Top 25 Best Skyrim Combat & Encounter Modes (All Free)

If you played Skyrim at a difficulty level above Adept, you’d probably learn that the battle isn’t as easy as you think; but it’s also not as varied as you’d think.

Of course, when Skyrim came out, we really liked the combat system.

And how easy it was for you to mix attacks and create unique gameplay options.

But things change, just like video games. Now that many high-quality fighting games have appeared on the market, Skyrim’s battles may seem too dark for my current taste.

That’s why I’ve compiled this list of Skyrim combat modes that will do wonders to improve your game and make fighting like never before.

I’ve had a lot of fun writing this list and trying out this fashion, and I know you’ll like it too!

25. Glamorous battle

Highlight this mode.

Glamorous Combat activates slow movements in some parts of the battle to make it more cinematic.

It’s a simple fashion, that’s why it’s so underestimated, but still pretty cool.

24. Temporary sleep session Sand


Highlight this mode.

There’s really no point in sleeping in the middle of nowhere without being scared.

So you can wake up surrounded by sleeping enemies or be attacked by a bear or something else.

Anyway, it makes you think before you go to sleep in the middle of nowhere.

23. Genesis


Highlight this mode.

This mode is aimed at recovering the NPCs that spawn and the quality of the booty in relation to the strength of your enemies, and this in a fantastic way.

It’s not easy to get into the details of how many things this mode does, so I recommend you take a look at it if you want to get a better sense of what NPCs do and where they happen.

22. Combat or Flight


Highlight this mode.

If you don’t want to play like a cold-blooded killer, this is the fashion for you.

He scares humanoid NPCs away from a crime scene if you want to kill them.


If you want to guard your prey and not kill, you can talk to him like a civilized warrior.

21. Fatigue and injury control

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The fight against fatigue and injuries is related to the way the game deals with player injuries.


Every time you fight, you can be hit on one of your limbs or on your head, giving you attacks of weakness that affect your health in one way or another.

If you are unable to properly block or prevent the attacks, you will suffer immediate loss of health and other adverse consequences.

A low level of well-being also means combating fatigue, which is very difficult to overcome. Get ready to fight like never before and put on your big boy pants.

20. Attack obligation


Highlight this mode.

This is the first Dark Souls game on my list; I’ve added two more that you can download to make Skyrim one of the most disappointing games in the world.

The attack obligation makes each of your attacks a solution, because you can’t turn around so easily after pressing the attack button.

It really lets every movement go as planned in the beginning – even if you want to change direction later on.

Choose wisely and aim well, otherwise you will be threatened with death by your incompetence.

19. Rider – Mounted Combat Fortification


Highlight this mode.

It’s hard to say why the vanilla competition wasn’t fair.

It took a lot of tuning to make it useful, but that’s exactly what this mod does.

It is intended to improve the work of the reasoned struggle. And this is not only for the player, but also for the NPC.

You can see your followers riding and forcing enemies to fight with the utmost skill.

With this mod in the game, equestrian combat really becomes part of your arsenal. Horsemen, download!

18. Coil TC


Highlight this mode.

TK Recoil makes the use of archers, crossbows and even sticks even more realistic (or at least gives employees a realistic feeling).

It adds a small kickback to the animation after shooting an arrow or casting a spell, as well as a small pause you have to wait for before you can speak or shoot again.

It doesn’t complicate the spell or anything. But it adds an element of weeks that was missing in the vanilla game.

Simple, but effective. A full 10/10, I recommend.

17. Mortal Enemies


Highlight this mode.

Do you know how unrealistic it is to miss out on attacks while fighting thieves, while others strike every blow as if they were the reincarnation of Thor?

Well, this change takes them out of the game.

Gone are the days when farmers were more accurate than the man born to receive the souls of dragons.

Deadly enemies take the standpoint that seems to be built into every humanoid NPC.


This way they can skip attacks and the player can take advantage of their misses when they get tired after a while.

It’s perhaps one of the most underestimated fashions the Skyrim community has to offer.

16. Stroke at CT

Highlight this mode.


If you’re looking for a fashion that can be found in Vanilla Skyrim, look no further.

In fact, you should do it because there are some great modes on the list. But you know what this is about.

TK Combat is an adaptation that makes it possible to use special skills with the sword, but they can only be used with magic.

This mod really takes fighting to a whole new level of villainy, and it looks as much like vanilla as possible – the mod creator has ensured the use of effects and movements already present in the vanilla game to create the most realistic and player-friendly gameplay possible.

15. Locking


Highlight this mode.

I have to admit I laughed a little when I read that fashionista’s description. The creator is not a native speaker of English, and he has kept things simple.

Leave out my non-sexist comment, this fashion is really great. It adds a locking system to the game that takes the battle to the next level and allows you to go from one enemy to another without defending yourself or losing sight of them in the heat of battle.

The mod has been updated and now includes the Kickass system, which allows you to really see where you’re going to attack with improved visual display and tracking.

14. Control action


Highlight this mode.

Don’t be fooled by the strangely non-original name of this fashionista.

Action Combat adds action to your fight by adding the ability of PARRY ATTACKS to the game.


Your enemies (and yourself) will react to successful blows, because damage is no longer just a bar, but also affects your fighting style.

Make your enemies vulnerable and kill them while they’re still weak.

Enjoy the heat of battle and kill your enemies when they least expect it.

It’s really a fantastic fashion that brings half the fighting mechanisms of the Dark Souls into Skyrim, but not so professional.

13. Maud evasive


Highlight this mode.

Hey, we can avoid that now, guys!

This mod literally adds the ability to dodge the game, which means you’ll drive like crazy as soon as you feel the slightest hint of danger.

It’s Dark Souls every time you install a modem. But with dragons and clumsy movements.

The best thing about the slope of Skyrim is that it’s not Witch III, which allows you to climb the little stairs without risking dying of a fall.

The wonders of technology will always amaze me.

12. Core switch – kill


Highlight this mode.

With this funeral mode you can break the hearts of your enemies if they are affected by their health.

It’s a super brutal mode that really makes the Born Dragon look like a bloodthirsty killer every time you activate the option to conquer the heart by force, but hey, it’s super fun to watch.

You can also decide how the dragonfly lives his life. So you can turn to murderous rage against the innocent.

Anything to collect the heart, of course.

11. Wild cat


Highlight this mode.

If you really want to feel like yourself fighting enemies in Skyrim, Wildcat can be the fashion for you in all shapes and sizes.

It makes the battle really dangerous and increases the damage caused by each attack (both for you and your enemies).

My favorite in this mode is the beautiful, which has been upgraded to .

You really need to remember your stamina during a fight, because it doesn’t charge as fast and you’ll be severely punished if you let it run out.


10. APB Combat options

Highlight this mode.

In fact, ACE is a fashion collection aimed at destroying the battle and making it much better and more sophisticated by giving individual depth to the different skill trees that are part of the dragon’s skills.

With this mod you can choose which parts of the battle you want to improve by simply installing some parts, although I recommend installing all of them.


She’s a fantastic fashionista.

9. Parade with double barrel

Highlight this mode.

Have you ever dreamed of floating around with two swords in your hand?


There’s no reason why Skyrim isn’t an option.

Well, it seems a little out of date, if you think about it.

But it’s no use if you can’t keep your damn swords in front of you if you’re both trying to deflect the attack. If you think like me, you’ll be happy – this mod allows you to parry double attacks!

8. Extended martial arts


Highlight this mode.

This model is a kind of simple compilation of the other combat models on this list, because it adds many features you can expect from them, but its main goal is to make Skyrim’s battle a deadly and much less forgiving activity.

Be prepared that if you accidentally miss a shot, you will definitely be stung, because this mod makes opponents much less forgiving than in the basic game.

7. Mortal combat


Highlight this mode.

If you’ve ever felt that the pace of battle in Skyrim wasn’t right, this mode is for you.

I’ve always hated that some things aren’t influenced by time. I think that makes the game much less realistic than it should have been – especially the battles, which are such an important part of the game.

Deadly Combat rewrites Skyrim’s battles, alters their pace to be more sensitive to the timing of your attacks, and slightly adjusts the damage system to adapt to the changes made in battle.

6. Occupational accidents


Highlight this mode.

With location damage, you can damage enemies depending on where you hit them.

In this way, you can do more damage to your opponents when you hit them on their bodies than when you hit them on their legs.

Essentially, it transforms any enemy into a more living (or lifeless, depending on the battle you are fighting) being. It really complements the other fighting styles.

5. War zones 2015 – Civil unrest

Highlight this mode.

This is definitely the best match with the Mod you’ll find in this list.

And probably all over the Internet if you’re a soldier like me.

It doesn’t make much sense that Skyrim doesn’t have epic conflicts everywhere when the region is at war, does it?

The creator of this fashion thought exactly the same, so he created this fashion to correct it.

With Warzones you can literally walk the plains of Skyrimus in the war zones.

You will never feel safe again, because ambushes and armed conflicts will become part of your daily life once this fashion is established.

4. Fatal mutilation

Highlight this mode.

If you like grief and violence, my friend, you should try it.

Modern deadly mutilation gives you the ability to cut off the limbs of the enemy, and you can even kill them with electricity or even burn them with fire.

Watch their bowels deflate after a devastating blow, and enjoy the pathetic acts of violence that probably took place in Skyrim, but which Bethesda won’t show us.

3. Ultimate combat

Highlight this mode.

I love Ultimate Combat. And not only because it complicates the game, as many mods on this list try to do.


Ultimate Combat made me feel like Skyrim was a completely different game every time I pulled my sword against my enemies and started waving at them.

The rhythm of the fight seems totally different, so much so that one begins to think that one is playing a different game.

It’s a lot of fun, and while you can bet the game will be a bit easier, it’s a lot more fun – especially if you’ve experienced Skyrim and it’s a handful of times like me!

2. Duel – Combat Realism


Highlight this mode.

Battles on Skyrim may seem a little outdated, as a lot of games have been developed since its release.

Let’s face it, most games today have deep battles that vary depending on the environment and other things that really affected warriors in the distant past, so why didn’t Skyrim exist?

The duel of the realism of battle is a modality designed to solve this problem.

It implements a whole new combat system that affects damage and resistance, depending on the type of armor and even your own endurance.

The physical condition of those who play their role today plays a role of its own.

And all thanks to this fantastic fashionista.

1. Violet lens


Highlight this mode.

We all agree that the firing squads are among the best in Skyrim’s battle.

I mean, there’s nothing wrong with seeing a slow, quality finish on this annoying creature that’s given us a hard time.

With VioLens you can do whatever you want to finish your movements.

This allows you to literally adjust the movements of the kill trigger and when they happen, and you can even select animations for eachweapon.

This way of doing things makes the fight so much fun that I decided to put it at the top of my list. Although other modes are closer to the battle itself.


What can I say? I have a soft spot for movie lovers!



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