Use the Sub Hive mind to build a definitive guide to the strong Hive Mind.

So the new player got into the game and really loved the idea of playing Hive Mind. I have now done a lot of research into characteristics, civilization and traditions, but also into play strategies for the hive (for example, manually disabling synapses, stacking fully-fledged hive ships that are self-repairing).

In that sense, I had hoped to bring people together to consolidate information and talk about the contradictions in the advice.

The emphasis will be on an early start, but the goal is of course to make a solid snowball.

The main goal is to find out how to work with what we have (e.g. the beehive needs major repairs) I am told not to play organic beehive, but to build robots (i.e. the beehive is just a bad robot).

Let’s also assume thatis an unchanged game at the moment.


Most common tip: Ascetic, Roy the Eater. Shared attention (+20 admin cap), subspace phase (+15% of naval capacity)

Subject: A greedy swarm may not be so good for beginners, who are calmer and lose game features such as trade.

After all, many civilizations are not very useful.

Other recommendations: A network of natural neurons and a mind

Total comprehensive income: For development cooperation, asceticism is a mandatory but opaque activity. If it’s not DC, it’s not clear what the best second option is.


Most common tip: Adjustable(2)/Very adjustable(4), Fast breeder (2), Scarecrow (-2), Sitting (-1)

Other recommendations: Community-based, charismatic, non-adaptable.

Subject: Some people talk now to avoid disgust. Now, I’m sure with the new versions of the games. I wish I had an explanation. Others recommend different charismatic/common options, but some say they are no longer worthwhile?

Total comprehensive income: Adaptability seems to be mandatory. Some say he’s charismatic for his convenience. People usually talk about the biological signs of ascension and make the best of it as soon as possible, so it is mandatory. It is also a genetic modification aimed at obtaining other desired characteristics, such as meticulousness.

Tradition and Ascension

Most common tip:

  1. Put something on prosperity to get the colony’s private ships at half price. Go to the extension. Then put an end to prosperity. Then go look.
  2. Adaptability is necessary. The supremacy without which you will soon die. Harmony for comfort and more.

Ascension: A master in the evolution of bio-signs. Hive worlds. Technology development.

Subject: Some have argued that we should start with prosperity. That’s another advantage. The same goes for adaptability and harmony. I know it is possible to build trees over time, but it would be a good idea to develop a first strategy.

A kind of prosperity to spread and then discover. I am curious to find a compromise between that and harmony + adaptability in the beginning, and whether the discovery should happen later or earlier. Also synchronicity.

Total comprehensive income: Wealth seems to be the most popular. The rest is a bit scattered and can be dictated by the playing style as DS + Supremacy.

Some say synchronization and harmony for things like reducing the use of pop incense sticks.

It would be good to have a coherent strategy without forgetting the time in the beginning and the middle of the game.

As far as climbing is concerned, I see biofocus and terraforming. I’ve also seen some people recommending the Master of Nature and Nihilistic Appropriation (DS Game), but I’m not sure there’s a consensus on that.

Random tips and tricks

  1. Synapse is very resource intensive and it can be difficult to play early. A number of manual changes are recommended.
  2. Buildings > Buildings and warnings
  3. The clone vessels are beautiful, as well as a teeming pool…
  4. Make huge army corvettes where they’re super fast and on deck. They can also heal themselves.
  5. Make the planets uninhabitable to everyone.
  6. Some recommend a route to the prison planet.
  7. Eat in abundance as soon as you can catch up with the world of food.
  8. 500 food products increase population growth thanks to global union technology.



Parents are weak

Help build HM? Don’t do that.


Devouring swarm peaks?


Extreme adapters

Something good? Bad robots?

Good HM characteristics?


Prosperity above all

The strongest HM Build?


Wiki traditions


Citizen’s wiki site

Machining : Links added

2020 will satisfy both classic and modern players. To get on the list, the game must be confirmed for 2020, or there must be a good reason to expect it this year. Therefore, upcoming matches with a simple announcement and no recognizable release date will not be taken into account.

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