Top 9 Best Bows must be used in Skyrim

Of all the different weapons of Skyrim, nothing is as emblematic and classic as onions.

Whether it’s shooting from a distance to get that bonus, sneaking in critically or killing a nasty dragon, there’s a bow to give you a task.

This article contains the best bows (not in the prescribed order), including DPS, laces and a specific bonus that bows can offer.

This item contains unique arches in CSD Dawnguard (DG) and Dragonborn (DR). I strongly advise you to get these old DLC rolls if you don’t already have them.

Ebony Onion

This is probably the best regular bow in the game because it damages 17 on and shoots 0.562 arrows per second from to, which is slightly slower.

They appear at level 36 of with charm options at 37, they can be purchased from blacksmiths and general merchants of as random drops, or made with 3 ebony rods if you have 80 forging and ebony forging.

You can get a first level 18 by defeating the Lethal Flord project in the Lost Valkyrnga maze. This is a good bow for secret attacks, because damage can still be done later in the game.

End ofiryneille

This is a nice medium sized arc, with low damage 13 and a slightly lower speed of 0.687 arrows per second, these are actually a pair of ordinary DPSed arches. But it does 20 of frozen damage to health and stamina if you’re tired of the opponents of to get out quickly.

You can obtain this bow during or after the Bound to Death quest, , when Gabriella informs you that she left something on the balcony of Dour Castle. It was a good bow, but it should be considered as an auxiliary weapon against the bosses because it has good openings but little damage.

Atrium Arc (DG)

Weak single arc, it has the same stats as the Elven arc, 13 damage points, except for the higher speed of arrows per second compared to 0.687.

With the nose clip you can really get with 20 more sun damage and triple the damage against the undead, making him a real specialist in crypts and catacombs. When used with sun impregnated arrows it causes AOE damage by shooting at the sun, causing the sunlight to fall on enemies, and when used with cursed blood arrows , shooting at the sun causes night showers. It was received as a reward for completing the Touch Heavensearch.

Prince Falcon (DR) glass sphere

At firing 0.625 shots per second and 16hits, it’s no different than a normal glass bow, except for an additional point of impact.

What makes this unique bow so special to its fans, Blessing of the Enchanted Deer Prince, this bow gives you 5 extra life and endurance points. These points shall be increased by 5 per 20 animals culled, corresponding to a maximum of 100 animals culled, for a total of 25 health and stamina points.

This is a universal protection arch , which can be bought at Falas Selvaine at trading postin Ramshakl and benefits from the forge activity.


It is heavy, unattractive, and with 0.50 shots per second,is one of the slowest in the game, but the peculiarity lies in the way the damage works.

The damage of the onion depends on the level at which you got it, with levels 1-18, is the lowest damage level 12 and 46+, 19 isof the Dedaric arch.

Arc freezes and hits target; the damage is also level-dependent. This is a reward for completing the Thieves Guild Quest, Blind, , and I recommend it for varying attacks because of its weight and speed.

Dedar onion

This pure damage arch is the strongest in Vanilla Skyrim, defeated by the dragon bone arch with only 1 point of impact.

It looks like a level 46+ nightingale arch, except that the can be charming and can be made with 1 Daedra heart, 3 ebony sticks, the level 90 forgedand the forgedfrom Daedra. It’s quite rare, but it starts to appear as a random raid around 46 levels with enchanting variations around 47.

You can buy at Niranje in Windhelm, Tonilia in Riften and find it on a dead archer in the cave of Brod. I recommend sneaking around for the long haul like Warbler’s onion.

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Zephyr onions (DG)

Like the dwarf arch on which it is based, the marshmallow causes the same damage corresponding to 12 to , but has a speed of 1 arrow per second as opposed to 0.75.

This is the fastest bow in the game and with a 30% increase in shooting speed thanks to its innatecharm, the bow is uniformly made of dragon bone DPSs, with dwarf forging that doubles theimprovement.

Only is found in the search for the lost age, Katria mentions in the dialogue that she left an onion at the end of the trunk, overlooking the abyss where she died.

A bow is a durable weapon, but due to the low damage it inflicts, especially later in the game, it is limited to an aggressive style of play.

Lot Black Onion (DB)

Statistically, the black midget bow of the lot is quite average, since the midget bow with 13 damage is, 1 point more than the midget bow, but has the same .750burning speed.

This onion is completely dependent on the RNG at the top of RNG, as there is 50% Drainage 25 Health, Stamina and/or Magic, which has 50% activation of all 3. It has a speed slightly higher than the average shooting speed, i.e. the more arrows there are, the more chance there is of activating the 3 drains.

This is quest reward for completing Kagrumez’s Glove, and I recommend it as a good bow against bosses because it has the ability to complete your stats while sucking them dry.


If you ask someone that is the best bow, the answer you probably get is dragon bone, this bow is the strongest and heaviest of all in thes bow game with massive damage 20 points.

A bow can shoot everything at once, with a speed of .75 arrows per second you can shoot with the second hand before the enemies have a chance to react.

You can find this arch by beating the goalkeeper in Cairn Soul on level 45 or by making it with 2 dragon bones and 1 ebony stick. You need 100 blacksmiths plus the advantage of kite armor.

A single shot is enough to make it universal, but its true power is revealed in secret attacks.

Memory arches are not a one-handed weapon, and the first person is much more accurate than the third.

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