Top 20 of the best battle axes in Skyrim

It takes a lot of strength and self-determination to win the battle on the plains of Skyrim.

This weapon concentrates all the power of a warrior, covers him with all his blows, and inflicts terrible damage on those who dare to stand in the way of his power.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a unique and charming hatchet or if you want to summon it yourself. This list contains the best battles in the game and some tips to find them.

It’s up to you to decide which one of these powerful weapons suits your style of play and who you want to hit with it!

And as I always say, some of these weapons may become less useful as the game progresses. But the best ranked combat vehicles will serve you for a long time, and they will probably still serve their purpose once you have finished history and passed the 60-year level.

20. Axe man

It is surprisingly natural that most combat points are heavy weapons that take a long time to turn.

In most cases it would be a good idea to introduce them.

However, Hoofdman’s hatchet claims the difference and challenges the traditional definition of a hatchet that weighs only 11 points and has a damage base of 17.

This is the axe that was used to execute Roggvier, and you have to get it from Akhtar if you want to get your hands on it.

He usually wanders around in solitude, so you have to keep an eye on him when you come to the capital of Skyrim.

19. Steel battalion

The steel hatchet is the most important weapon you can find almost anywhere in the game.

In fact, this is probably one of the first axes you will encounter on your trip to Skyrim.

It has a high initial damage of 18, but weighs 21 points, making it much heavier than most other options.

However, this is not a unique weapon, so in the first game you will see that it belongs to almost all enemy NPCs with heavy weapons.

You can make it too, but because it’s so easy to find, you might want to save these materials to create or improve a higher level of things later on.

18. Former axe of the North Battle

The old Northern hatchet usually carries the bodies of the undead from the North. It is therefore likely that you will be attacked if you visit the dungeon of Draugra or any other place where skeletons are walking around.

This bad boy finishes off his punches with a basic injury of 18, but he takes that spot on our list mainly because he looks so good.

If the aesthetic part of your adventure is important to you, you might consider wearing this military axe from the beginning of the game.

Later you’ll find a great weapon, so make sure you keep an eye on it.

17. Orc Battle Axe

Made from semi-liquid Orichalcum ore, this battle shot is usually found before the player reaches level 10.

Most enemies with heavy weapons usually carry an Orc battle axis after reaching level 7.

And with a basic injury of 19 points, it’s a pretty loyal companion that allows you to break through almost any opponent in the game.

It has a low value, but you can collect and sell some of these combat points to earn quick money at the beginning of the game.

Although they’re pretty heavy! Make sure your inventory is clear if you intend to hold more than one of these weapons at a time.

16. AxeDwarves

The Dwarf Battle Axe is the first weapon on this list with at least 20 base damage.

This is to be expected, because most gnomes or outfits are generally quite well made.

A typical hole between the sharp knife and the stick in which the weapon is held is part of the design of most dwarf equipment.

They start to reproduce when you reach level 12, at which point you can also find them at most of the merchants and blacksmiths in the game.

15. Heroes of the North Battle Axe

The War Axe of the Northern Hero is a more recent version of the Battle of the Old North.

So these weapons are much more advanced and look cleaner.

She also does more damage than her ex-colleague with 21 basic injuries and only 20 weight points for her name.

You can make it on Skyforge, but before you do, you have to go through the whole series of companion quests.

14. Skyforge axesteel

This beautiful weapon is similar to the Northern Heroes Battle Axe, but weighs one point more than the previous one.

In fact, it looks exactly like a steel axe (you can’t tell which weapon it is by looking at it from a distance).

However, Skyforge version does much more damage to than its usual counterpart. It can also be obtained by completing the search of the companion, which makes it much more difficult to obtain.

13. Nordic hatchet

It is used by the Nords in Dragonborn DLC and is one of the best designed weapons in any Skyrim update.

He’s on our list because he has an advanced harness that improves the blacksmith’s work.

He scores 21 points, although he weighs a bit more with 23, so he is reasonably balanced, but still heavy.

12. Sharpened axe from the Old North

Carved Old North Axe – an improved version of the traditional Old North Axe found in the oldest dungeons.

However, the advanced version does more damage than its regular counterpart, so it’s a much better option you can take with you.

Weapons are mainly in the possession of various dragons, which you can find in the dungeons or elsewhere in Skyrim.

But unlike the usual hatchet from northern antiquity, only the most respected undead usually possess a sophisticated version of this amazing weapon.

The Lords usually have polite versions with them, so be prepared to fight if you’re planning on getting one!

11. Elf Fighting Axe

Elven craftsmanship is always associated with high quality. And there’s a good reason for that.

Elves have always made some of the best materials in Tamriel, and their equipment has armed the warriors of the kingdom for many exterminations.

The hitting axe used by the elves has 21 base damage and can be retrieved when it reaches level 30.

It is one of the most formidable weapons in the game with a design that suits a brave warrior who is willing to take the wrong road to find it.

10. Glass axe

Glass weapons are always made of malachite, and the glass axe is no exception.

They start spawning when they have reached level 28 and have 22 base damage and 25 weight points.

You will be able to encounter these weapons in various dungeons in the region once you have reached the required level.

They will also be sold by many resellers across the country just before level 30.

9. Fighting for the fire department Shower steel

The steel hatchet is a unique weapon that only touches 18 points and looks exactly like a steel hatchet to .

I wonder what’s good at it.

It has a powerful charm (hence its nickname) that fills the gems of your soul with the souls of your enemies when you kill them with this weapon.

It also burns any enemy it encounters by 10 points.

Bonus: If your target is sensitive to fire, this axe will hit them with , causing even more damage than a normal enemy. Score points!

8. Dangerous hatchet

This powerful axe was made by Daedric Lord Clavik Viele, who begged his father to cure the daughter of a lycanthrope.

The master of evil did this only to annoy man, but his action created rather powerful and fine devices.

Rueful Battle Axe has a unique design that cannot be reproduced in a forge.

The weapon has a high damage base of 22 points and hits an additional 20 points with each hit, but that’s only for the stamina of your targets.

It’s great to use them in the fight against multiple enemies. So if you wanna storm a gangster’s lair, you gotta keep that gun with you.

It can be found in a search called Deadre’s best friend.

7. Ebony hatchet

The ebony axe is not so rare, as it reproduces after reaching level 36.

But he’s powerful.

It has a cool design and a unique pattern that also has a gothic vibe.

You can find it in the whole region belonging to the Draugr if you go for a walk.

6. Blood drainage axe

The Drain Blood Battle Axe is a unique weapon that looks exactly like the old Battle of the North, but with a blue hue that covers the entire surface.

The weapon is very powerful and weighs only 5 points. It has a damage base of 21 and a charm that absorbs 15 health points per stroke, making it a terrible weapon for any enemy and much easier for you.

These weapons can be found during the Magnusstab search, so be careful with them if you kill the many tugboats you encounter in the dungeon during the search.

It’s a decent weapon to take with you during the game.

5. Stalhrim Axe

The Dragonborn update added Combat Stalhrim, which is made of rare Stalhrim hardware.

It has a high damage base of 24 points, and you have to complete a quest called New Source of Stalhrim if you want to, just like any other piece of weapon or armor of Stalhrim.

4. Tsuna Axe

Axe Battle of Tsung is the most powerful axe in the game as far as basic damage is concerned.

It does not occupy a higher position on this list, as it is only accessible with the console controls. So it’s a kind of hidden addition, but at the same time it seems a bit misleading.

You can see it on a quest called Sovngard, and since it belongs to a Scandinavian god, it is a fairly unique weapon. Despite the fact that it looks like an ordinary battle axe from the Old North, but suppose it’s just laziness on the part of the advocate.

3. Deadrick’s Battle Axe

Ebony heart weapons can still be made from ebony, but they generally require a relatively high level of skill.

Deadrick’s axe is no exception. But it’s their design that makes this great weapon worth a try.

Looks pretty bad, like most of Deadrick’s guns in the game. But its appearance makes it incredible to stick around and scare off enemies.

His damage isn’t so bad either! It reaches 25 points and weighs only 27, which is not much for such an incredible weapon.

The problem is that you have to be at least 35 to find them in the nature of your enemies.

2. Dragonfighting axe

Made from dragon bones, this powerful axe is the only unusual battle axe that surpasses Deadrick’s weapon in terms of damage.

It reaches 26 points and weighs 30.

It is also said that its power falls on the dragon bone that forms the edge of this weapon, which can cut through the thickest steel and destroy the most powerful enemies!

However, if you want to do this in a blacksmith’s shop, you have to be in a blacksmith’s shop on level 100. Then you’d better practice!

1. Equipment

Vootrad is the war cross that the founder of the companions once wore.

You must complete the Glory of the Dead quest, where you will now receive all the pieces of this broken weapon.

Then you can talk to Eorlund Gray-Maine and he will rebuild the weapon for you.

It weighs 25 points and causes the same basic damage. It does a ton of additional damage if you have an elf with it, so make sure you use it when fighting any type of enemy elf.

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