Top 20 No Man’s Sky Mods You Should Be Playing With

In 2016, when independent developer Hello Games released a highly inflated space exploration simulator, No Man’s Sky, all hell broke loose.

They promised too much by making a drawing of the game that defines a generation and then publishing an unfinished work that looked like a balloon that would have exploded.

They made an incredible mistake by taking a game that might seem useless because of its huge size and actually publishing it without any content!

There seemed to be no hope.

Luckily, the development team and the developer community have been working on the game ever since, releasing mods and extensive updates that have slowly made the game what it was originally intended to be. The planets have become more diverse, the game more exciting and the world more alive than ever.

To celebrate this collective effort and help you choose the add-ons most needed to make your game as fun as possible, we’ve put together 20 of our favorite mods, which you can now install for free and radically improve your game.

Let’s go to her!

20. Free start

Highlight this mode.

Just like some schools offer a free lunch, you can now get a free start in your no man’s land.

Punishment intended, the first mode on this list is one of those small changes with major consequences.

You don’t have to spend 25-50% of your hard-earned fuel on takeoff – it’s a divine find, normally only available in Creative, but thanks to this modem it’s shared with all the difficulties.

This is for the impatient and for those who are not so enthusiastic about resource management.

19. Less large clouds

Highlight this mode.

For some reason it seems that everyone has problems with the clouds in the sky.

Although they are a normal part of any planet with water and other elements, clouds often prevent you from enjoying the spectacle of the sky (I mean mostly).

If you are confronted with too many vapour bodies in your atmosphere, but you don’t want to get rid of them, the Trevix NexusMods user has a solution for you.

This will change the distribution of the clouds so that instead of a cluster of small high clouds, you only have huge marshmallows that contribute to the softness of the eyes.

It’s easy, but it can seriously improve the experience for some people.

18. No transporter

Highlight this mode.

It’s for people who want to play in any world without travelling fast.

The creator of the DarkSideRC mode always thought that the teleporters at the bases and stations made the game too easy. So he turned them into rescue stations and nothing else.

I think the game is much more realistic and it looks like a road trip with this model.

When you need to find your way to your goals through a planetary hobby – probably the game is designed so that you can dive as deep as possible into the game.

17. Cloud extinguisher

Highlight this mode.

Cloud Erasers is a more aggressive version of Less Big Clouds, but also more customizable.

The Exosolar creator has configured it so that you can easily choose the cloud you want to eliminate. Install the Cirrus eraser to remove small height clouds from your game.

Install the Cumulative Eraser to get rid of low but large clouds of cotton candy. If you want, you can even use both and have a constantly clear sky!

Full mode if you are a screenwriter.

16. Low altitude flight

Highlight this mode.

How could Hello Games not include this in the vanilla game?

Thanks to the user of HytekGaming you can now fly as close to the ground as you want.

It’s a property that even the old bi had plans for. So why can’t a high-tech vessel capable of jumping at a breakneck speed float in the air?

Since the game was not originally designed for you, it is likely that you will encounter terrain, trees and perhaps even creatures and enjoy the scenery from the cockpit.

Well, this mod disconnects all the collision damage in the atmosphere, so no more worries.

15. Remote asteroids

Highlight this mode.

With NexusMods JustSpaceThings, users have a mod that solves their asteroid navigation problems.

With asteroids at your fingertips, this is the moment when every time you enter an asteroid-rich area, a cluster of asteroids appears before your eyes.

Now there is much more space between them, which makes it easier to fly without problems.

On the other hand, you also have to work more on your resources when extracting them.

It must be a small thing. But given the number of times I’ve seen people argue in the forums, I’m sure more than some of you will find it useful.

14. Underwater chamber

Highlight this mode.

Sometimes a trip through the stars in Nothing Human Sky can ruin your dive by overloading what you see on the screen.

The colorful fog and beautiful eyes are good. But you have to make the room feel isolated, because it is huge and relatively empty compared to what we are used to.

Martius’ fashion will make the room darker, less crowded and more real.

There are still some very colorful mists left. But now that there’s not a penny or a dozen left, everyone has a chance to stand out.

And the show could be better than ever.

13. Dark deformation

Highlight this mode.

In the same way, the user of Dark Warp van Damanique has practical minimum mods.

Unlike the dazzling eyes of Star Trek’s vanilla distortion set, this mod offers a darker, less pompous distortion effect.

Unfortunately, this modification does not work with most graphical changes, because most of them are somehow related to the effects of distortion.

However, this is a great place to start your mud ride if you want to start making very fundamental and simple changes.

12. Deep space V2

Highlight this mode.

One of the best and most comprehensive revisions for space travel in No Man’s Sky was made by Emmet Brown, who created a modem that promises to make the travel experience much more exciting and cinematic.

Not only does it darken the room and tint the mists, it also increases the detail on the planets you pass and adjusts the color filters so everything looks real.

For this purpose, scanning lines, depth of field effects and thumbnails for space travel are also removed.

11. Upgrade of the start-up cover

Highlight this mode.

If you’re floating in empty space, most of your decisions are made when you look at the map of the galaxy to set a course and find out exactly where you are in the great sea of stars.

A professional modernist found this process rather inefficient and rather slow.

So he adapted it a little bit to make it fun and easy to use.

You can now view the map at a higher speed and with less downtime when you turn on and off the Map screen.

It also makes it easier to distinguish the red, green and blue colours of the stars (it’s a small change, but it has a big effect!).

It may seem insignificant, but if you use it for a few hours, you’ll never want to come back.

10. Start number Tuto

Highlight this mode.

If you start a new game a number of times, you’ll notice that going through the training mission gets more and more boring.

You already start with a broken ship and a single multi-tool. So if you’re told at the base again, it only adds insult to injury.

The DarkSideRC mud decided that this was sufficient and released this mod, which, as the name suggests, was simply removed from the training mission of the game.

You still need to repair your ship and go into space. But now you can get started right away, and the story will move away from chapter 2 as soon as you go to the stars.

9. Big things 4

Highlight this mode.

If you explore the basic game world long enough, you’ll find that every planet… is the same.

Of course life forms and biomes are procedurally generated. But the possibilities are so limited that it is impossible not to notice the similarities between left and right.

This promises to bring this miracle back to all planets by making certain trees, rocks and plants on certain planets much larger.

It gives each of them a sense of greatness they’ve never had before.

You get lost in the landscape of dense forests inhabited by huge plants, and you realize again that you are just a small piece of dust in an endless universe.

8. Difficult start

Highlight this mode.

As Start No Tuto (which is a mandatory installation to use this model), this is a Hard Start modem.

This changes the start of the game to create a more interesting experience for experienced players.

After investing a few hours in the game, repairing the ship is a walk in the park.

Now, with this addition, your ship is half-dead and your multi-tool is even worse than before. Good luck finding your way off the planet, Skinny.

7. Pearl room

Highlight this mode.

While some think that space in the non-human sky is too full of celestial bodies to feel submerged, others think that what interrupts their dive is the infamous low activity in the entire galaxy.

As space gets busier, the number of ships generated everywhere increases. And I mean it raises the ‘s sharply by.

It will feel like a reasonable life is on its way to conquer the stars.

Only here caution is called for, because even space pirates and random land seizures are subject to changes that make every encounter a much more treacherous situation.

6. NoFade FPS Amplifier

Highlight this mode.

If you barely meet the recommended specifications for No Man’s Sky and suffer from unreliable FPS specifications, this Lo2k model might be for you.

It removes the damping effect, which essentially consists of mixing the elements in the background horizon to mask them by bringing them out into the field of view.

This mod sometimes reminds you that you are playing the game on objects that appear far, far ahead of you. But 30% of the SPF revenue is worth sacrificing for a small jump, according to this player.

5. Updated creations

Highlight this mode.

Most of the most downloaded mods for No Man’s Sky focus on updating the procedural generation of many things, the most important of which are the different creatures you can encounter while exploring the stars.

This mode of Pamehabai6 changes the spawning speed and expands the possibilities to create living creatures.

This is done both by unlocking certain features that make it impossible to imagine yourself in the same creatures, and by reintroducing many unused elements found in the Vanilla game files.

Instead of each biomeet being controlled by one or two large species, you now see more controversial areas and different creatures than you’ve ever seen in Vanilla.

4. Shay roof generation

Highlight this mode.

We’re still in the same arena, but we pay more attention to the biomes themselves. And in this space is the Shaydak generation, a modality that increases the diversity of biomass by adding important and varied flora and minerals.

The biomes now tend to be larger plants when we go to the center. So it feels like entering a dense jungle if you solve a problem with a heavy biomass of flora.

A peculiarity of this mode is Shaydak’s concern that the game remains similar to the NMS and is not transformed into a World of Warcraft spaceship.

3. Stratos Exosolar

Highlight this mode.

In the game, which is about the miracle of exploring new worlds, the air of the NMS seems a little repetitive.

There are a total of six (6) replacement color palettes for the sky, and each sky in the game is a small variation of these six (6).

Thanks to the exosolar modulator, the game can now have , which means there are more palettes to choose from in 2028.

Basically, you’ll never see the same sky twice. Frozen planets are also affected, as is the night sky.

What’s more, the mode makes the fog more colourful, reduces sunlight and even enhances shadows, so you can enjoy the sky to the fullest. This is a complete overhaul of the lighting and flowers of the place you will be looking for most often.

2. Project Atlas

Highlight this mode.

If you’ve already experienced all that vanilla has to offer and are looking for big changes, the Project Atlas can be a tool you don’t want to miss.

This module completely reconstructs the production of biomass and makes each world truly unique.

The number of possible biomes and combinations of biomes is so large that it is statistically impossible for in to encounter two different planets that are even more or less similar.

1. NMS Fancy synthesis

Highlight this mode.

However, if you are looking for a complete overhaul in the middle of nowhere, this compilation of more than two years of changes made to Redmas users is a mandatory test.

Better clouds, darker nights, more blue water and a host of debugging options to simplify the game – all this just scratches the surface of this giant mode.

It also reconstructs a generation of living creatures and biomes, according to a more imaginative aesthetic. Something I really like.

Anyway, the mod affects almost every aspect of the game and helps you feel completely new if you make a new start right after installing this bad boy.

At the beginning of the game you will be given a random ship and a multifunctional tool, so you can immediately enjoy the brand new content. It’s worth playing along with if you’re a big No Man’s Sky fan.

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