Top 30 Best Player House in Skyrim: The Ultimate Collection

Cleaning things up and having a place for the head are two of Skyrim’s top priorities.

Adventures are dangerous and full of treasure, so it’s important that each player has their own place called home.

And in Tamriel you can build your own house with some of the most beautiful houses the continent has to offer.

Whatever type of home you prefer, Skyrim offers a wide range of options, from small cabins to luxurious homes. And on this list, I would like to share my gifts with you for the 30 best homes you can buy during your next Skyrim session.

30. Abandoned cab

An abandoned hut is part of the mission of the Dark Brotherhood, where you will be brought to this little house and kept there for the mission.

The house is exactly what you would expect if you read its name – a small abandoned hut, far from the most beautiful thing you would find in the game.

However, this place has a bed and a secure container that can be used to store all the items you bring with you. The cottage also looks very comfortable, surrounded by blue flowers and perhaps not very comfortable under the supervision of the brotherhood.

29. River hut

Located on the outskirts of Gallow Rock, this little hut owes its name to the flowing river.

This is one of the most beautiful huts in the game and perhaps the favorite option for players given its location and surrounding landscape.

The hut belonged to a man who was eaten alive by a wild animal that still roams the area, so it’s worth looking at it.

But on the other hand: Inside is a book that starts the search when you read it. The house has secured containers and a comfortable bed.

28. Alchemist stand

The alchemist’s hut is a nice little space on the roof that once belonged to the respected alchemist Skyrim who decided to leave the big cities to concentrate on his craft.

Thanks to this alchemy house, it is equipped with a comfortable bed and safe containers and a powerful alchemy laboratory that you can use as you wish.

In the cabin there is a side table next to the bed where you can store everything without it falling over.

27. Postal traitors

The Lent of the traitor is no longer the home of those looking for a peaceful and isolated life.

The large cabin serves as a log cabin for the gangsters living in the area, although there are two closets that can be used to store things safely and a bed to sleep in.

However, the bandits in this house will call you back after you kill them – every visit to this house means a fight for your life!

In any case, the post office is a two-storey building, which can be in high demand if you dare to remove it.

26. The aniseed hut

Anise lives in a remote hut in the forest near Falkreath Hold.

We can take his house by killing the woman who turned out to be a witch.

You will meet their supporters if you decide to take over the house, and they will always refuse to communicate with you – even if Anise is killed and the house is essentially yours.

In any case, the cold hut has a bed, a safe, an alchemist table and a charming table.

It is one of the best booths in the game and is useful for players of all levels.

25. Fandal House

Fayendal House is the best place for those who prefer a quiet country life to a big city. There is a small box that can be used for storage because it does not reset quickly after use.

And the simple design of the house makes it ideal for those who prefer simplicity over large houses.

The house allows everyone to live among the residents of Riverwood and offers wood plots and a cooking pot.

However, it is preferable to consider this house only as a temporary place of transit. The memory drum is reset after a few weeks of play, which is really annoying. Be careful when storing important things!

24. Alvor and Sigrid house

There is a first quest in the game that is quite simple, the one where you have to help Hadwar. If you do, you’ll get a key to Alvor and Sigrid’s house.

A couple lives in the house with their daughter and there is always someone present, so flying somewhere can be quite difficult and certainly not recommended.

But with this new hook wrench, the Dragon Rider can lie down on one of the beds and store his belongings in a safe container. A house in Riverwood is the perfect stopover for an early game in Skyrim, but it won’t really be your home.

23. Detached house

Isolde is one of the women you can marry if you play Skyrim. There are shady signs in the house, images left by members of the thieves’ guild to identify each other.

This house now contains a small loot (with materials that thieves could ideally use), which will always spawn, even if you are not a member of the guild.

This is the perfect home base for players who want to dive into the depths of the Thieves Guild – there’s hardly a better place to do that!

22. River timber merchant

Riverwood Trader is a Riverwood joint venture led by Lucas Valerius.

There are a lot of little things you can do there, like investing in a company and after a while making a profit with Lucan.

It’s worth mentioning that you can also marry Lucan’s sister, Camille, and get a permanent residence in the Riverwood Trader neighborhood.

The camp has a small room and some secure storage facilities, so it works just like any other house. And the overall image of the store is quite pleasant.

This is another reliable option for those who like to live in a quiet village, far from the city.

21. Longhouse Laraka

Larak’s longhouse has one of the strangest house designs in the game.

As the name suggests, the house has an elongated shape with a thatched roof and stone walls. It’s a great house, but it’s in the orc district of the Mor Huzgur mine.

To get it, you have to marry the Borgach Iron Heart Orchestra, and immediately after that you get a permanent residence permit.

It should be noted that there are several deposits at this location and that there are other orcs living in Long House in addition to Borgach. Remember that before you make the decision.

20. Sareth farm

On the Sareti farm you will find the Sareti sisters, who are the two best alchemists of Skrima.

In fact, Sareth Farm is the only site in the entire area where Nirnroot can be found.

The farm is managed by one of the sisters, who is rightly proud of the facility she has been able to build in this area.

At first glance one can say that this country is quite beautiful. You’ll be able to settle down as soon as you marry Avrus Sareti, one of the sisters who takes care of this place.

19. Romlin Dreta House

If you play the role of a woman, Romlin Dret is one of the male husbands you can marry in Skyrim.

His house is not the most beautiful of the places and is not located in the most attractive area of the game.

However, Dret is a member of the Thieves Guild and there is a shadow mark in the house, which makes it an ideal place for players who belong to the guild and want to delve into their roles.

If you look around you’ll see that there are garlic buns, as well as a wallet with coins, which was probably stolen by Drett during one of his missions. But who am I to judge?

18. Kartwasten Hall

To get there, you have to marry Eintahe before you can call Carthwasten Hall home.

This place has a solarium and serves as a home base for the farmer who manages the crops around the village, who accidentally turned out to be Ainethach himself.

The house is a rather modest place to live, but it is also one of the best places to stay throughout the game.

You can bring enough food in the room – including a few bottles of wine and bread to accompany you on your adventure.

17. Burnt hammer

The burned hammer is a fairly well-known place, because it is a forge in Riften.

The house is very modest, but if you like it, you can live there comfortably.

You can call this house your home once you’re married to a local blacksmith. Balimund is one of the male spouses in the game, and when you get married, you will have access to his inventory. Cha-ching!

If you look around you see that the house is filled with everything you can expect from a blacksmith. This includes various tools, iron bars, a forge, a workbench and many other useful items.

16. White bottle

White Phial is an alchemy shop with a lounge where you can settle down if you marry Quintus Navel, one of the two alchemists who runs the shop.

The small house has a chemistry lab that you can use freely without having to carry out any tasks or searches. It also has a stove that is suitable for cooking.

It is not the most luxurious house, but it is the perfect place for the alchemists of the Skyrim world.

15. Silvery Blood hotel

The Silver Blood Hotel may be your home after you have married the Sausage Tag. Have you noticed a pattern of access to people’s homes through marriage vows? Interesting things.

Anyway, it has a pretty strong vibration because the building looks like a small castle.

The hotel is actually run by a family, and Vorstag lives there in one of the rooms. After you marry your mercenary, you can walk around more freely.

This building is on this list because of its unique shape and the fact that it offers something totally different than compared to most other houses in the game.

Life in a hotel is, I must say, an adventure.

14. Sadri used clothing

Revin Sadri runs a shop where all kinds of second-hand clothes and armour are sold at reduced prices.

The man claims suspiciously enough that nothing of what he’s selling has been stolen (although that seems to be the case – it’s up to you!).

As soon as you marry Sadri, the various containers in the house will be secured.

Those looking for adventure in life and rejecting the novelties of big goods can find great value in the small room of used Sadri articles.

13. Auberge de la Basketry

Dravinea is Dunmer, who normally lives near the Bradwood Hotel. You will certainly feel at home in the area if you decide to marry a Dummer woman who turns out to be quite a wizard.

She is a master in the art of change and one of the most productive magicians in the region.

Not only will you be able to learn a lot from a woman, but you will also be able to open a company that will open the woman to the birth dragon.

The Braidwood Inn is a comfortable building that will keep you well fed no matter what.

12. House Aerin

This house, located in Riften, belongs to both Aerin and Mjoll the Lioness.

You get an apartment in this house by marrying the last house, and the house itself looks very nice, although small.

The site has three ceilings and a basement, and the building is marked with a shadow panel. You should know by now: The Thieves Guild.

There are a total of two safes in the house where you can store your belongings, and people who like loopholes will surely find comfort in the corridors of the Aerin house. And really, who doesn’t like loopholes?

11. Utgerd House

The Utgard house is a very unique house that seems to have a kind of mirror shape, and it is one of the most natural and comfortable houses to live in Skyrim.

But you have to defeat the owner in battle before the space can be claimed.

The name of the owner is Utgerd Untracked, one of the women you can really marry.

The bedroom of the house can be reached via a staircase, which is located in the living room. It’s a small place, but perfect for thieves and wizards.

10. House of Viola Giordano

When you marry Viole Giordano, you get the chance to live in her house, but to do so you have to inform her about the bad condition of Revin Sadri, in order to be able to visit her house.

This cottage is located in Windhelm. The design seems to fit perfectly with the other houses in the area.

From a distance the house seems well lit, and even more so compared to the rest of the city. Those who love icy surroundings are welcome in the house of Viola Giordano.

9. Severin country house

You can get a spectacular Severin mansion if you complete a mission known as Served Cold.

It’s one of the strangest houses in the game, but that’s why it’s so attractive.

She has a jar and a lot of things that can be used by an alchemist. Travellers who like to play with ancient arts will therefore be pleased to know that this house is available free of charge.

It’s on the west side of Raven Rock when you start searching. It is a little far, but it is still one of the best houses in the game, especially for magical users.

8. Herim

Hjerim is a home for all kinds of players.

She has a chemistry lab and a mysterious wizard. And the house is so conveniently located that you have access to a wide range of shops and services without having to leave the neighborhood.

It is probably the most universal house on this list and the one that many players want to be the first to have a big house as soon as they have enough money to buy it.

The biggest problem is that the delivery of the house requires a lot of preparatory work. The series of searches of the Civil War is huge and must be completed before Herim can be your reward.

7. Hall Vindrel

If you like cave dwellings, then Vindrel Hall is just what you’re looking for.

This small but efficient Marcata house has lots of useful things inside and a ton of storage space for your stuff.

It is also in a very good position because it has access to local companies that can meet the needs of the various players.

It also stores over 150 books and is therefore the best place for those who like to read legends about Skyrim.

6. Wind City Manor

The Windstad mansion must be built from scratch, and it is one of the three main houses in the game that must be built on the purchased land.

The house is located in a wooded area with a beautiful view of nature and the river, which is too beautiful to cross.

Apart from the enormous size of this house, the best thing about this house should actually be the incredible views.

The loneliness is visible in the distance, but the different cities in the area are also clearly visible.

Anyone who loves the scenery should buy this house in Jarl or Hyaalmark. But that requires a Hearthfire expansion.

5. Country house with lake view

You can buy land for this property in Neenia and also here you need the Hearthfire extension.

But the house deserves its name because it overlooks the majestic Ilinalta Lake near Riverwood. It’s definitely a nice place.

One of the characteristics of this house is that the surrounding roads are often visited by hunters wandering through the forests of Skyrim. You should think about it before you buy.

It has many useful functions, such as anvil and workbench. In addition, a lot of ore is mined in the adjacent forest, which makes this house ideal for anyone looking for a blacksmith.

4. Heljarkhen Room

The Scalded Sage is the owner of the Heljarkhen room, but you can buy it if you own the Hearthfire extension.

A beautiful house needs to be built by you, and the only feature that makes it one of the best in the game is that you can actually create as much land as you want with a mill house!

This is the best of the three mansions available with Hearthfire DLC, and it gives each player the ability to detect enemies remotely by opening spaces around the house.

Those who live in constant paranoia while playing Skyrim might want to see what this house has to offer.

The only problem is that you might need level 20 to acquire it, but that depends entirely on which side you were on during the Civil War. There is also a lot of ore and clay in the area that is ready to be mined, so even if I have to wait a while before buying it, I say it’s worth it.

3. Hanisside

Honeyside is a beautiful wooden house that you can own at almost any time in history.

It is situated above the river in the errors and its low price makes it one of the best properties to buy in an early edition. The price of this house, combined with the fantastic views and useful locations nearby, makes Honeyside my third choice.

If you don’t want to visit the lifts every time you want to go home, you can sit back and relax.

The house has its own jetty which makes it possible to enter and exit the city through your house for as long as you wish.

The amount of useful things found here makes it an ideal companion for hunters who need a place to live. But the alchemy table also makes it a good option in early alchemist games.

In fact, you can even sneak into the house unnoticed through the harbour entrance. So players who prefer the criminal style of play can buy this house to get in and out of the cracks for as long as they want without being afraid of getting caught.

2. Briz chrome

Breezehome is another high-quality casino in the heart of the city of Witherun.

In fact, the house is so close that it is not necessary to walk to the many shops in the city. And it is even conveniently located next to the tavern (heavy drinkers may appreciate this).

Breezehome is a high quality but comfortable home for Whiterun lovers.

There are several great architectural monuments in the city, but the Brizechom wins the crown in many ways.

1. Heimst├Ątte Stolz

The Proudspire Estate is certainly the best house in the game, but the name also carries the highest price tags.

It is also the best house you can buy in Privacy, the capital of Skyrim.

The house itself is quite beautiful with its stone appearance and impressive roof tiles, which no other house in the game can match.

The interior of the house is just as luxurious as the house itself.

There is plenty of room to play, a charming table and an alchemical table to walk next to.

This huge country house has a courtyard with breathtaking views, making Proudspire Manor without a doubt the best house in the game.

Don’t forget you have to pay more than 25,000 for this, so hold your wallet!

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