Top Ten Best MTG Counterspells

Hello and welcome to a new Magic the Gathering Top 10 list. Today we explore the best MTG counter spells ever made! Look at the cards you need to make sure that your opponent’s spells are never solved.

#10 Piroblast

The red card must be a strange place to start that list. Piroblast is undoubtedly a strange map. Usually it’s on the dresser. But if you know a player who always plays in blue, this red counter spell works perfectly.

The pyrotechnic explosion is very powerful against the Blue Bridge – you get both the range and the counter-attack spell. With only one mana! Such efficiency certainly deserves a place in the top 10 of MTG counter-attacks.

#9 Disclaimer covenant

Zero Mana – a contradiction for the target. Never been better. Yes, of course, there is a price to pay, but just use the denial pact if it recalls the key card.

Often your opponent will have a false sense of security when you leave the game, so he will go to his big game. Unfortunately for them, the Covenant does not matter how much land you own. Until you’re next.

There is also a combo you can do with Hive Mind against non-blue players. Once you have this spell in the game, all you have to do is go against one of their spells. You must copy your contract. Because they don’t have a blue mana, they can’t pay the next maintenance and lose the game. Oh, that’s just great.

Even without all these tricks, the Denial Pact remains a very powerful contradiction and deserves a place in the top 10 of opponents.

#8 Decoupling

Two manas to withstand each spell and to draw the map! Sounds too good to be true. The spell isn’t really contraindicated, it’s in the hands of the owner. But pre-trial detention is always very good, it’s enough to resist an expensive spell or a spell that needs to be solved at some point.

For example, if you counter a spell like an overloaded cyclone in six men. Even if they get him back, they may not be able to beat him in the same round. During filming there was a big swing and you drew a map.

On the other hand, if you come across a card like Rapid Growth in the second round – even if your opponent plays it again in the next round, it will be worse than before.

#7 Mana-thirtieth

Surprised to see carte blanche on the list? Your opponents will be if you thwart their fate with your monoblock game.

Honestly, if she wasn’t white, she wouldn’t be on the list. There are much better counter-attack spells in the game. But you can’t play remand on your white bridge. Mana Tite is as good as white.

If you’re not against it yet, we strongly advise you to try it. The look you get from your opponents once you beat them by tenths is invaluable.

#6 Cryptology team

Cryptic Team is not the cheapest counterintelligence spell. But what is lacking in efficiency is versatility. It’s actually a contradiction knife from the Swiss army – on a map you get six different spells. Sometimes it’s not even a contradiction. All you have to do is hit the enemy creatures and attack them to win. Oh, and draw a map just in case.

Once you have a small advantage, nothing can go wrong if you keep an encrypted command.

#5 Dazed

There’s something special about contradictions that don’t cost anything. But it’s as fair as a cheap contradiction. You need to calculate the exact time to make this work and you need to know when to get your hands on the island again.

But if you do it right, Dais feels like a very loaded card.

#4 Anti-counterfeiting agent

That’s right, Counterzal OG. First printed in alpha, at the beginning of the magic and still as strong as ever.

Two blue mana, no nonsense, only counter of target spell. You wonder how many spells are broken when it’s only the fourth.

#3 Mental error

Paying two lives to break the curse? It’s an absurdly low price. You don’t even have to play blue to put it in your game. It only works on spells that are worthy of you, but these are usually the most important spells at the beginning of the game.

Here are some powerful maps to fight mental errors:

  • The road to exile
  • Mental error – yes, war on spells!
  • Reflection
  • Lightning
  • Noble hierarchy

Looking at the performance level of Mental Misstep in perspective – it’s banned in Modern and Legacy and restricted in Vintage, the most powerful Magic format.

#2 Mana leakage

It’s like a normal counter-seat isn’t enough. That’s number four on the list. Add a lot of mana for the next round and what do you get? One of MTG’s best counter-attack spells. Some say it’s for the best. It’s a very difficult choice for this location between mana-drainage…

#1 Will

We’ve done the best MTG counter-attack spell of all time. – Strength of Will. It’s the most emblematic, and rightly so. It’s free, but with a few card errors. However, in formats where violence is legal, you can easily retrieve the cards – but it’s not that easy to get a free contradiction.

Perhaps one of the greatest achievements of the Force of Will is the way it recalled the legendary Storm Ravens. This bird would be the most powerful creature in magic. There were so many powerful blue cards in the alliances – on the field where both Force and Storm Crow came from – that players made jokes that even Crow was overloaded. How can that not be true? You can throw it at the Force of Will, the most powerful opponent in the world.

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These are the best MTG counter-attack spells. Do you feel like we missed something that should be on the list? Please let us know in the following comments! Most of the counter spells can be found in this search on Scryfall.

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Until the next time you can stop the best enemy map.

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