Top 25 Best Arms In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Ranked

While Ubisoft retained the ideas and experience of Animus in Assassin’s Creed Origins, it also preferred to turn the franchise into a role-playing game.

The sudden development of the character concerned the alignment and purchase of new skills and/or competence trees.

But no less important for this experience was the player’s desire to have even better equipment.
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey came out in 2018 and took a new direction in the franchise for ever greater distances, this time in ancient Greece.

In addition to new mechanics and skills, the game has also added numerous weapons for the protagonist, a mystic to acquire and possess. Thanks to the engraving system, this weapon has special advantages that have made you an even more deadly warrior.

Just like AC Origins, Odyssey offers you dozens of choices.

Most of them will serve you well as you develop the game, and your skills will greatly influence the choice of weapons. Luckily, I have a list of the best weapons you mystics can use.

25. Athens Lance


Directions: Finish the final fight or the Nemesis.

This legendary spear increases the warrior’s damage in a relatively general way.

His most important drawings can be found on two other engravings.

First, Athena’s spear increases the damage you treat by 10%, regardless of your physique.

The second, although somewhat more situational, increases both health and damage in the conquest. Make a better choice when answering these calls.


24. Elysian axe

Directions: Polish deceased

The Elysian axe is an excellent choice, although slower, for miniatures that focus on the hunting tree.

This powerful and heavy leaf increases your total damage by 10%. Perhaps the most powerful feature is the 20% increase in damage it causes to the Rain of Destruction capability.


When used correctly, rain can be used as for destruction, a very effective for fighting multiple enemies.

23. – The best of the underworld.

Directions: Included in the DLC Underground Myth World package.


The Bident of the Underworld is a unique spear that focuses strongly on the ridiculous damage to be done in close combat.

The engraving increases the warrior’s damage and the damage you do to your spears.

The special thing is that it has an integrated back (resistance in the lower part), which unfortunately doesn’t make it ideal.

22. Sika Prometheus


Directions: Defeat the mercenary known as Spark.

Sika Prometheus is a legendary weapon whose unique engraving increases fire damage and the speed of fire growth.

It is best used in addition to structures that focus on fire damage, such as fire attacks or arrows.

In addition, the sword inflicts congenital damage, improves the skills of the warriors and inflicts fire damage.

21. Gorgoneion xyphons


Directions: Beating the Hydra

Xyphon’s Gorgoneion is a powerful one-handed sword that adds bonuses to Assassin’s damage and generates adrenaline at critical hits. The unique engraving gives him a 5% chance of stunning every shot.

Even if it doesn’t seem like much, you will strike quickly and often enough to make good use of this incredible ability.

20. Xyphons of Dionysus


Directions: The defeat of the Pausanias of Sparta

The Xyphons of Dionysus is another fantastic opportunity for the characters to concentrate on the trees of the Assassin.

In addition to the 25% Assassins damage bonus, it also adds 50% extra damage from yourcritical hits.

This Xyfo is a particularly fantastic combination with the Stealth design of the Assassins, because it also repels the damage from Hero Strike, making it a Stealth-designed death knife.

19. Achilles Onion


Directions: Hit the mercenary known as Marxman.

The Achilles Arch is the first long-range weapon on the list and offers a 25% increase in damage and an extra critical success rate for hunting.

This legendary bow works best when brushed with the destructive shooting ability, thanks to an engraving that increases the damage caused by this skill.

You can even combine these bonuses with other Hunter skills and different arrows to become a really powerful shooter.

18. Achilles Lance


Directions: Found in the vault of the fort of Olintos.

Theme weapon of the Achilles Onion, this legendary spear is another wise choice for hunters.

These weapons consist of bonuses for hunting and throwing.

The other engraving increases the damage you get by the ability to take multiple photos.

17. Peleus traps


Directions: Found in the vault of Fort Artemisia Fort Artemisia.

Xiphos Peleusa is a one-handed weapon that goes well with the Assassin Tree.

With these weapons, the Assassin abilities cause 25% more damage and generate more adrenaline with each critical attack.

The element of special liability causes even more damage when using the Fast Assassin skill.

16. Net for griffon vultures


Directions: Defeat the mercenary with the patrician nickname.

Here we have another powerful spear variation for every style of play.

Griffin’s Scythe works best with hunting skills with an overall 25% increase in damage for hunting skills and a 20% increase for long-distance skills.

Another weapon engraving increases adrenaline production in a single shot, making Hunter’s passive damage easier to use.

15. Pandora’s copy

Directions: Victory over a German lion in the search for the Artemis girl.

Pandoras Kopis has a 25% bonus on damage to the skills of the hunter and a 50% bonus on damage to the animals, making her a very effective killer of animals.

The unique engraving of this weapon does not directly repulse your character.

Instead, it connects to the Animal Control Tree to increase damage to the tame animal and improve its health.

14. Jason’s Hammer


Directions: Found in a legendary vault in Mycenae.

A slow and monstrous hammer, whose power makes you feel like a real hero.

These weapons offer significant bonuses for heavy blunt object damage (+30%) and warrior damage (+25%).


It’s also great to fight nasty enemies that have shields, so make sure you use the Shield Breaking skill to get an extra bonus.

13. Personnel of Hermès Trismegiste

Directions: To complete the search for the Atlantis Gate.

Hermes Trismegistus’ wand is probably the most powerful spear in the game and you’ll have to work hard to get your hands on it.

The weapon causes a 25% increase in warrior damage, which corresponds to the trajectory.


But it also has two special skills: a 40% chance of ignoring half of the damage you incur and a 30% chance of protecting yourself if you take a hit.

For players with a more defensive Playstation, this wand is the perfect weapon.

12. Onion with flanges

Directions: Found in the vault of the Mount Zas cave.

This legendary arch is an excellent option for long range shooting.

The engraving of the fangaroo arch turns the shells into poisoned arrows and gives you a good opportunity to stretch the poison without investing too much skill.

The weapon also adds enormous damage of +25% for Assassin and +40% for Poison.

11. Cyclops Polymers Wall


Directions: Victory over Bronte on the steps of the Quest for Olympia.

Like other heavy weapons, the Cyclops swing slowly.

But when he strikes, he makes cannon fodder from what’s at the end of his huge knife.


In addition to the Killer and Heavy Blade bonuses, these weapons do 25% more damage to the elite and enemies of the bosses.

10. Perseus Harp

Directions: A complete quest for the destruction of the dead.

The Perseevskaya harp is a one-handed sword, which seems to have been absorbed at the place of the blow.

The weapon best suited to those targeting the Tree offers a 25% increase in Hunting Damage and a 50% increase in Critical Damage.

It also has a very useful liability, which reduces hypothermia by 25% of all your capacities.

9. Sheet Aida


Directions: Defeat the mercenary nicknamed Ash Awakening.

Then Hades onion is my choice, maybe the best option on that list.

This weapon transforms ordinary arrows into flares thanks to a special engraving that looks like a fantastic bow.

It also gives a Warrior bonus (+25%) and Fire damage (+40).

However, compared to the crocodile arch, the Hades arch offers more possibilities for burning mercenaries and pots of light oil at a distance.

8. Spinning points


Directions: Defeat the mercenary known as Weaver.

Your mystic will strike this pair of short knives quickly and safely.

Arachne’s spikes have to do with poison attacks, because they convert the normal damage of your weapon into poison damage. It’s a good deal.

They also give an extra 25% on the damage caused by the murder and 40% on the damage caused by the poison.


7. Poseidon Trident

Directions: Found in the coffin on Triton Island.

It is said that this legendary weapon belongs to the sea god.

Poseidon’s Trident is a powerful spear that causes +25% damage to a warrior and +50% critical hits.

This weapon also has one of the most unique engagements, as it allows your character to breathe underwater, which can be useful for deep diving and research.


Given the location of the game, this ability actually increases the usefulness of the weapon, both inside and outside the fight.

6. Sword of Nikolai

Directions: To complete the search for Wolf Sparta.


Santa’s sword is a powerful and historically themed weapon that belonged to Santa’s Spartan general.

It offers a 25% increase in damage for the Warrior skill and a 20% increase for the Spartan Bow skill.

The last engraving of the sword allows more damage to the Athenian soldiers, which is an excellent indication of the rivalry between the Spartans and Athens.

5. Perpetual flame metal


Directions: Save the mercenary known as Smoldering.

Although it looks more like a sledgehammer, the hammer of the eternal flame is a legendary frightening weapon that burns everything inside it.

In addition to converting weapon damage into fire damage, the hammer causes 25% Warrior damage and 40% fire damage.

If you want to do damage – a lot of damage – and aren’t afraid of slow attacks, you can’t go wrong with this weapon.

4. Sword of Damocles

Directions: Defeat Damos.


It may take some time before players get the Sword of Damocles, but it’s worth it.

In addition to the bonus damage that warrior skills take, this legendary sword has twogeneration adrenaline boost.

It increases the adrenaline you get in a critical attack by 40% and the adrenaline from all sources by 10%.

These powerful engravings allow you to activate adrenaline-based skills more often, greatly increasing your overall combat skills.

3. Minotaur Laboratories


Directions: Defeat the Minotaur while searching for the Minotaur and the man.

This frightening and legendary axe, despite its slow swing, has a power that must be taken seriously.

The Minotaur Labrys has a special liability that overpowers the adrenaline costs of your segment, which means you can activate it more often.

Besides the fact that Larry’s Minotaur has an incredibly powerful potential for warrior and critical defeat, it has great potential in combination with Overpower’s Labrys.

2. Crown dagger


Directions: Defeat the Knicks’ shadow from axis to axis while searching.

The Kronos dagger is a legendary weapon that could quickly be placed at the top of that list.

This wood is best suited for players who prefer a quarrelsome and evasive style of play.

In addition to the warrior and dagger damage bonuses, the unique passive power of this weapon also increases the damage caused by a back attack by 40%.

This advantage, combined with secrecy, makes this weapon particularly lethal.

Although it requires you to be dangerously close to your enemies, there is a worthy reward for your efforts.


1. The lies of Olympus

Directions: Found in a vault in the Amphitrite Palace.

At the top of the list is a legendary spear known as the Liar of Olympus.

This weapon is the perfect for those of you who like to live dangerously in this game.

The signature ability increases your damage by 100% in exchange for hiding your health by 25% of the maximum value.

This legendary spear is very suitable for those who can escape enemy attacks in battle. However, the Assassin damage bonus and extra adrenaline on critical hits make it a formidable weapon for devious players.


Absolutely the best weapon to follow if you’re far enough in the game to catch them.



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