Top 20 Powerful Enemies & Bosses in Skyrim

Skyrim is no stranger to heavy fighting.

Your journey across the plains of this cold land will be filled with countless enemies who stand in your way and tirelessly try to kill you.

No matter what enemies you encounter, there is always a hidden fear that the next enemy will be stronger and that you will face something that simply cannot be defeated.

But don’t be afraid – that’s why I’ve made this list of Skyrim’s most powerful enemies, to give you a better idea of what to expect and avoid in the land of North Tamriel.

Please note that some of these bosses are only in the CSD, which means that base game users will not be able to meet some of them without upgrading.

20. Caller

It is fair to say that the calling party is not the most difficult enemy of the game.

Although this is considered a fight with the boss, you can actually avoid it altogether if you have enough language skills, because you can discourage her from fighting and give her the books she stole from Winterhold College.

As you may already know, the caller is an alumnus who’s become a bad guy. You must find her and either take the books she stole without spilling blood, or kill her and forcibly return the college’s precious possessions.

In any case, she makes a list of powerful opponents, because fighting against her can be quite difficult – especially in the beginning of the game.

19. Setting up

The Briarches are not only scary, but also very strong.

Forsworn Briarheart is an inanimate being who sacrificed his heart to become an even more powerful being than he already was, which means a lot to you.

These enemies only appear on level 50 and come in two forms: The shaman’s uniform and the usual warrior uniform.

Both types of Briards are equally strong, but each in its own way.

The enemy shaman guarantees you as much magical damage as possible up to by using spells from the school of magical destruction and also spells to summon undisciplined creatures against you.

The warriors will have double swords and will try to pierce your skin with great force!

18. Lord of Death Draugra

Draugra’s Death Lords are the most powerful undead group in Draugra.

Creatures of at least level 45, but they will appear before you reach level 39 (you may want to escape if you are not at least level 40).

They have ebony weapons and almost 1,500 health points, so it will be just as difficult to remove them as the blows you take.

Not bad enough for you?

Don’t worry, they also speak the language of the dragons, which means that the screams come and go when confronted with one of these mighty enemies.

17. Harkon

Harkon is the lord of the Volkihar Clan, a powerful and ancient clan of vampires that appears in the Dawnguard DLC.

It’s pretty cool to meet the boss, and while it’s not that hard to deal with the enemy, you’ll probably enjoy the fight if you follow Dawnguard’s story.

The character is very well trained, and his presence terrorizes the souls of many people.

Stopping Harkon is one of Dawnguard’s most important missions, so you have to fight him if you want to end DLC completely.

He is the mighty lord of vampires, so be prepared to resist his powerful attacks.

16. Giant Frost Karst

You can summon this creature for the Karstaaga Challenge quest, which will surely lead you down the path of memory as you play Morrowind in the Golden Days of the Ancient Scrolls.

As you may remember, if you played TES III, the creature was killed in the previous game.

But with Skyrim, you can collide with his skull and call him.

Why do you call that creature, you ask yourself.

Now, if you kill his mind completely, you can call him up again, but he’ll fight on yourside.

Yeah, you can have Karstaag kill his enemies for you. Pretty neat, huh?

15. Kratniy Vyrtur ore

If you liked the story of Harcon, you will probably also be interested in the story of Vyrtur.

It’s also one of the most powerful vampire creatures in the Skyrim realms and one of the most powerful and current enemies you’ll fight in the game.

You’ll have to beat him when you complete the quest known as Touch Heaven, Dawnguard DLC’s last quest.

It has very powerful abilities that can deplete your health, as well as your stamina and leave you on the verge of death before you even understand what’s going on. Get ready for this fight.

14. Valturiol

Vulturiol is a powerful dragon that must be awakened in Blacktrich.

His resting place is hidden at the bottom of the great Mzinchale Elevator.

To wake him up, you’ll have to call your famous Fus-Ro Dah at his resting place, but don’t do that until you’re ready – it’s a pretty serious fight, and beating him isn’t that easy.

The colorful dragon is one of those unique creatures that can only be called and fought once, so use your strength as much as possible. If he leaves, you won’t have another chance to beat him.

13. Alduin

Alduin, the mightiest dragon in Skyrim. It should at least be included in the TES vessel.

However, Alduin is a boss who is low enough to be the last enemy of the game, so he is in the middle of this list.

He can get rid of it pretty quickly, which is understandable in part because any player should be able to kill it, but it’s still a pretty amazing fight compared to some of the others further down the list.

But the Aldwin story itself deserves its place here. And anyone who loves Skyrim’s story will surely be happy to put an end to this mighty creature.

12. Kuznetsov

The blacksmith is the only real boss of the DLC Dawnguard air forge.

The blacksmith is a very strong opponent.

In fact, it is one of the most powerful pieces of gnome technology ever made by a long lost civilization.

If you want to gain access to a legendary forge, you will have to destroy it, and the effort will eventually be rewarded.

Moreover, by destroying this legendary car you get a device of ethereal material, so there is much at stake in the fight against the Smiths.

11. Master ampire of the popular cigar

Volkihar is a miniboss of level 53 that serves as the strongest vampire in the game.

They are no enemy at all – they spawn in many places and often with a few other vampires.

Be careful when you fight them!

Depending on the kind of vampire that accompanies them, you run the risk of becoming one of these nocturnal tramps yourself.

10. Crucifixion

Crosis is a powerful dragon priest (with one of the precious masks you’d like) who must be defeated in one of the game’s toughest encounters with the boss.

He fights next to a dragon that only attacks you, which already makes him powerful and even harder to defeat.

Don’t forget to save your game before you fight Crossis. Hardly any player in the world is able to kill him at the first attempt.

9. Marker V indicator

Lurkers are a certain dead species that usually spawn in Solstheim.

They can incubate you to level 54 and poison you with their regular attacks that will take you through hell if you come face to face with one of these mighty creatures.

It’s easy when you have a strategy, but he’s definitely an enemy worthy of attention.

8. Vampire of the night

Although Nightmaster vampires are not unique creatures, they are the most powerful common forest species in the game.

So we can expect them to take a lot of pictures.

They have over 1000 health points, but they only spawn at level 65!

As you can imagine, they can exhaust your health, and they are very annoying if you have to kill them as well.

7. Dremora Valkinaz

There’s no place to meet Valkyna.

You can only fight these Dremors if the enemy magician calls them out of oblivion, and if you’re unlucky, you can be sure you’ll fight around them to survive.

They often carry heavy armor and Daedra weapons, which means they can withstand a ton of blows and cause a lot of damage in a single blow. Happy times!

6. Archives

The Archmage is the most powerful wizard you will ever meet in nature.

You will grow to level 46 and with various connections to the magical schools you know in Tamriela.

They often wear clothes and jewelry that enhance their strength, so it is incredibly difficult to remove them, but very useful for killing them. If you resist through magic, you must plan accordingly.

5. Counterfeit heater

These powerful level 35 monsters will still cause problems after level 45 if you have installed the Dawnguard DLC.

As if their strength isn’t enough, these monsters also wear heavy armor and can be very difficult to demolish!

Make sure you’re prepared enough to endure a long fight (or, if necessary, to help you escape).

4. Werewolf Warrior

Although he is not the boss, but an ordinary creature, fighting and killing Vargas can be one of the most difficult tasks in the game.

They’ll start spawning at level 48, and you better prepare for various cuts if you dare to face one of these monsters.

They only spawn in the Silver Hand, so don’t worry if you don’t want to wander around these places.

They have a strong tendency to inflict damage in unarmed combat, which means their strikes are almost as strong as you would expect from a powerful sword.

Prepare spells and sharpen your weapons – you’ll need them at full power if you dare to fight one of these mighty beasts.

3. Ahzidal

Ahzidal is, like Crosis, the strongest dragon priest in the game.

You won’t meet him until you’ve completed your search for the unearthed items, and you must be prepared to use a lot of powerful spells against you.

He is a true master of magic and a powerful enemy who can kill even the most skilled players. That’s the end of a rather complicated search.

2. Voslaarum and Naaslaarum

These two dragons only spawn in the Valley of Oblivion, an area added to the game with DLC Dawnguard.

The two dragons are twins, and their combined strength is as powerful as that of the old dragons.

In fact, they are so strong that they are two of the main enemies of of the penultimate DLC quests, and they are even stronger than the Alduin itself.

While they spawn in an icy lake, you’ll have all the space you need to fight them and enjoy one of Tamriel’s toughest battles without worrying about stopping your powers.

1. Mirak

Mirak, the first-born of the dragon.

Miraak is one of Tamriel’s most powerful creatures. This is an enemy you will encounter only once, at the end of the Dragonborn DLC quest.

This mighty mortal is one of the most powerful wicked creatures in the kingdom. And he was the first man in Tamriel’s history to master the cries and language of the dragons themselves.

It is not surprising that he is an incredibly strong opponent.

He will otherwise heal during the fight, so be prepared to hit him a few times before he eventually dies.

Most hardened Skyrim fans tend to see Miraaka as the real boss of the game. And not for nothing!

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