Magnificent weapon: Valkyr/Valkyr premium vessels


Valkyr’s big weapon, Valkyr’s Helen, is her main weapon when using the Hysteria capacity, which replaces every weapon she has with this devastating melee weapon.

This includes the clean position which, like the other claw positions, consists of fast and powerful claw attacks.

Valkyr / Valkyr Prime Woks Proposed models

Physically critical building


With this buildup, all physical damage to Valkyr Heels will increase, causing a lot of damage to Valkyr attacks when the hysteria is active.

The probability of critical damage is significantly increased by both the critical methods and the critical damage multiplier.

This causes considerable damage when using Hysteria, which can cause excessive physical damage to your enemies.

Critical Elementary Building


Like the Physical Critical Build, the Elemental Build inflicts more damage, but focuses more on exploiting the enemy’s weaknesses in each modified element combination.

This allows enemies to do more damage based on elementary damage, which can be higher depending on the enemy’s resistance to elementary damage with the possibility of status effects.

Property damage to buildings


Less dependent on critical damage or combos, the Physical Base Damage Build provides higher base damage for melee attacks and works well for slap and spin attacks.

Most of the initial damage is caused by these special attacks and will cause high initial damage when enemies attack with these types of attacks.

Natural hazard at the base building


Similar to Physical Base Papers, this design has the same goal, but focuses on more basic damage by elementary mods.

This is a good way to inflict additional damage on enemies based on their weakness, but the chance of a status effect is low.

Government buildings


Status building focuses on controlling elementary damage with a greater chance of status influence on enemies.

This gives the possibility of causing exceptional damage, as well as a reasonable chance of causing certain state effects, depending on the nature of the elementary combinations involved in the design.

State overload will result in attacks on any state effect that has caused more damage to the enemies.



Valkyr is a very manoeuvrable armor and can easily do a lot of damage, because only with his basic armor he becomes very resistant and with his Warcry lover it becomes almost impossible to stop.

She can inflict excessive damage on her opponents in battle by inflicting base damage with every weapon she possesses, as her War Cry lover makes her attack even faster, increasing the total damage she inflicts on her opponents per second.

At critical moments her hysteria becomes very pleasant and she can help to heal herself and survive any kind of damage, except that she is disabled, but she doesn’t have to worry about that, because these problems are easy to get rid of.

Whether it’s Hysteria or a well adapted weapon, only Warcry can make Valkyrie do the most damage in the game, because it gives him and his team a huge boost.

The use of ripcord can help Valkyrie to avoid the most deadly situations or to position himself for battle, and it can help him to overcome shortcomings that most warlike cadres cannot overcome with ease.

The ability to paralyse helps her to start battles and can reverse a combat situation by allowing her to keep control of the crowd she can handle.

Valkyr is not only able to do a lot of damage, but also to resist. He is one of the strongest scrum fighters in the game, who can also help the team with his fans and his ability to control the crowd.



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