Top Warframe Shotgun List for 2020

When it comes to doing short range damage with a primary weapon, nothing gives me more advantage than a shotgun.

I tend to use them every time I use Warframe, which plans to get closer to the enemies.

Shotguns inflict heavy damage when you are within the low to medium range of the enemy, and are effective in dealing with heavy damage in close proximity.

The best way to easily destroy a group of enemies within a certain range is to use shotguns, because they can do a lot of damage with a single shot, but also because of the spread that makes it possible to hit multiple enemies.

Here’s a list of our best weapons in Warframe:

1) Plasma arc

Arca Plasmor is a corpus plasma rifle that fires a large envelope of plasma covering an enormous area.

Thanks to its high damage, it can easily kill multiple enemies at short and medium distances. The disadvantage of this weapon is that it has no physical damage, but still does very good damage.

It has only one type of base damage, namely radiation, and it does not have a physical type of attack, but because of the importance of base damage it has a very high attack level to deal with extremely large amounts of base damage.

2) Energy

The Exergis is a pompous single-disc machine that fires narrow crystal bullets at the enemy.

Unlike most shotguns, the Exergis fires at close range and can hit enemies at a reasonable distance. The disadvantage of this weapon is that it has to be reloaded after each shot to cause high precision damage.

This weapon causes a lot of cutting damage, but also radiation, punctures and minor impact damage.

3) Tiger Prime

The Tigris Prime is the main version of the Tigris shotgun, the duplex shotgun, which fires when the trigger is pushed and released, resulting in two shots per load. His grenades have no time to travel and hit the enemy immediately.

The spread of Tigris Primes shots is low at medium range, but can still hit targets at long range, although most bullets are spread at long range. The disadvantage is that it often has to be reloaded and can take a little longer than most weapons.

It causes a lot of damage to the skin and also a lot of stings and pricks.

4) The victim’s tail

The Vaykor Hek is a four-blade Grinner shotgun and a variant of the Vaykor Hek. It also has a syndication effect that causes explosion damage in the user’s environment, restores health by 25% and increases shielding protection by 15% by acquiring 1000 affinities in 30 seconds.

It has a very short range, making it usable on both short and long distances, and with the increasing amount of ammunition and other indicators it becomes a very arrogant weapon because it is a variant of Waikor.

The weapons are mainly perforated, but also have a considerable cutting capacity and impact damage.

5) Corinth

The Corinth is a Tenno-designed shotgun with two firing modes, the first mode firing like any other shotgun, with a unique secondary shot to fire a grenade as a projectile for the area of effect.

Known for its high criticality probability and decent critical damage, Corinth can cause very high damage to its user’s enemies after a complete adaptation.

It is widely used, and a secondary attack targets large areas of damage, making it reliable at various distances.

These weapons are usually pierced and have different cutting and impact damage, so they are usually complete in terms of physical damage.

6) Kaban Prime

Boar Prime is the main version of Boar, the automatic rifle designed by Tenno.

It has a high firing rate due to its wide dispersion, which means that the bullets are dispersed at less than 10 metres, making it the best weapon for short and medium range shooting.

With its high status and high burning rate, Eber Prime is able to cause a lot of damage resulting in status effects.

Usually these weapons cause impact damage with many cuts and punctures.

7) Kohm

The Kohm is an automatic rifle that has the unique ability to increase the number of shots with each shot and increase the firing speed.

The extra fuses have an endless kick that allows them to hit enemies through other enemies and walls.

It has a large ammunition capacity that compensates for the high consumption per cartridge.

8) Dogs

The Sobek is a semi-automatic Grineer shotgun with a large warehouse capacity and can be customized with exclusive gun models: Sharp justice and sour rounds.

Although the dog has suffered less damage by shooting, it can be countered for status because it has a high chance of status and can delay many of the effects of status.

The dog has an average wingspan, but is mainly used to damage a large area because of its special characteristics.

It mainly causes impact damage and a large number of punctures and cuts.

9) Page

Most players don’t consider the phage to be a shotgun, but it usually is, although it has a different type of bullet that fires beams instead of cartridges.

When the trigger button is pressed, it fires a large beam and when aiming, all jets are focused, making the shots more accurate.

Instead of causing immediate damage, Phage is held in place and will permanently take the lives of his enemies.

Since it is infected with a weapon, the phase only causes viral damage without physical damage.

10) Convectorix

The Convectrix is a unique shotgun, although it does not necessarily fire like most shotguns. Instead of firing grenades, he fires lasers that cut off the enemies he comes into contact with.

When the first firing mode is maintained, the spokes start to come out and move together, and when they are not fired, the spokes remain centred in the center of the grid.

The secondary firing mode causes the rays to come out of the center and scatter, which is the opposite of the first firing mode, but has the same function.

These weapons mainly cause cuts and a small number of blows and cuts.


These are our top ten shotguns, which we have selected not only on the basis of damage or specific statistics, but also on their ability to actually be used in situations where you are in the combat zone where they are needed.

These rifles are our best choice because of their great features and the way they can be used.

When it comes to a shotgun, if you want something that lives up to its name and can be a shotgun, this deadly weapon must do a lot of damage at low and medium distances.

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