Top Warframe Polearm Stance List for the year 2020

When it comes to doing great damage and having a good range during attacks, religious are very useful.

Warframe has many post weapons, and each of them has its own statistics and appearance, which correspond to the visual preferences of the player and style of play, depending on the weapon.

Poets are actually good, but what about positions? There are different positions to choose from, and these positions offer not only different movements, but also different techniques.

Here are different positions for the poems in Warframe:

1) Flashing light

The Shimmering Blight Stance focuses on fast-paced attacks and also hits the opponent with a stronger punch after one rotation.

This allows you to repeat the mentioned combination without losing so much movement, and even attack without delay, making it suitable for fast functioning war frames, so you can make the combination while moving.

The Shimmering Blight essentially has fast attacks and works well with lots of body movements, so you can do fast combos with your sticks or use slower sticks with fast combos.

Shimmering Blight has two combos that focus on inflicting rapid and amazing damage on the enemy.

Cutting wind

Sharp wind is a fast, combined desire that starts with a quick shot, followed by a swirling attack and a powerful, crushing blow.

Crying Storm

The screams of the storm start with a quick bang and a spider attack, followed by a deadly spider that ends with a powerful lift.

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2) Rare willows

Bleeding Willow focuses on fast attacks, hits harder, she may not be as fast as other positions, but the damage is big and strong.

The presence of a large number of attacks with good range when advancing makes it an exceptional position to advance against enemy groups, allowing it to absorb many blows and do a lot of damage.

Bleeding Willow offers attacks that help you move forward and allow you to easily catch enemies travelling long distances, allowing you to perform bouncing combos and heavy radial attacks.

Lethal eruption

The deadly explosion starts with a quick kick, followed by a swinging attack, a heavy attack and another swinging attack, and ends with a stunning kick.

Drive steel

A quick punch, followed by a spinning attack, then 3 powerful jump attacks and the last one ends with a powerful coup de grâce.

3) Swivel chuck

Twirling Spire has the highest number of combos in 3 positions, which makes it a little harder to control, but it is also rewarded with many combo features.

The more combinations there are, the more flexible the position is, allowing them to be mixed with other movements, making the scrum not only more fun, but also more flexible.

This position mixes powerful attacks and punches, making it ideal for attacking multiple and single enemies, and does a lot of damage.

Bramble point

Cresting Peak starts with a fast forward attack, followed by a frontal attack and a hellish attack.

Spiral point

The Spiral Pinakle starts with a direct shovel, followed by a spiral attack and a fast shovel, followed by a spiral attack and a strong shovel, and ends with a strong spiral attack with a punch at the end.

Top dive

The Top Dive starts with a frontal attack and a rapid attack over and under, followed by two rapid radial attacks, a knife attack and another attack on the turntable.

Peak voltage value

Separation of the jumping creatures with a knife and a quick swing, followed by two more shots and a radial swing, followed by a powerful jump.


The position is very important for melee weapons, because it not only increases the modal capacity of the weapon, so it can be improved with more mods, but it also allows the use of different combat positions of the weapon.

This allows you to combat a certain style, which you can customize or use depending on how you use the weapon.

There is a fourth position that is not included, namely the Argentine plague, which only applies to the harpsichord.

Because many positions are shared by the same other attacks, it is the combination that makes them different.

Combos cause additional damage depending on the positions you use and the combos you form and shake, which can make fighting enemies more exciting but also easier.

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