Top Kubrow Warframe in 2020

Kubrows is one of the first companions you can approach in Warframe, and you’ll first get a quest to get an egg and instructions on how to hatch it.

These creatures come in different colours and sizes, which even becomes a kind of trademark for them when it comes to breeding.

However, the most important thing is to know which Kubrow is most useful to you and what you need.

Many of us have different options when it comes to Kubrows because most of us have different basic skills and characteristics.

Kubrows are organized according to their usefulness in completing the many missions you will encounter in the game and their usefulness when they can be used for charity:

1) Huras

Huras Kubrow is one of the best of his kind because he can use camouflage not only for himself but also for his owner.

This Kubrow can stay in contact with his master and use his ability to make himself and his master go unnoticed by the enemies, making them invisible, which becomes a very useful tactic.

When he approaches the enemy, Churas Kubrow screams and forces himself and his master to disguise himself.

This invisibility is broken when shooting with any type of weapon and in close combat, but the skills specified by the owner do not break the invisibility.

Exclusive models:

  • Hunt – Kubrow attacks and deals damage to the enemy, dealing with damage to enemies that stand in their way.
  • Typing – allows Kubrow and his owner to hide when within range of the enemy, so they remain invisible and can sneak away without warning.

Huras Kubrow does not attack enemies when the baton is activated, but if the attack started before the baton was thrown and the owner and the dice have become invisible, Huras Kubrow continues to attack, but remains invisible.

Since the owner of a Kubrow is invisible, he can cast a skill without breaking the invisibility, whether or not the enemy dies because of that skill.

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2) Helminth

If you combine a sample of an infected cyst that has infected your warframe with a Kubrow egg, you can multiply this strange infected creature known as the Helmint Charger.

This is essentially an infected version of Kubrow, and its capabilities also come from some of the infected enemies you may have encountered during the game.

Exclusive models:

  • Case – The helmet loader sends a case that catches the enemy, lures him to you and damages him.
  • Trample – Allows the Helmint Charger to attack an enemy by retreating and damaging other enemies in his path.
  • Stump Eruption – explodes the larvae produced by the Helmint Charger and kills 4% of the enemy’s current health in the form of caustic damage to enemies within range.
  • Stretch Fever – Gives the Helminth charger 30% more damping for every cyst it has.

Stem modes add 2 cysts for each equipped mode, and up to 8 cysts can occur simultaneously with stem fever, stem hatch, stem consumption and stem infection (mixed).

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3) Sound

Sunika Kubrow focuses on destroying enemies and VIPs by allowing you to shoot and kill certain enemies and even special enemies.

This Kubra is very focused on destroying one enemy after another and can do great damage to his target.

He knows how to jump to his targets and carry out attacks that either neutralize them so that the owner of Kubrow can kill them, or the targets can die from attack in the first place.

Exclusive models:

  • Cruelty – Kubrow is given the ability to stop attacks on enemies by keeping them on the ground, making them vulnerable to attack or kill themselves.
  • Unleashed – Allows Kubrow to attack and shoot down VIP targets or more difficult targets that are not easy to shoot down.

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4) Sacha

Sakha Kubrow is a looter and Kubrow tactic that provides additional material by searching for hidden supplies and destroying enemies near his owner.

He is able to dig for supplies in certain areas during missions because he accidentally stops, discovers them and tries to dig them up, resulting in looting that the user can use.

From time to time Kubrow attacks enemies and uses the finisher to attack, kill or make them vulnerable.

Exclusive models:

  • Digging – Allows Cubrow to sniff the area for a secret flight and dig into the ground to extract the item so the owner can collect and use the loot.
  • Cruelty – In addition to the usual attacks on Cubras, Sahrawi Cubras often attack their enemies with finishers, killing them or making them vulnerable to murder.

5) Chess

The Chase Cubrow acts as an attacker or retriever, as it has the ability to capture the enemy by opening them up to attack or by searching for additional resources hidden in containers or enemy bodies.

It can take control of the enemy, bite him and lock him up, reducing his ability to attack and making it easier for his master Ches Kubrow to attack.

Fallen containers and enemies can cause additional looting if Chesa Kubrov is around, as he tends to regularly remove bodies or containers within a moderate radius.

Exclusive models:

  • Neutralize – bite into the hand of the enemy, disarm him, force the attack to force the enemy to drop his weapons.
  • Recovery – Enables Kubrow to obtain additional loot from nearby enemy bodies or containers.


Kubrows are excellent satellites, and they all have different characteristics and capabilities that we can use during our missions.

Kubrow becomes very powerful if it is properly adjusted, and becomes very powerful in the battle at your side if you provide it with the right models.

Each of them has its own unique abilities, and they can be useful depending on whether the player only wants one companion or has a real strategy to use.

Lately, Kubrows and other satellites have mostly not been used because they didn’t have the ability to disable things like sentries, but that has been decided, and Kubrows is now again very useful in missions.

Whether it’s the cute and pleasant companion you want or the powerful one to help you fight your enemies, Kubrows are great companions and can be used in large numbers.

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