Top 20 Monster Hunter World Hunting Horns

Since the release of the Monster Hunter World in 2018, players can create their own path in their world of monster hunting, partial collection and forging weapons.

Players have found the most powerful weapon, developed the best strategies and discovered almost everything there is to know about destroying monsters for their equipment. Nevertheless, nuclear weapons such as the hunting horn are often neglected in favour of more traditional objects such as sabres, onion rifles and a cousin of the hunting horn, the hammer.

To help you find the best horn for your stock, I have made a list of the 20 best hunting horns you can make at MHW.

This list can give both new and experienced players an idea of which hunting horns to pursue and what they are capable of.

Please note that there are different templates for different playlists, but this list is meant to give you an overview of what you can do.

20. Metal bagpipe

Well, okay, it’s an addition to the list of languages on the cheek.

You’re not gonna kill a giant scaly beast with that thing. It’s the first hunting horn you can use in the game!

But that’s why I thought we should give him a place of honor on that list.

Metal bagpipes are what you need to get an idea of the hunting horn game.

The Metal Bagpipes, like all other hunting horns, is a big heavy club that makes music.

You swing it around, you string the notes together and when you have the right notes, you can play a melody to get you and all your teammates at your fingertips.

All hunting horns have a list of melodies they can play with different effects.

The perfectionist is the only one who can play all the horns. It allows you to move quickly when carrying these heavy objects, and also allows you to take stronger blows.

Take the metal bagpipe and try it yourself!

19. Professional secrecy

We quickly draw attention to the most serious participants in the MHW yacht racing competition.

Legia Sectored is one of the most aesthetic hunting horns with winged winches.

It also sounds like a winch when playing, which is quite unique among the horns.

As far as the fight is concerned, Legia Sectored is pale in comparison to most of the other entries in the list.

It is able to achieve white sharpness, but this does not compensate for the low ATK (672).

What’s more, the melodies are designed to heal the and support yourteam, which isn’t so bad in itself. However, if your team consists mainly of newcomers, they will generally benefit more from damage maximization.

18. Duval Dance III

Danse Duval is slightly better than Legia Sectored, thanks to a 25% affinity bonus that helps you get critical kicks.

It can also put enemies to sleep if you have Free Element skills in your physique.

As in Legia Sectored, the melodies that Dancing Duval can play are meant more to support your team than strengthen it.

17. Thunder II

Choosing the location of the horn was difficult.

At first sight, this weapon, which has suffered the greatest thunder damage (540) under the horns with a large reserve, seems to have a higher place.

However, due to the operation of the hunter’s horns and their low success rate, this high elementary damage does not compensate for the fact that they have the lowest ATK base (672) of all horns.

The list of melodies he can play really helps a bit.

Divine Protection gives you the established opportunity to prevent 50% of impact damage, and the enhanced Elemental Strike will really help the team put together to solve Elemental damage.

Nevertheless, the Thunder Res boost. (L) doesn’t make sense on the horn that’s causing the Thunder damage. At least it’s not as useful as you think.

16. Queen’s Horn Vespoid

Queen Vespoid’s horn is one of the most beautiful and unique in the whole list.

It looks like it is made of mouth blown glass, in the shape of a flower, with petals that look like butterfly wings.

The sounds it emits are produced by a kind of glass instrument.

Despite a low ATK base (672) and fairly high paralysis damage (300).

Among the melodies, All Wind Pressure Negated stands out for its ability to withstand gusts of wind that would otherwise repel you, making it very useful against Kushal Daor.

It also has two Tier 1 decoration slots, making it more customizable than previous shots.

15. Storm drum III

This conventional type of drum has a good ATK (756) and some good thunder damage (240).

It’s also relatively inexpensive to build once you have access to the blood of the Old Dragon, and it has a 3-row decoration lock that allows you to add strong bonuses.

His melodies include the possibility to form earplugs (L).

It prevents you and your teammates from screaming a high-level threatening monster, so you can score a few free shots.

It’s a good choice against Baselgeuse and Legiana, among others.

14. Horn of Datur III

While the horn of Datura III, like the lightning rod, has a slightly lower ATK (714) than the lightning rod, it compensates for its senseless toxic damage in spades (540).

It also features row 1 and row 2 decoration slots, making it much more customizable.

It has the same melodies as the Blitzhorn, but its ability to poison enemies allows for a more creative approach to the game.

For example, you can focus on poisoning the enemy and then take a step back and put on your healing airs (which are not interrupted by earplugs) for as long as your teammates need them.

And then you repeat the process.

This saves your team the time it would spend on healing and maximizes the damage, even if there aren’t enough ATK fans in the Horn.

13. Paralysis of the Tarot Flute

This hunting horn is mainly an improved version of the Queen Vespoid horn, with which it shares both the element and the melodic movement.

It not only has a much higher ATK base (840), but also more stun damage (420) and much better sharpness.

On the other hand, you can only get these weapons at a banquet in the Earth Hall, so if you don’t have them yet, it can be hard to go back for them.

Like the queen of Vespoid’s horn, it would be a perfect against enemies like Kushala Daora, thanks to the total absence of wind pressure.

The golden colour also makes it a good choice if you just want to accentuate your jewellery.

12. Horn of Job III

Do you like breaks in the middle of a fight?

Do you like waking up dragons with explosives?

Then this horn is for you. Runway Horn III has a high ATK (798) and can repeatedly eliminate enemies in battle. So you can heal yourself, sharpen your weapons and do what you have to do.

It also offers a small DEF bonus, which is always appreciated.

The fact that it can also launch a small ATK buffer and protect your team from fire damage makes this weapon a really well thought-out option.

If you know how to take advantage of a sleep disorder, you should try it.

11. Anya Barone III

This ATK(882) tree trunk horn is located at the top of the spectrum, next to some of the highest positions on this list.

However, his negative affinity of 20% and the fact that his absurdly high fire damage (450) is only useful against a small handful of enemies in the game, prevents him from reaching a higher rank here.

The melody play also emphasizes the stability, not the initial damage limitation that is pursued in the higher levels, where everyone is well enough built to keep it alive.

All in all, it is a solid choice with a lot of wasted potential, but still very useful.

10. Fortissimo II

In the upper half of the list we have Fortissimo II, one of the most popular options for players, because it is relatively easy to assemble and has perhaps the most desirable set of melodies in the game.

This melody significantly increases ATK, DEF and maximum health. A delicate trio.

Fortissimo has a good ATK (756) and some unlockable paralysis damage (240), but you should probably build Elementless to improve its ATK.

Use the two decoration slots on Grade 1 and you have a large hunting horn for most battles.

9. Royal Choir Conductor

It’s probably one of the best-selling hunting horns.

While playing it sounds like a soothing bell, which is logical, as it is essentially a flute with a huge bell on one side.

This weapon has a good ATK(798) and some fire damage(240).

It has a place for Grade 2 decoration and a 25% proximity bonus that allows critical movements to the left and right.

Although he can’t increase the damage of his teammates, his fire damage and ice resistance cushion make him a reliable option against Waal Hazak or Kirin.

8. Empress Rev Flame

One of three versions of Empress Roar and certainly the most coveted in most songs of the team, thanks to their Attack Up (L) Amateur.

This also applies to Elemental Strike Damage (180), which is one of the best for a slow-strike weapon, because it does not disappear in time.

And as if that wasn’t enough, this horn has 20% more affinity and superior white sharpness right out of the box, allowing you to focus on building other things.

This powerful and straight horn is a good choice for almost any situation.

7. Horn of Gama II

Essentially an improved version of Fortissimo II, but with stronger statistics.

Not only does it have a higher ATK(798) base, but it also has two decorative slots, both grade 2, and it does good blast damage(150).

Like Fortissimo II, this hunting horn has big ATK, DEF and health fans, making you a valuable asset to any team.

Although this option applies to most enemies, it is especially recommended against Kushala Daora and Paolumu because of the negative wind pressure on the buffalo.

6. Devastation Opening

This dangerous hunting horn is made ofergic parts and looks just as impressive as the Elder Eater.

It has the second largest ATK(882) of all horns, plus some extra kite damage(150).

It does not achieve the sharpness of white, but it has a grade 1 decoration slot and a high level of Elderseal to compensate for this.

An obvious weapon for hunting great dragons.

Team members in possession of the Deviljho weapon are a good addition to Overture Devastation, because the Horn (S) affinity can help counteract the negative affinity of this weapon and effectively maximize the damage it inflicts.

He can also form earplugs, which is always handy.

5. Xeno-motor

Although the ATK(714) base is not impressive, this horn, made of Xeno’jiiva parts, has many advantages, except for the rough output of the damage.

It is the only hunting horn with two decorative row 3 slots that allow a powerful adaptation.

He also has a white sharpness without any skill and a 15% affinity bonus to guarantee critical shots.

In the former department of dragon hunting, this winged horn offers both low elderberry damage and high dragon damage (180).

Xeno Manashina is a good choice in most battles thanks to the Attack and Defense Up system and other stability fans, but against Kushala Daora it really shines thanks to the All Windure Pressure Negated system.

4. Heavy bone horn

This hunting horn may seem a bit simple compared to the other top 5, but don’t be fooled by it.

This horn has an ATK(798) base that is high enough to fit between the large ones, and a place for row 3 decoration, so you can combine it with Elementless to make it even stronger.

What really puts him in fourth place is his total attack, which is simply the best you can get on a hunting horn.

It also has a negative impact on the environment, which can be a lifesaver in some situations. This giant bone is a very versatile weapon and much easier to create than some other high-level decisions.

3. Baselride

The contrast with the discrete heavy bone horn is striking, we have a Baselride thief with an amazing appearance.

It’s an expensive end weapon that plays drums, tribal drums on amateurs.

It has a very high ATK base (840) and the second highest damage (210) on the list.

It can carry two rows of 2 ornaments and can achieve white sharpness with the right construction.

On the other hand, it has a negative affinity effect of 10%, but it is so small that it can be compensated without too much effort.

Like Heavy Bone Horn, Rookslayer Bazelreid can attack you and your teammates, but his healing melodies are far more universal than those of other fans of the former.

2. Orpheus theotres

This beautiful, combat-ready lira is unique among the hunter’s horns, for although the elemental damage is in most cases negligible in favor of other statisticians, the orphaned Theostra is one of the best qualities.

With the highest damage (390) of all hunting horns and the abnormal condition of the ATK fan, the increase in damage caused by the explosion on this thing is insane.

However, this would not make orphan Theostra the second largest MHV hunting horn.

What really sets him apart is that he is a lover of all ailments.

If you add this to Divine Defense, most battles will be a walk in the park for you and your team.

1. Deep Vero

The jury has yet to decide whether Deep Faith looks threatening or ridiculous, but this devil’s head chained to a column is the only strongest hunting horn in the game.

Not only does it have the highest ATK base (924) under the horns, which it can amplify with the attack melody upwards with the rest of the ATK teams.

But it also has the highest dragon damage level (240) and the highest seal of the Elders, which turns the Dragon of the Elders into a mush.

When planning your construction you have to take into account the negative affinity of 30%, but with the right skills and additions you can reduce it to 0% and even give it a wide white band so it can get critical hits.

Sometimes you wonder if you own a hunting horn or a hammer. That is, until your big ATK, DEF and Gesundheitsland fans and your teammates start singing your name to the rhythm of your horn.

What a time to be in charge of the hunting horn.

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