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It’s time to conquer the galaxy.

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Stellaris is a success. The great strategy game, which was initially released on the PC in 2016, quickly gained popularity among the fans. With the release of the game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One earlier this year, the cult that Stellaris inherited has just expanded. For all new Stellaris players, here is a short list of tips and tricks.

1. Keep an eye on your resources when renovating buildings

When you renovate a building, you often double the number of available workplaces in that building. This may seem like a bonus, but it really depends on your resources.

The more jobs you offer, the more production you can add to your citizenship. But creating more jobs also means increasing the demand for certain resources. When these resources run out, production is stopped.

Always take care of your resources when improving buildings to get more employees.

2. Preparation for war

While in the past passive playing of Stellari was definitely an option, the recent game update has changed all that. Everybody’s looking for you.

If you want to stay in control, you have to learn how to save yourself in times of war. Watch the video above to learn more about what it takes to protect your civilization.

3. Full militarisation of your shipyards

The shipyards will produce ships for your military front. That’s why you’ll probably lose the war once your shipyards are conquered and destroyed. Full militarization of your shipyards to reduce the chance of them falling into enemy hands.

4. System mitigation advantage

There will be times when you’re in the middle of a war, and a third empire will start firing on your warships as they travel between worlds. Not only is this disappointing, but it also undermines your military efforts.

If you often deal with one of these systems, look at the ship icon at the bottom of the screen of your system. Change the ship’s icon to instruct warships to bypass this particular system.

Your warships will now find a new flight path to reach their destination and avoid being selected by a third empire.

5. Empire Machine can make the first game much easier

It only takes 300 alloys to colonize the planet with machines. That’s why you need to build a support processor from the beginning of the game to fill this precious resource. After that, the colonization of your planets will be a piece of cake.

6. Study

One of the first things you want to do after your first colony is collect three research ships and go on a research expedition.

Use these ships to map the area. Find out which planets exist in the nearby galaxies. Look at the neighboring civilizations.

If you ever want to build ships, for example to build an outpost, you will first have to use a science ship to fully inspect the entire system in which the outpost will be located.

7. Galactic market advantage

It seems impossible to keep a decent amount of excess resources in the middle of the game. There is a solution.

As the demands on your empire continue to grow, your resources will continue to decline. This is not a sign that you have failed, but rather a sign that you have created a growing and greedy civilization.

To make up the shortfall, visit the Galactic Market. You can buy alloys, food and consumer goods. All this will help you maintain the balance of your civilization.

8. Never ignore the military.

Enemy empires will always try to undermine you. That’s why you’ll want to adopt an ex-press. Teddy Roosevelt’s big stick policy. Always make sure your army is trained, modernized and equipped.

The stronger your army is, the less chance you have of fearing neighboring civilizations.

9. Never colonize if your energy balance is negative

It is important to maintain a positive energy production curve for the proper functioning of your civilization. If you find yourself in a negative energy balance when colonizing a new planet, you will soon find that you are unable to adequately meet many of the needs of your population.

10. If you have excess infrastructure, take advantage ofmigration contracts.

If your neighbour’s civilization has problems with overcrowding, he’ll probably want to apply for a migration contract. If you have excess infrastructure, this can be very profitable for you.

If you accept a migration agreement, displaced people from a neighboring civilization will migrate to your empty buildings and open spaces. This can be a big advantage for you and your neighbour.

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