Top Warframe Dagger List in 2020

In Warframe the Daggers, people like him didn’t get much action. Users often ignore them because of the basic damage and the choice of a much more powerful weapon.

Every now and then I use some sort of dagger, not only to look like an assassin, but also to take advantage of the benefits that some daggers on business trips can offer.

Those who use daggers understand what can be done with them, especially with the planned building.

When used and adjusted correctly, Warframe clouds can surprise you in a way you cannot imagine.

Here’s the top 10 daggers in Warframe:

1) Black Dagger Rakta

My favorite is a variant with the black dagger, which you can buy at Red Voile for parking.

The Rakta Dark Dagger has a unique feature that makes the owner less visible to enemies by reducing their visibility and allowing them to approach him more discreetly in the game if necessary.

Another unique passivity of this beautiful dagger is its ability to give shields and super shields when it strikes a radiation-affected enemy.

That is, the more you defend yourself against every blow and every blow from the enemy!

Imagine that you can strike very quickly by attacking your enemies, and instead of damaging them, you strengthen your shields even more, well, this dagger is capable of doing that.

The black dagger only has radiation damage and has a very high attack speed.

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2) Karyst

Karyst is another useful weapon, thanks to its innate elemental damage, which is a poison, allowing it to cause more elemental damage and a possible combination.

It is connected to a dark rakta dagger with the same damage, but the element is a poison.

This weapon has quite a critical chance and a good chance of status, as well as its speed, it should be very useful in someone’s hands.

3) Black Dagger

The Dark Dagger is an ordinary dagger and not much compared to its analog, but it still has quite some statistics.

Radiation damage alone can be a big advantage, depending on the kind of enemy you’re fighting. The basic attack speed of the weapon makes it possible to score multiple hits, which means there are more chances to cause critical or status effects.

These weapons only cause radiation damage, making them useful for influencing enemies, but can also use critical constructions.

4) Thermal dagger

The Heat Dagger owes its name mainly to its special passivity, which consists of the fact that its hell attack creates fire around the user, and not a normal hell attack.

This causes heat damage and can cause enemies to burn and damage themselves over time.

For a dagger, the heat dagger has a lot of damage, and with a special attack it can become very situational in some missions.

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5) Okina

This pair of daggers is suitable for those who like to attack quickly because it has a very high attack speed with many punctures and cuts.

Despite the low critical probability, this weapon has good capabilities thanks to its basic attack speed, which actually guarantees good critical damage.

These weapons also have a moderate chance of being in condition and can be useful when adapted with elemental damage.

6) Defensive primus

Fang Prime, a more traditional type of dagger pair, has a large number of stab wounds and good back pain.

Right now it’s the only weapon like the Prime Minister’s dagger in the game.

Thanks to its high attack speed, Fang Prime can easily build a combometer and take advantage of critical mods, despite the low critical probability.

7) Etherdolks

The ethereal daggers that were awarded upon completion of the Stolen Dreams quest or purchase of Nakakak are a series of daggers similar to the ethereal sword.

This weapon pair not only has a decent base hit, but also has high damage in a vortex attack, which can be used by different compositions.

Ether Daggers mainly deals with nicks and has a low number of strokes and punctures.

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8) Ceramic dagger

This is one of the daggers that many players wanted to buy because of the high attack speed, but few know that this weapon, when equipped, has a bonus function.

When hitting a ceramic dagger, the fourth blow causes the user to hurry and the enemies to bleed.

If a punch hits an unarmed enemy, the user activates an assassination attempt.

9) Shiv

It seems to be one of the most difficult daggers to reach because of its inaccessibility, not the difficulty of getting it.

This weapon requires you to build it up from the different parts before you can see it in your chat links.

Although he has a slow attack speed, Sheev gives a good chance of a status, which can be handled very well if he is adjusted with the schedule.

Like the hot dagger, the blade causes an explosion of fire if it is attacked with a helmet.

10) Defences

Tusk wanted to be one of the least used weapons, but it was a weak version of Fang Prime, and the lack of special attributes could still be used for modifications.

With a good attack speed and moderate damage, Fang can be a good starting weapon for people with few options.

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Now, I know a lot of people would disagree that daggers can be useful, well, they’re not.

To start with, we have several daggers with special models, and one of those special models is the Hidden Lethality model, which ensures that any attack on a target kills the enemy immediately.

It can now work with unarmed enemies, but also with enemies that stun, burn or euthanize you, etc.

There is not one simple fashion, but it is worth studying several.

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