Top 25 Best Digimon Games In The Whole Franchise

Sample for 20 years role-playing games are popular with young and old, and few are as well known as the Digimon franchise.

Although most of the main games are dedicated to the capture and growth of Digimon, which makes sense given that the series began with digital Tamagoch-type pets, she also had a passion for fighting, card fighting and even racing.

Anything to find the perfect formula… …and sell the goods to the kids.

And that’s what Digimon’s all about.

While series like Pokémon have remained true to their original concept and gameplay, Digimon game after game has had to experiment, correct past mistakes and sometimes just try something completely new.

This dynamic process, combined with the narrative style of some adults, has produced a modest but solid fan base that is always ready to try the next big thing.

For gamers looking for their next adventure or looking for the best game to immerse themselves in the history of the franchise, we have compiled a ranking of the best Digimon games – in fact, all except those not available outside Japan.

25. Digital Sample Ver. S: Digimon apparatus (1998)

For most people, Digimon World is their first franchise game for the original PlayStation.

But the series only had a short run in Japan before the PS1 classics presented digital samples to the western public.

Published for Sega Saturn 1998, Digital Monster Ver. S : Digimon Tamers was the first raid in Bandai where Digimon became a video game.

It was a very simple experience where the player’s interaction was limited to feeding, cleaning and euthanizing, just like the digital toys that inspired it.

24. Digimon World Championship (2008)

Despite the high quality and success of Digimon World : At the beginning and in the twilight of last year, Bandai decided to change the formula of his next project for the NDS.

In Digimon’s World Championship, the player slips into the role of Digimon’s manager, not the tamer, and focuses on lifting it when the battles are fully automated.

It is therefore not surprising that the game is rather boring, especially compared to its predecessor.

23. Digimon’s Fighting Spirit (2003)

Of course, this was not the first time the franchise tried to introduce innovations with dubious results.

Although Battle Spirit on the GBA is a much more fun game than the Digimon World Championship, Battle Spirit on the GBA is an unusual kind of fighting game.

Instead of HP beams or elimination, the developer Dimps created a fighting game based solely on scoring as many points as possible by defeating the opponent.

That didn’t work out so well.

22. Digimon Race (2004)

But they kept trying out different genres and brought Digimon Racing for the GBA out of the hands of the developer of Griptonite Games.

Although it was again a clone of Mario Kart, the many recognizable characters, the beautiful background music and the beautiful tracks made for an enjoyable experience, especially for the young viewers who were happy with their favourite Digimon for the race.

21. Digimon World Squad (2007)

There is a difference between the critics and the users about whether Digimon World Data Squad for Playstation 2 was good or not, but I’m going to have to take the side of the critics on that one.

Although the DWDS has some of the best visual effects in the series so far, it suffers from a stupidly simplified but disappointing combat system and generally boring gameplay.

Of course he tried to be innovative by subordinating the digivon to your treatment of the creature and the way you decided to take care of it. But not enough to make up for lost time in battle, while even a 12-year-old could find bald bones.

20. Master Digimon (2011)

Digimon Masters from Movegames is your usual MMO with raids, dungeons and alignments. Only you do this by catching and training monsters, not by developing your own character.

Although the game is based on the successful animated series Digimon Data Squad and has better graphics than its predecessor Digimon Battle Online, the lack of protection of plant varieties and the growing importance of micro-transactions make any game fun very mixed.

19. The Battle of Digimon Online (2010)

Although it took only three years to close in the West, Digimon Battle Online was the best version of the Digimon MMORPG formula, and that’s probably why it still works in South Korea, where it was released in 2002, eight years ago.

It is based on the Digimon Tamers anime and, like the Digimon Masters, offers step-by-step combat and level progression.

What makes it an excellent version is the ability to compete against other players and their Digimon companions, a feature sorely lacking in Digimon masters.

18. Digitally adjustable screen (2014)

As the spiritual successor to the popular Digimon Rumble Arena series, fans had high expectations of All-Star Rumble on PS3 and Xbox360.

Given that nobody mentions this game these days, we can guess how it was played.

It seems that in an attempt to follow the path of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, the game contains a wide variety of characters from the series and their graves.

It also features attractive and colorful graphics.

Unfortunately, they forgot to include content you’d like to play.

Add to this the total absence of online multiplayer games in the world of 2014 and you have in your hands the recipe for wasted potential.

17. Fighting for digital Digimon Maps (2001)

The fact is that TCG is usually sold to children, well, they usually can’t play with it.

The rules are complex, conflict resolution is not possible and in general these are intellectual issues.

Digimon Digital Card Battle, like some YuGi-Oh! games, solves this problem by automating the process.

The game is also more fun with 3D battles that bring the game to life.

Add a solid storyline and you have a great game for kids to learn the TCG strings and a fun experience in itself.

Unfortunately for older viewers it seems a bit slow and even boring, so it doesn’t play such a big role in our reviews.

16. Digital World 4 (2005)

One of the most unique shots in the Digimon World series is part four, which aims to shake things up by replacing various turn-based role-playing games with hackers and slashes.

Developed by the BEC for the PS2, GC and the original XBOX, Digimon World allows 4 players to collaborate with three friends who run different Digimon’s.

And in a strange building solution you can swing swords, axes and similar weapons against enemies instead of using some special skills.

On paper it might have been a good concept, but in the end the gameplay was too easy to satisfy.

And the game is clearly meant to be played in a band that in itself feels very unbalanced and even unfair.

15. The combativeness of Digimon 2 (2003)

After the dubious product, the original Digimon Battle Spirit, developer Dimps looked at a few small ways to improve the game and surprisingly managed to turn the sequel into a really exciting game.

Despite maintaining a strange scoring system, the game was much smoother, and the battles were pleasant and fluid.

The elves are even more beautiful than in the first part, the composition of the characters is enlarged and the battles are generally more interesting.

Unfortunately, the music was still quite mediocre.

14. Digimon Survival rate (2020)

It may seem odd to include a new game in such a low ranking, but Digimon Survive is too exciting a concept to talk about.

It was developed by Witchcraft as the tactical role-playing game Survival, with different endings and solutions for your companion Digimon, depending on the choices you make during the game.

It also has a multiplayer mode, but it is unclear how, because I have not tried it.

Witchcraft – it is not the most famous studio, and the game is largely unknown to fans, except for the concept and a few small plot twists.

But given the incredible quality of Digimon’s latest releases, I can’t help but think it’s a big challenge if you’re willing to invest time.

13. Digimon-Rumble 2 Arena (2004)

This second part, released on PS2 as an extension to the original Digimon Rumble Arena, was full of expectation.

One of the best features was an extensive list of 16 digimons, which anyone could scan in the middle of the battle, expanding the list to about 50 characters.

The graphics have also been improved to make better use of the computing power of the new hardware.

Like its famous predecessor, it was a bit unbalanced and unprofitable in a serious competitive spirit, but it remains an exciting party with pleasant gameplay and beautiful graphics.

12. Digital World 2 (2001)

Instead of supporting and expanding the formula of the first game, BEC’s developer decided to turn Digimon World 2 for PS1 into a turn-based RPG track dungeon.

The game was not well received by the critics because they thought the dungeons were ordinary and repetitive, the digivolution system was too complicated and the battle was mutilated.

At the same time, the simple gameplay, combined with beautiful graphics and more than 200 available Digimon, is a hit with the young audience it was aimed at, and many continue to call it their favorite game.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

11. Digimon Rumble Arena (2002)

We all agree that the original Digimon Rumble Arena for PS1 was a stunner to play with friends and one of the most memorable battles of its time.

Fighting may be a bit simple and unbalanced, but it was one of the first cross fights for a western audience before things like Jump Force or Naruto Ninja Storm became a thing.

Watching your favorite digimon of franchise and anime games beautify it on ever-changing battlegrounds full of dangers and bonuses was incredible, and there was no one I knew at the time who would ever say no to a few games.

10. Digimon World (2000)

Despite being full of technical problems and confusing mechanics, while manuals and frequently asked questions were still not easily accessible, the original world of Digimon for the PS1 had much soul, and with it began the journey of the franchise system.

The charming 3D models on the stunning 2D backgrounds were dazzling at the time, and the step-by-step gameplay was simple enough for anyone to orient themselves – some even claim it was too easy because the fight was almost automatic.

In the end it won the title of best success and thus ensured a fantastic start to the franchise.

9. The adventures of Digimon (2013)

Unfortunately, some of the best games on Digimon’s list have never reached foreign countries. One of the best examples is the Digimon adventure for PSP.

The game is a beautiful reissue of the original Digimon Adventure anime series, complemented by the sound of the original Japanese cast of the series.

You can only control Digimon’s partners in the series, but exciting 3v3 battles and small pieces of extra content make this game a must for all fans.

Fortunately in 2018 there will be an English fanmeid patch available for download, so there is no reason to ignore it if you have a PSP (or an excellent PSP emulator).

8. Digimon World DS (2006)

After adding a series of dubious games during a period of uncertainty, Digimon World DS appeared out of nowhere and brought the franchise back into people’s minds.

The story was no more than a reason to justify the action on the screen.

But with over 300 Digimon, beautiful sprites, a complex combat system and over 35 hours of content, Digimon World DS was a very solid RPG that proved to be very valuable to the fans.

7. Digimon’s Twilight of the World (2007)

And for a while, it looked like Digimon had found its way and released another great game for DS, just one year after Digimon World DS.

The course of the game remained largely unchanged. But the players were spoiled with 397 Digimons, beautifully crafted elves and a fascinating story that brought them back into the game.

6. Tsighimon World Dawn (2007)

Instead of being essentially the same game with a different painting scheme, Dawn and Dusk is a double, with lots of stories and places to visit.

Of the two, I think Twilight is the best option for his exclusive Holy and Bug types. And also his very strong blacks, who appeal to my devilish teenage heart.

Plus, technically, he’s got one more training area than Dawn.

5. Digimon World: Next contract (2017)

More or less similar to the example of Digimon World Re:Digitize only for Japan 2012, Next Order offers the player a characteristic feeling of action, and the gameplay is a bit like the original Digimon World Re:Digitize. Except now you’re being followed by two Digimon instead of one.

It’s a game you have to immerse yourself in in order to really enjoy it.

But if you do your best and immerse yourself in all of this, you will appreciate the attention to detail that the developers have put into this PS4/PSVita game.

4. Digital World 3 (2002)

The third instalment of the Digimon World Series, released without competition from Pokémon or any other competitor, was able to offer players something that will remain the ultimate Digimon experience for many.

DW3 used a more traditional approach to wrestling with role-playing games, developing each Digimon in a similar way to the Pokémon formula.

This may have shocked some fans who just needed a monstrous solution.

But the reason it is still under discussion is mainly because it contains a lot of content.

Not only is the story exciting, but the game also allows you to catch the innumerable Digimon on a large map, including two totally different regions.

3. Digimon World Re:Digitalization (2012)

Designed by Tri-Crescendo, Kaito’s famous batman, this PSP classic with his Durarara characters was designed by Suzuhito Yasuda, and the story is as complex as what he was involved in.

Thanks to the beautiful graphics of the games, these drawings can really sparkle, bring the story to life and attract players.

This allows them to survive the first shock of a strange game in which the trainers only determine the strategies Digimon will follow if they bring it out themselves.

Fortunately, this game has also been translated by fans for the English-speaking public, so don’t forget to check if the correction doesn’t bother you.

2. The Digimon Story: CyberSlate – Hacker Storage (2017)

After the success of Re:Digitize in Japan, Bandai decided it was time to bring this character-inspired version of Digimon to the United States under the name Digimon History : Cybersle sledding. A few years later his sequel to PS4 and PSVita was published, in response to a clear and incessant question.

Hacker’s Memory takes everything that made the original amazing and enhances it, and also shows a different view of many events since the first game.

If a fascinating and well-written story isn’t enough to give it a try, try 340 beautifully composed digimons.

1. The Digimon Story: Cyber-slides (2015)

But Digimon’s best game was the original Cyber Sleuth, which was also released on PSVita and PS4 entertainment systems.

This game has revolutionized the understanding of Digimon in the West and has shown that the series can offer a complete story-centered experience that can compete with many other popular JRPGs.

The complex story, the charming characters and the colorful 240-digit list are just some of the elements that made the game so popular after its release.

It also maintains the continuity of the previous parts with some camera figures.

It seems that Bandai is now aware of the value of his older audience, who grew up with the series and want a more refined experience.

In many other great years of the Digimon franchise.

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